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"Anhui Cuisine of the Eight Major Cuisines in China", these five authentic Anhui cuisines, I really regret not eating them

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"Anhui Cuisine of the Eight Major Cuisines in China", these five authentic Anhui cuisines, I really regret not eating them

There are eight major cuisines in China, namely Shandong cuisine, Sichuan cuisine, Cantonese cuisine, Suzhou cuisine, Fujian cuisine, Zhejiang cuisine, Hunan cuisine and Anhui cuisine. If you come to Anhui and have never eaten authentic Anhui cuisine, it will be a great regret in your life. Anhui cuisine is mainly elegant and simple, original, crisp, tender and fragrant, with suitable shades. What are the representative dishes and delicacies? Woolen cloth? The editor has compiled some for your reference. The content is not sorted. If you want to know more, please leave a message in the comment area. If you like it, don’t forget to pay attention (review the food recommended in the last issue / Changsha / Guangdong / Chongqing / Tibet / Beijing and other places , click on the avatar of the editor to see) 6. Zhonghe Soup [recommendation reason] Zhonghe soup is indispensable when buying a feast in Qimen, Anhui, and it is the first dish on the table, and it is also a very traditional famous dish in Anhui cuisine. . It is mainly made of tofu, winter bamboo shoots, mushrooms, lean meat and other ingredients. It looks clear, but it tastes fresh and fragrant. Tang Qi, Huizhou hairy tofu [recommended reason] Hairy tofu can be said to be the representative of vegetarian dishes in Anhui cuisine. Because of its unique flavor, it has existed for hundreds of years. It is also called moldy tofu. product. It is mainly artificial fermentation first, so that a layer of white hair grows on the surface. After frying, roasting, and deep-frying, it is delicious. If you pour sesame oil and chili paste, you can eat and chat in the oil pan, and it will have a more flavor [ Surprise] Huizhou Hairy Tofu Huizhou Hairy Tofu Huizhou Hairy Tofu Eight, Huangshan Stewed Pigeon [Recommendation Reason] If you have been to Huangshan, you should be familiar with this famous Anhui dish. It is often regarded as a nourishing vegetable and is also nourishing. Bodybuilding, invigorating the brain and kidney, enhancing memory. It is mainly made of Huangshan vegetable pigeon and Huangshan yam stewed in water. The meat of the finished product is fresh and firm, the yam is soft and delicate, and has a little sweetness, which is very local flavor. 9. Wenzheng Mountain Bamboo [Recommendation Reason] Bamboo shoot itself is a kind of mountain delicacy, and as one of the traditional names of Anhui cuisine, "Wenzheng Mountain Bamboo" is more distinctive, and it was also used as a tribute to the court. It is mainly made by roasting bamboo shoots and bacon together. Adding mushrooms, sausages and other ingredients will add more fragrance. The finished product is particularly fresh and tender, and the delicious taste is very popular with many people. [Small applause] Ask Zhengshan Bamboo Zhengshan Bamboo Shoots Ask Zhengshan Bamboo Bamboo 10. Fanglayu [recommendation reason] Fish is the most common ingredient in China. Fanglayu is very representative in Anhui cuisine, and it is also called Huangshan Fanglayu. Mainly based on mandarin fish and shrimp, it is made by different cooking methods of deep-frying, rolling and steaming. It has rich taste, including fragrant, salty, slightly sour and sweet. With its peculiar shape, it is easy to see at a glance. Especially appetizing [呲tooth] Fanglayu Fanglayu Fanglayu
The food nourishes the tip of the tongue, the text warms the soul, it is simply wonderful [laughs] Note: The content is for personal reference only, if you want to know about the local cuisine, please leave a message in the comment area [Bi Xin] Welcome to collect and forward, please indicate the source [Rose] (remember to like and follow, we will see you in the next update) [Send heart] PS: I want to see Changsha, Chengdu, Chongqing, Wuhan, Beijing Wait, you can click on the editor's avatar to view

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