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Beautiful scenery, taste the autumn charm of Shizuishan

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Beautiful scenery, taste the autumn charm of Shizuishan

One leaf knows the meaning of autumn, one autumn knows the beauty of the city, and Shizuishan is colorful in autumn. Walking in the autumn scenery of Shizuishan in one day is full of colorful colors. The scenery is charming and you can savor the charm of autumn. The charming pictures of autumn come into your eyes. #NorthWudangEcotourism AreaRan Ranqiuguang Manshan Mountain Red Leaves The Beiwudang Ecotourism Area in late autumn ushered in the most splendid season of the year. There are torch trees with distinct layers and rich colors like ink and pastel, which makes people feel like poetry The drunken torch tree landscape belt is majestic, staggered, and flamboyant, showing a unique charm. The Beiwudang Eco-tourism Area was rated as a national AAAA-level scenic spot in 2019. After many years of continuous planting and afforestation by the cadres and masses of the region, it is under the Helan Mountain. On the Gobi in the desert, this picturesque autumn scenery is drawn. Climb up and look into the distance, watch the landscape garden city pass through the forest and enjoy the leaves, punch in the most beautiful autumn scenery of Shizui Mountain. The road passing through the red leaf forest is called Tiedan Highway and the name is as hard as Helan Mountain. It is in the Shili red leaf forest There are many places where there are autumn red leaves, but here is the most special. The red leaves on the Gobi desert in Beiwudang under the Helan Mountains. The red leaves on the Gobi desert are full of desire for growth, and the spirit of not being afraid of hardships is like a great struggle. People here are the most likely combination of mountains and forests to produce beautiful scenery. It happens that there are golden autumn seasons here. Such golden and fiery red leaves are needed. The autumn color of Helan Mountain is also the most beautiful scenery in your lens. The heart is filled with poetry, every branch and every leaf is friendship Entering the autumn, the reed flowers in the Shahu Scenic Area are fragrant, and the intoxicating autumn scenery of the blue sky and Bisha Lake not only attracts tourists, but also attracts thousands of birds. They perch in the reeds and swim on the water from time to time. Spreading wings and flying, sometimes swooping for food is spectacular. The beautiful ecological scenes in front of them make tourists stop and watch the sand lake in autumn. Everything seems leisurely and peaceful except for the occasional sweet bird song. Feeling the beautiful autumn day of the dream together, the sand lake sky is high, the blue and milky white clouds are floating like fish swimming in the sky, and the sun is bright like summer, but it brings just the right warmth. Shahu Lake is the most beautiful season of the year. The lake water is particularly transparent and shimmering against the blue sky. Its color is also changeable. With the gradual change of the sky, the lake water is still green and clear at noon, but it becomes blue after the sky darkens. The vast lake surface of Shahu looks like a boundless sea. Autumn is a beautiful season. Shahu shows her unique beauty in autumn. From morning to night, she interprets the definition of beauty in a quiet and beautiful form. Don't miss it when autumn comes

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