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Eight questions about the Tangshan beating case

Time:2023-03-30 12:13:32 author:Elderly tourism Read:764次
Eight questions about the Tangshan beating case

After reading the two bulletins from Hebei and the exclusive interview with CCTV, I became more puzzled about the Tangshan beating case. The following questions are raised on various puzzles, and I hope the Fang family can teach them. One question: Have the beaten women Wang Moumou and Liu Moumou been in the ICU? From June 21, the Hebei Public Security Department issued a notification on the progress of the investigation of the Tangshan BBQ restaurant beating case, and on August 29, the Hebei Procuratorate issued a notification to prosecute a number of suspects. The other two women who were beaten left on their own without hospitalization. However, the details of the two reports by Hebei are very different from previous official media reports. On June 13, a reporter from Tianmu News, a news client of Zhejiang Daily Group, visited the Affiliated Hospital of North China University of Science and Technology, where the woman was beaten. (Intensive Care Unit), all have now been transferred to the general ward. Isn't it clear that the beaten women Wang Moumou and Liu Moumou advanced to the ICU to receive first aid, and were later transferred to the general ward. Why was there no mention of them being in the ICU in the two bulletins in Hebei, only that they were "hospitalized in the general ward for treatment"? Between Tianmu News, the Hebei Public Security Department and the Hebei Procuratorate, there is always one wrong. So who was at fault? Did the beaten women Wang Moumou and Liu Moumou go to the ICU? Second question: Why did the beaten woman Wang Moumou only reveal half of the back of her head? The CCTV reporter interviewed the victim Wang Moumou exclusively in the hospital, but only allowed her to appear half the back of her head. Why is this? This is a major case that has attracted much attention. Why can't the victim's face be coded and appear in front of the camera? Why even the sound has to be processed? Are you afraid others will recognize you? But in the public video of the beating case at the Tangshan barbecue restaurant, we can clearly hear the victim Wang Moumou's voice. What is the purpose of the CCTV interview? If the voice-changing treatment is for fear of retaliation by evil forces such as Chen Jizhi and the umbrella behind it, isn't the 15 public officials investigated and punished in Hebei not all of the umbrella? Are the 28 people indicted not all of the evil forces? If it is said that the change of voice and the appearance of the back of the head are really to protect the victim Wang XX, lest potential members of the evil organization and cunning umbrellas retaliate, why did the CCTV interview deliberately highlight the regional identity of the victim Wang XX? The victim Wang Moumou faced the reporter and recalled that Chen Jizhi wanted to touch her, "Then I wouldn't let her, so he gave me a 'electric cannon'." Here it means that Chen Jizhi slapped her. Only people from the Northeast still speak the Northeast dialect in formal occasions, and CCTV slapped the ears with brackets after the electric cannon, which is equivalent to pointing out that the victim Wang Moumou is from the Northeast. CCTV's actions are not equivalent to telling potential members of malicious organizations and cunning umbrellas that the victim Wang Moumou is from Northeast China? Even this basic identity information is not kept secret, what is the purpose of the voice change processing and the appearance of the back of the head? Three questions: Why is there no injury on the head of the beaten woman Wang Moumou? CCTV interviewed the victim Wang Moumou. Although she only showed half of the back of her head, it could still be seen that there was no sign of injury to the back of her left head to the top of her head. However, the public video showed that when Chen Jizhi and other members of the evil force organization dragged the victim Wang Moumou out of the store, a member of the evil force organization wearing a red shirt held a beer bottle and smashed the victim Wang Moumou on the back of the head. superior. This is a member of the evil forces in red, holding a beer bottle and about to smash the victim Wang Moumou. This is the wine bottle in the hands of the evil force member in red, which has fallen on the back of the victim Wang Moumou's head. With a bang, the wine bottle was smashed. As long as you look at the video, you can see that the wine bottle fell on the back of the victim Wang Moumou's head to the left. Wouldn't such a heavy blow leave a scar on the back of her left head? Even if this blow only caused a slight injury to the back of the victim Wang Moumou's head, the medical staff would have to perform debridement treatment. To perform debridement treatment, the hair must be cut first, and then the wound should be rinsed and disinfected. In this case, why does the victim Wang Moumou still have long hair on the back of the left side of his head? Question 4: Where are the second-level minor injuries of the beaten women Wang Moumou and Liu Moumou? In CCTV's interview videos and articles, some photos of the