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At this moment, indulge in the color world of Yinchuan

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At this moment, indulge in the color world of Yinchuan

Each city has its own color. In Yinchuan, you can see the colorful world of colors, from red to yellow to purple to ink. Ushering in the early autumn when the morning and evening are slightly cool, the blue Yinchuan is the living Helan Mountain and the Diannong Lake. The poetic white Yinchuan makes people feel more healed. It brings us not only a pure white and flawless sense, but also a quiet and simple sense of practicality. The red Yinchuan is solemn, auspicious and festive... Everything related to "red" is like fire When the wolfberry grows, the environment changes day by day. The old alley in Yinchuan has also become an internet celebrity. Living in Yinchuan, you will fall in love with it. The beautiful Yinchuan is like a cup of strong tea. The most extreme beauty of Yinchuan. This color represents a unique scenery. Slowly you will taste the taste of it. If there is a color that can represent the artist, yellow Yinchuan is definitely the most dazzling touch of golden sunlight. The yellow leaves are more dazzling, the golden light of the mature rice fields is bright, the sunflowers are more enthusiastic and tolerant, and the melancholy blue always appears in the clear lake water. It is fascinating to walk through the summer. The green Yinchuan is very beautiful. The touch of green is the smell of vitality and hope. In the harvest season, the orange Yinchuan is particularly enchanting. There is the joy of autumn harvest, and the warm but not hot sunshine makes people feel Did the illusion of returning to childhood and familiar scenes like sunrise and sunset evoke your childhood memories? Purple Yinchuan is the most romantic, just like people in love. The words are ambiguous and vague, but what purple brings to Yinchuan is more precipitation. It is the fragrant and mellow wine, and it is also the purple business card of the city. When the purple clouds float in the When the flowers bloom in the sky, you will find that Yinchuan is beautiful like a fairyland. From sunrise and sunset to thousands of lights, Yinchuan tells you the thousands of gestures of life with wonderful colors. Which color touches you the most? Yinchuan News Network丨Source Peach丨Editor Liu Feng丨Editor-in-charge Website: Contribution: 0951—6720808

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