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Up to 2000 yuan per household! Tibet grants living allowance to needy workers

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Up to 2000 yuan per household! Tibet grants living allowance to needy workers

On the 31st, at the 23rd press conference on the prevention and control of the new crown pneumonia epidemic in the autonomous region, Yang Wanxiong, a member of the party group of the Tibet Autonomous Region Federation of Trade Unions, introduced that during the epidemic, the Federation of Trade Unions of the autonomous region set up special funds for epidemic prevention and control and adopted a series of policies. Measures to care and condolence to front-line epidemic prevention and control staff, to help and rescue employees in difficulties. According to Yang Wanxiong, up to now, the All-China Federation of Trade Unions has allocated 2 million yuan in special funds, plus the district and city (prefecture) level union support, a total of 25.2339 million yuan in special funds for epidemic prevention and control has been raised to support trade unions at all levels in purchasing epidemic prevention materials , Visit and condolences to front-line anti-epidemic personnel, sites and employees in need to help and rescue work. Trade unions at all levels have assigned specialized personnel to keep the employee rights protection service hotline “12351” open 24 hours a day, and provide warm-hearted services such as legal consultation, policy publicity, assistance in difficulties, and psychological counseling for the majority of employees. Carry out in-depth investigation and monitoring of employees with difficulties. In the early stage of the epidemic, the Federation of Trade Unions of the Autonomous Region quickly organized trade unions at all levels to investigate the production and living conditions of 507 employees in severe difficulties, 334 employees in relatively difficult conditions, and 24 families of employees who were accidentally impoverished by the epidemic, and established a dynamic monitoring mechanism for the living conditions of employees' families. . Up to now, a total of 3.5514 million yuan of relief funds has been distributed, and 1,433 households of needy employees have been helped. Additional living allowances will be issued for employees with difficulties in filing documents during the epidemic. Give full play to the role of special assistance funds, while doing a good job of normalizing assistance, further increase policy and financial support, raise 1.539 million yuan, and file 865 families of employees in difficulty in the region, according to the depth of difficulty. An additional living allowance of 2,000 yuan, 1,500 yuan for each family of employees in relative difficulties, and 1,000 yuan for each family of employees who are impoverished by accidents, effectively guarantees the basic life of families of employees in difficulties during the epidemic. The Golden Autumn Scholarship will be implemented for the children of needy workers in the registered cities. At present, trade union organizations at all levels in the district are making statistics on the progress of children of employees with difficulties in filing. According to the higher education stage (including postgraduate) and special education, each student in the district will not exceed 9,000 yuan per year, and each student outside the district will not exceed 12,000 yuan per year. According to the standard, grants are provided to the children of employees who are newly admitted to universities in the district with difficulties in filing a file to help them realize their dreams of further education. Taking multiple measures to care and care for front-line workers in epidemic prevention and control. Since the outbreak of the epidemic, trade unions at all levels have quickly raised funds, mobilized anti-epidemic materials, carried out warm-union activities for nucleic acid testing points, traffic card points, and centralized isolation points in their regions, and helped 43,500 front-line epidemic prevention and control personnel and employees. . Expand the coverage of mutual assistance for employees. At present, a total of 544 units and 87,000 employees in the region have participated in the mutual assistance activities of the Tibet Office of the China Workers' Insurance Mutual Aid Association, paying a total of 3.7446 million yuan in mutual assistance to 213 members. Support the development of small and micro enterprises and difficult industries. Implement the support policy for trade union funds for small and micro enterprises, simplify the return procedures for trade union funds, and make sure that all funds are returned. Make good use of trade union funds to promote consumption recovery, and encourage trade unions at or above the county level to purchase cultural tourism and catering consumer products by appropriately increasing a certain amount in addition to the original holiday condolences or issuing consumer coupons in advance according to local party committee and government deployments and the epidemic situation. , boosting consumer confidence. 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