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If you can only travel to one place in your life, where would you choose to go with these 7 places

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If you can only travel to one place in your life, where would you choose to go with these 7 places

In life, there is always an unknown journey that is worth taking. If you could only travel to one place in your life, where would you choose to go among these 7 places? 1. Someone in Shangri-La once told me that if he could only travel to one place in his life, he would choose Shangri-La. A glimpse of it from afar is enough to make him unforgettable in his life. Shangri-La is not just described by beauty. The flowers all over the ground, the endless pastures, the clear lakes, and the beautiful sunset are like the palette that God inadvertently overturned, so colorful and natural, so that the reputation of "Eden on Earth" deserves its name. If the Pudacuo Park makes the world understand what a thousand years is at a glance, then the Songzanlin Temple, which has the reputation of "Little Potala Palace", is a pilgrimage that opens people's hearts. In the "Dukezong Ancient City", which has the reputation of the city of moonlight, turn the prayer wheel three times, make a wish, and relieve the exhaustion. Then go to Meili Snow Mountain, wait for a sunshine Jinshan, and sigh that the world is worth it. Shangri-La is not only far from the hustle and bustle of the city, but also the original ecological scenery, making it easier for you to find your spiritual home. 2. Libo Xiaoqikong Libo Xiaoqikong is called the emerald on the belt of the earth. Miss Fang Qi once said: If you only have one chance to appreciate the mountains and rivers once in your life, leave it to Libo! The landscapes of Guizhou are notoriously beautiful, while the beauty of Libo Xiaoqikong in Guizhou can be described as ethereal. I believe that after you come here once, you will also find resonance. Such as the Laya Waterfall where the Milky Way is pouring down, the deep and quiet Wolong Pond is like a dream, so beautiful that it is so unreal. In the misty Yuanyang Lake, people can experience the romance of a light boat passing through the water wizard of Oz. Finally, after walking through the most classic Xiaoqikong ancient bridge, you will feel emotional, it turns out that the fairyland on earth is here. Libo Xiaoqikong is not only suitable for a person to have fun alone, but also a good place for couples and friends and the whole family to travel. 3. Jiangnan water town "spring water is clearer than the sky, painting a boat listening to the rain and sleeping". If you haven't been to Jiangnan, is the Jiangnan you imagined like this? Some people leave their time and journey to the magnificent rivers and mountains, while others leave their thoughts to Misty Rain Jiangnan. Walking on the flagstone road, or sitting in the swaying boat, watching the people washing by the water by the bridge... Being there and witnessing all this, will you have the illusion that you are also a Jiangnan person? If these are not enough for you to appreciate the rhythm of the south of the Yangtze River, then go sit on a scull boat and watch a sunset. People sit in the boat, the boat swims in the painting, and the small bridges and flowing water that pass by your sight, The blue bricks and black tiles are all shrouded in the rays of the sun, and they have turned into stunning colors in the world. Whether it is Wuzhen with misty rain, Nanxun in Baijianlou, or Zhouzhuang, a water town in a dream. As long as it is in the south of the Yangtze River, when there is no one in the early morning, there are no tourists, only the aboriginal residents who get up early, the curling smoke, the empty stone road, the faded paper lanterns, it is so quiet and peaceful. Then you will remember the sentence: "If you say that the Spring Festival is not late, I will arrive in the real Jiangnan". 4. If you could only go to one island in the Xisha Islands in your life, where would you choose to go? With the continuous upgrading of travel experience, more and more friends have left their precious time to scenic spots with excellent scenery, good experience and few people. In my country, there is an island exclusively for Chinese citizens, mysterious and clear. The undeveloped island has sea water and sandy beaches comparable to the Maldives. Half of it is water and half is the original ecology of fish. It can be called the ceiling of the domestic seascape. People who have been there said with a deeper understanding: "When Xisha returns, you don't look at the sea. From then on, Ma Dai is a passerby." The Xisha Islands are one of the four major archipelagos in the South China Sea Islands, under the jurisdiction of Xisha District, Sansha City, Hainan Province. Among them, the seawater visibility of Quanfu Island is more than 30 meters, and the seabed landscape that can be seen with the naked eye is one of the few pure earths in China. Blue sky, clear sea water, beautiful sandy beach, white coral... Here you can not only have fun, but also enjoy the purest seascape, just ask if you like it or not. 5. Huangshan Xu Xiake once said, "When you climb Huangshan, there are no mountains in the world." If you can only see one mountain in your life, I believe that many friends will first consider Mount Huangshan in Anhui. Not only because of the popularity of Huangshan, but also because of the integrity of Huangshan. It contains the majesty of Mount Tai, the danger of Mount Hua and the beauty of Mount Heng. When you walk through the stalagmite peak, the harp peak, the black tiger pine, the wonderful pen and the flowers, the Qingliangtai, the monkey watching the sea, the king pine, the Danxia peak, the cloud pavilion, the flying stone, the bright top... This life is worth it. If you are lucky enough, after going up the mountain, you will encounter the five wonders of Huangshan, Qi pine, strange rocks, sea of ​​clouds, hot springs and winter snow. Well, enough for you to remember for a lifetime. 6. Tibet Tibet is a journey of healing. If you can only travel once in a lifetime, many people leave this trip to Tibet. The beauty of Tibet is not only in Lhasa, but also on the way to Tibet. Along the way, you can see pure snow-capped mountains, magnificent mountains and rivers, clouds within reach, and the most beautiful starry sky. Altitude sickness, simple living conditions, and devout believers have well explained the phrase "body is in hell, eyes are in heaven", and it has also made many friends instantly let go of the obsessions they shouldn't have in their hearts and realize the truth. Happiness can be simple. For this reason, many people traveled thousands of miles to Lhasa just to witness a magnificent Tibetan palace under the blue sky and white clouds. 7. Gannan Gannan, also known as Little Tibet, is a paradise on earth left on the northeastern edge of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. The wind in the Sangke grassland, the sunrise in Zhagana, the fairyland on earth, the crossing of the Lock Road, the endless prairie, the mysterious Tibetan Buddhist culture, the kind Tibetan believers... These are enough to make the eyes of friends who love to play outdoors brighten. This is a simple and mysterious distant place, and it is also the destination of the soul. After coming to Gannan, you may also find your original happiness and obtain long-lost inner peace. In the past few years, many friends have turned what they saw and heard on the journey into their own travel meaning after their own thinking, and we have experienced the beautiful mountains and rivers, the magic of nature, and the countless possibilities that happened on the way. , will become the experiences and memories in our life.


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