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A Shanghai photographer stranded in Tibet experienced the epidemic, what did he record? How did you get back home?

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A Shanghai photographer stranded in Tibet experienced the epidemic, what did he record? How did you get back home?

"Thank you to the Shannan government and Shannan Naidong District Tourism Development Bureau for letting us go home in time!" At 21:00 on the evening of August 27, photographer Lao Dan left such a message in the circle of friends. At this time, he had already After flying more than 2,900 kilometers, he returned to his home in Shanghai. Lao Dan, who originally lived abroad, returned to China at the end of 2021. After experiencing the closure of the epidemic in Shanghai, he yearned for the "third pole" and drove to Tibet along the G214 Yunnan-Tibet line at the end of July. This is Shanghai, who is slowly waking up in the old camera. He experienced the shyness of Meili Snow Mountain, experienced the lively bonfire in Suosong Village, visited the Potala Palace, and stayed in Shannan City on August 7. I originally planned to march to Mount Everest and Ali after taking a break, but I did not expect to encounter this round of epidemic. Meili Snow Mountain Photographer/Laodan Potala Palace Photographer/Laodan This is the landscape recorded by Laodan at the beginning of the epidemic, Laodan maintained a relatively optimistic attitude: "Fortunately, there are many places to play in Shannan City, so Just be patient." Although people with a 24-hour nucleic acid negative certificate can move freely, they can only play around Shannan because of the Lhasa record on the itinerary code. He also took a group of supermarket scenes and "deep tour" photos of the vegetable market and sent them to the circle of friends. The supply of materials in Shannan City is good, and all kinds of living materials in the supermarket are sufficient. Lao Dan easily replied to his relatives and friends who cared about him. The epidemic left us in Shannan, so we just took it easy. The high temperature in the mainland kept us safe from the heat. During the epidemic prevention and control period, all travel-related departments in Shannan City, with meticulous consideration and care, promptly announced the travel consultation service numbers of relevant departments to the public. Not only the office, but also the personal mobile phone number of the head of the department, just to solve the difficulties and problems of the stranded tourists in time. At the same time, for tourists who meet the requirements of leaving Shannan, Shannan tourism and transportation departments also scientifically dispatch vehicles (Zedang Town, Shannan - Lhasa Gonggar Airport) to meet the needs of tourists to the greatest extent and ensure smooth flow for everyone's safety. Travel is guaranteed. Laodan also actively responded to the local call for epidemic prevention and control, and conducted nucleic acid testing without interruption during the period. But the long stay was unavoidable and tired, so Lao Dan and his party of four planned to check in the vehicle and return to Shanghai by plane. What the photographer/old Dan did not expect was that when they contacted the driver the next day, they were told that they could not go to Gonggar Airport! Full of doubts, Lao Dan contacted the editor through today's headline number of "China Tibet Tourism", and told the situation of their group of stranded tourists. "I learned that the special passenger car from Shannan City to Lhasa Gonggar Airport was suspended, and we were unable to go to the airport. We refunded our tickets four times one after another, and we couldn't go to the airport after finally waiting for a flight that could fly. It's really embarrassing." After learning about the situation, the editor immediately contacted and reported it to the District Travel and Development Office. On the same day, the leaders and staff of Shannan Tourism Development Bureau also got in touch with Laodan and explained the reason to them. It turned out that because of the escalation of the epidemic, the Shannan City Leading Group Office for Responding to the New Coronary Pneumonia Epidemic issued an announcement that the strictest regional control measures will be implemented from 00:00 on August 19 to 24:00 on August 22, and the exclusion of low-risk areas will be implemented. In addition to carrying out nucleic acid testing, strictly implement the management measures of not going out unless necessary, and strictly implement the system of restricting people to go out for a limited time in the procurement of living materials. The photographer/Laodanshannan Tourism Development Bureau delivered food to the same group of stranded tourists on the same day and provided assistance within their capacity. I hope that they will stay calm and wait patiently, and then they will inform tourists of the daily flight information in time to ensure that the stranded tourists set foot on the "way home" in a safe and orderly manner. Lao Dan and his party also expressed understanding. On the afternoon of August 25, Lao Dan suddenly received a call from the Tourism Development Bureau of Nedong District, Shannan City, asking them to hurry up and buy air tickets on their own and contact the Tourism Development Bureau of Nedong District. They can send a special car to take the stranded passengers to the airport. Can go home safely. It turned out that from 0:00 on August 23 to 24:00 on August 25, there were no new social infections in Shannan City for 3 consecutive days, and Shannan City achieved the goal of "social zero"! In the early morning of August 26, photographer Lao Dan and his party set off together with the first batch of 25 stranded tourists from Nedong District, Shannan City, and took the designated passenger shuttle to Lhasa Gonggar Airport in a closed loop. Photographer/Lao Dan "I flew to Chongqing today, and I am very happy to be able to return home as soon as possible. The government provided us with financial help during the stay and guaranteed the living conditions of food and housing. I am very grateful to them." This is the batch Among the stranded tourists, Mr. Chen said in an interview. Mr. Wang of Sichuan also said: "The Shannan government is very considerate and warm. If there is a chance, I will definitely come to travel again." Finally, Lao Dan also said: "The director of the Naidong District Tourism Development Bureau personally went to the departure site to present to each of our 25 stranded tourists. Blessed Hada and sent us a breakfast, we were deeply moved." In this battle against the "epidemic", the District Tourism Development Office closely contacted the tourism development bureaus of various (prefecture) cities to work together to fight the epidemic with practical actions. , solve problems for the masses and tourists. We believe that as long as we strengthen our confidence, help each other, and prevent and control it scientifically, we will surely win the "battle" of epidemic prevention and control. Waiting for the end of the epidemic, we will cross the mountains and rivers and go back to Tibet to embrace each other! Author: Wang Jian Editor: China Tibet Tourism [Editor: Tan Qilu丨Editor: Wang Jian]
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