forensic identification certificate were deliberately released. When you zoom in on the photo, the text reads: "The identified person xxx suffered a left scapula fracture and multiple body surface soft tissue injuries due to trauma, and the injury of the left scapula fracture was assessed as a minor injury." The appraiser is "Deputy Director" Forensic physician Gao Dong, deputy chief forensic physician Chen Jiemin, chief forensic physician Xia Wentao" and so on. But only one victim's injuries are shown here, a fractured shoulder blade. The other victim also suffered minor injuries, so where is she injured? Moreover, the victim's name in the photo of the appraisal certificate is obscured, which means that we do not know which of Wang Moumou and Liu Moumou has a fractured shoulder blade. Since one person's second-degree minor injury has been announced, there is obviously no privacy protection issue, so why not announce another person's minor second-degree injury? This is a major case that has attracted much attention. What is the purpose of concealing the injury information? Question 5: Why did Liu Moumou, the woman who was beaten, not appear on the scene? According to a report by the Hebei Provincial People's Procuratorate on August 29, after the public security organs questioned the victims and interrogated the criminal suspects, and comprehensively conducted on-site investigations, investigations and evidence collection, it was determined that four victims were sexually assaulted in a small alley and thrown from the upstairs. , being run over by a car, etc. are all false information. In this case, CCTV reporters should interview the four women who were killed, and reconfirmed that "being sexually assaulted in a small alley, being thrown from upstairs, and being run over by a car are all false information." If it takes too much time for the four of them to appear on the screen, then at least another woman who was beaten with a "slightly injured second-level" Liu Moumou must appear on the screen for an interview. Six Questions: Why did Chen Jizhi's face become tender in the detention center? Chen Jizhi was born in 1980 and is 42 years old this year. It can be seen from the public video that the parts near his cheekbones are already full of flesh, and the skin on his face is quite rough. Although Chen Jizhi's self-portrait video has been beautified by filters, it looks smooth and fleshy, but it is not easy for the entire face below the eyes to develop horizontally. But in the detention center, although Chen Jizhi was wearing a mask, he could still see that his face was greatly reduced, which was quite different from his previous appearance. Moreover, the rough and wrinkled skin that was photographed on the surveillance camera became smooth and firm. If it is said that the food at the detention center has made Chen Jizhi thinner, what is the reason for the change in his skin? Does entering the detention center still have cosmetic effects? Seven questions: Why did Chen Jizhi even pronounce the words "Old Seoul BBQ Restaurant" wrong? In the video broadcast by CCTV, we noticed that every time Chen Jizhi heard a question from the police, he looked down first, and then answered after watching it for two or three seconds. Why is this? Could it be that there is a standard answer on the table in front of him, and he can only answer after reading it? The police asked Chen Jizhi: Where were you on June 10, 2022? Chen Jizhi looked down for a second or two and then replied: I am in the old shàn city and the old Seoul barbecue restaurant. What's going on here? Could it be that in the standard answer written for him, the word "Han" in Old Seoul was scribbled and written as "Shantou" in Shantou? Otherwise, Chen Jizhi is from Tangshan, and the old Seoul BBQ restaurant is where he greets his accomplices. Could it be that he can't remember and mispronounce the name of the restaurant? Eight Questions: Why didn't the four victimized women speak out on social media? It has been almost three months since the Tangshan beating case occurred on June 10. The four women who were beaten in the case never appeared or spoke out on any social platform. Not only that, even their family members and friends did not appear or speak out on any social platform. This is what puzzles most netizens. Previously, everyone thought that the two most severely beaten women were still receiving treatment in the ward, but now they know that they were discharged as early as July 1. Why didn't they speak out on social platforms during the two months of recovery? Could it be that the local police did not allow them to speak out because of the confidentiality of the investigation and handling of the case? Now that the police investigation has ended and the case has been handed over to the procuratorate for prosecution, why are they still allowed to speak up? It is also a major and important case, and it is also the Lao Rongzhi case that is in the stage of prosecution and trial. Why can the families of the victims speak out frequently? If it wasn't for the police to keep them from speaking out, who would keep them from speaking up? It can't be the four of them who have decided not to speak up by consensus, right?


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