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Out of ten circles of friends, nine are camping? Don't be envious, the first Lijiang RV Camping Cultural Festival is here

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Out of ten circles of friends, nine are camping? Don't be envious, the first Lijiang RV Camping Cultural Festival is here

An interesting life is half of the shortness of the parents, and half of the mountains, rivers, lakes and seas. RV self-driving tour is a wonderful way of traveling that combines the two. In recent years, RV self-driving tours have become a popular travel method for many tourists. The Lijiang Falcon Valley Scenic Spot at the foot of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain is picturesque and one of the best destinations for self-driving tours and RV camping. As the only city in China that has the three world heritage laurels of culture, nature and memory, Lijiang has splendid history and culture, beautiful natural scenery, unique resource endowments, important geographical location, and convenient transportation. The RV self-driving campsite under the Falcon Valley Scenic Area is located at the foot of the beautiful Yulong Snow Mountain. The natural ecological environment in the territory is superior, the forest vegetation coverage rate is high, the site space is large, the basic supporting facilities are complete, the transportation accessibility is high, and the entertainment projects are abundant. The snow-capped mountains have good viewing effect and the surrounding tourism resources are enriched. With outdoor camping, picnic and barbecue, conference and group building, health and vacation, sports and leisure, green agriculture and the provision of comprehensive vacation services as the main features, it will create an experiential entertainment complex camping industry complex with zero distance from nature, relaxation and pleasure. The first China Lijiang RV Camping Cultural Festival will be held in the Falcon Valley Scenic Spot from September 9 to 13, 2022. At that time, food, music, bonfires, parties and activities will be held simultaneously. We sincerely invite all national RV camping experts, self-driving travel enthusiasts, and tent camping experts to share this exquisite camping event.

Opening ceremony and welcome dinner

As the opening link of this camping cultural festival, the main venue of the opening ceremony will be the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain. The background will be set up, and relevant government leaders will be invited to give speeches. The opening ceremony will include Lijiang ethnic minority songs and dances and Dongba blessings and other special elements. A welcome dinner will be held on the night of the opening ceremony. Industry experts, association representatives and guests will have dinner together.

Snow Mountain Starry Sky Camp and Mid-Autumn Festival Concert

will be equipped with outdoor bars, cinemas, stages and other supporting facilities. When night falls, light a bonfire, watch movies, karaoke, admire the moon, or dance around the bonfire... Under the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, camping enthusiasts from all over the world gather together to spend the Mid-Autumn Festival.

Bonfire Party and Snow Mountain Electronic Music Party

The enthusiastic bonfire party is a grand gathering for ethnic minorities to celebrate the harvest. The simple and melodious melody of the part, join this grand event and experience the charm and colorfulness of minority culture together. At the same time, there will also be a snow-capped electronic music party, where the audience will be sung and danced.

Cultural and Creative Market and Food Street

The good things displayed in this camping culture festival range from camping tents and brand equipment to Outdoor furniture, vintage groceries, fashion apparel, handmade bags, handmade hats, pour-over coffee, craft beer, parent-child photography, art painting, etc. A special display unit of Lijiang intangible cultural and creative products will be set up, and the intangible cultural heritage or related enterprises will be recommended by the city and county authorities to display Lijiang's characteristic traditional handicrafts. An immersive food street will also be created, with hundreds of specialty snacks to detonate the taste buds.

RV Theme Forum

This year's Camping Culture Festival will organize a number of theme forums, inviting representatives of RV camping associations, industry experts and Expert players discuss the development trend of RV tourism through sharing and communication. Tourism practitioners, government agencies and tourism research institutions will also be invited to discuss the opportunities and challenges of Lijiang's tourism development in the post-epidemic era, and make suggestions for the leap-forward development of Lijiang's tourism industry.

RV exhibition and test drive meeting

This camping culture festival will set up RV camping exhibition area, off-road vehicle exhibition area, modified car exhibition Area, second-hand RV exhibition area. A number of well-known brands of RVs, off-road vehicles and modified vehicles will be unveiled. It is worth mentioning that this camping culture festival will also create a new scene of RV camping lifestyle, creating an immersive outdoor vacation experience.

Real CS Competition and Live Ammunition

During this camping cultural festival, exciting and exciting real CS competition experience activities will be launched as a It is a high-tech outdoor entertainment that integrates sports and games, which can not only allow participants to experience exciting gun battles, but also cultivate the spirit of teamwork. In addition, you will experience the fun of shooting with real guns.

Hundreds of RVs go to the countryside

This camping culture festival will also hold "Hundreds of RVs to the Countryside" and "Hundreds of RVs to the Countryside" Themed activities such as “Visit Lijiang”, led the presidents of RV camping associations, car owners, heads of chambers of commerce, and Internet celebrities across the country into the countryside, driving rural tourism, sales of agricultural and sideline products, and helping rural revitalization. 1. During this RV Camping Cultural Festival, all RVs can park for free; 2. Provide a moderate amount of vegetable and non-staple food to RV owners for free every day; 3. Give a voucher worth 1,000 yuan for RV camping fees (including 10-day parking fee, all year round available); 4. You can also participate in all sub-activities and entertainment projects free of charge. Event time: September 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 2022; Event address: Falcon Valley Scenic Spot, Baisha Town, Yulong County, Lijiang City, Yunnan Province (about 20 minutes' drive from downtown Lijiang).


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