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This small county in Guangxi is known as the hometown of longevity in the world, and hundreds of thousands of people come to care for the elderly every year.

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This small county in Guangxi is known as the hometown of longevity in the world, and hundreds of thousands of people come to care for the elderly every year.

Which is the most famous county seat in Guangxi? It must be Bama County! A county with a population of 270,000 welcomes hundreds of thousands of tourists every year. Their purpose in coming to Bama is not to play, but to live for the elderly. Bama County has a well-known label - "longevity". According to the latest data, there are 35 centenarians per 100,000 people in Bama County, and the criteria for the International Longevity Township are: per 100,000 people Among the 7 centenarians, Bama County has five times as many, and is the only place in the world's longevity town where the proportion of the long-lived population continues to increase. Walking on the streets of Bama County, you can see white-haired but energetic old people everywhere. They gather to play chess, or drink tea and chat in the park. In the morning, there are many old people running groups. In the villages of Bama, the elderly still maintain the habit of working in the fields, and many 90-year-olds are still busy with housework. The longevity of people in Bama County is inseparable from the local ecology. There are five longevity elements here: geomagnetism, air, water, soil and sunlight, covering almost all aspects of life, forming a treasure land of longevity. Needless to say about air and water, Bama County has an excellent ecology, and the negative oxygen ions in the air are high. If you live in the county, you can feel a steady stream of fresh breeze. The local mountain spring water is rich in trace ingredients, and it is especially fragrant when used to cook rice and tea. There is a local delicacy called mountain spring water tofu, which is cooked with mountain spring water. Geomagnetism is a long-lived element unique to Bama. It is said to be able to treat some cancers. Under the action of a high magnetic field, more than 80% of sunlight will be converted into far-infrared rays known as the "light of life". The most abundant geomagnetism in Bama County is Baimo Cave. More tourists come here for medical treatment than to play. I know an aunt from Beijing who lives here every winter. Singing and dancing in the park, living unrestrainedly. Bama County is a real blessed land. Many ingredients are helpful for health, and they are not available in other places. For example, hemp oil is a specialty of Bama. It has the highest content of unsaturated fatty acids among all vegetable oils. It contains a large amount of trace elements such as vitamin E and selenium that delay aging. It is called "longevity oil" by locals. From a climate point of view, Bama County is also suitable for senior living. It has a subtropical monsoon climate and is livable throughout the year. There is no severe cold and heat, and there is sufficient sunshine. The average daily sunshine time is 5 hours. It is warm in winter and cool in summer. Down jackets and air conditioners are not used during the year. In July, the hottest month in Bama County, the average daily temperature is between 25°C and 33°C. With a forest coverage rate of 78%, it will not feel sultry even in dog days. On the contrary, thanks to the altitude and terrain, there are often cool mountain breezes in urban areas and towns, which are equivalent to natural air conditioning, and the body temperature is very comfortable. Winter in Bama County is not cold either. The highest temperature hovers around 16°C, similar to Kunming, and the lowest temperature is around 10°C. It only drops to single digits when the occasional cold wave hits, but it also heats up quickly. . In winter in Bama County, apart from being a little cold when it rains, it will be very warm when it is sunny. From the perspective of sheltering from the cold, it is not much worse than Yunnan. Many northerners come all the way to Bama to live. They spend the winter while retire, and then go back next spring. Short-term sojourners will choose hotels or long-term apartments near the scenic spot, and long-term sojourners will choose health care apartments in the county, which basically include room and board, and the price is much cheaper than staying in hotels, ranging from 1,500 yuan to 2,500 yuan a month. Of course, Bama County can also be regarded as a famous tourist county. There are many places worth visiting here. Natural scenic spots include Baimo Cave, Bainiaoyan, Crystal Palace, Panyang River, etc. Human attractions include Dingjinshan Temple, etc. Wait, there's nothing wrong with playing for half a month. Bama County is also building in the direction of a well-known wellness city, and has built a number of retirement centers with complete supporting facilities. Relying on natural conditions, it has created hot spring recuperation tours, traditional Chinese medicine health tours, and longevity village sightseeing tours and other wellness tourism experiences. According to statistics, Bama County will receive more than 8 million tourists in 2021, of which several hundred thousand are long-term sojourners. The price of Bama County is not expensive, which is in line with the positioning of a small county, but it is more expensive near popular tourist attractions. In Bama County, 5 yuan for breakfast is absolutely enough, 1 yuan for a steamed bun, 2 yuan for a bowl of soy milk, and 10 yuan for lunch. Such Bama County is worth entrusting for life. What do you think of it here? Will you live here for the elderly? Author: Lin Qinglu, more scenic, free, pension tourism information, follow me to get it

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