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There are only two kinds of people and one kind of enchantment in Tianjin

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There are only two kinds of people and one kind of enchantment in Tianjin

When I revisited "Journey to the West" recently, I found a lot of interesting places. In one episode, Bajie went to inquire about the news and called someone a goblin, but was beaten. So Sun Wukong told him to be polite when asking for directions: when you meet a young man, call him a girl, and when you meet an old man, call him grandma. Then Zhu Bajie understood and went to ask for directions, and saw two goblins: two grandma! At this time, the barrage was full of splendor: Sichuan people said they wanted to call Yaomei, Guangdong said they called beautiful girls... But in fact, in Tianjin, a "enchantment" solved all the problems. Like the word "rectification" in the Northeast dialect, the enchantment in Tianjin dialect is actually a universal word. As long as you master its usage, you can be like a duck to water in Tianjin. Tianjin is a city with its own "enchantment". There are two questions on the Internet:

What is the experience of working and living in Tianjin?

——Proficiency in using enchantments!

How would you rate the city of Tianjin?

——Boundaries everywhere. A netizen named ZHIYU described in detail the scene where he met the enchantment in Tianjin. "The first time I took the high-speed train was from Beijing to Tianjin. When I arrived at the station, I was about to get out of the car when I suddenly heard a loud voice behind me: 'Enchantment'"!!! Actually, "Enchantment" is a magical name, as long as it is a Women can be called "enchantments" in Tianjin. In Tianjin, there are no sisters, aunts, aunts, or grandmothers, only "enchantments". I don't know why, Tianjin people seem to be tickling your flesh as soon as they speak. Some time ago, a topic called #like listening to people in Tianjin# became popular, and netizens frantically wrote jokes. Some people plan to travel to Tianjin because they want to hear the Tianjin dialect. Why do you like to listen to Tianjin dialect, obviously you like to listen to cross talk without spending money. The school season is just around the corner. When you get to know your roommates from all over the world, you will find that the personalities of various provinces and cities are actually different from the legends: Shanghainese don’t have an aggressive tone; those from Guangdong don’t eat everything; Not everyone calls wheat; Inner Mongolia is also quite modern; Shandong students also like to eat rice. But only Tianjin's character design did not collapse, because Tianjin people really can talk about cross talk. "Those who have stayed in Tianjin for five years said that they can listen to group cross talk by bus and stand-alone cross talk by taxi. It is definitely a value-for-money service." There are also people who come to Tianjin to treat depression for free. In fact, when you come to Tianjin, you will find that there are only two kinds of people in Tianjin: holding chi and joking. Tianjin people, Tianjin soul, and Tianjin will make fun of it. As soon as the Tianjin native was born, the nurse came out with the baby in her arms and did not say whether the congratulations were a boy or a girl, but whether the congratulations were a hug or a joke. Even if the Tianjin native you meet doesn't say that learning to sing is sloppy, but he will definitely be hilarious. When I usually take a taxi, the Tianjin driver said that this is just his side business, and his main business is talking about cross talk, so "you" is reduced to a praise that can only say "oh, yes, and then what can I say" can be said to be the most used. The fast speed has grasped the essence of fooling. There is also a magical place in Tianjin dialect. No matter how scary a horror movie is, when encountering Tianjin dialect, the horror index is directly reduced by 80%. "Some time ago, watching the horror game paper wedding dress process, the original gloomy atmosphere has been rendered in place, and suddenly the loose people began to speak Tianjin dialect, calling the paper people 'Enchantment', and they laughed directly." In addition to lowering the horror index, Tianjin people opened their mouths. The romantic vibe also plummeted. Some netizens asked what was the experience of asking a boyfriend to call his sister? And here in Tianjin:

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