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The local tyrants quickly row away, it is said that people who will give wine in the Mid-Autumn Festival will not be too bad

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The local tyrants quickly row away, it is said that people who will give wine in the Mid-Autumn Festival will not be too bad

In China's social etiquette, "tobacco, alcohol and tea" are irreplaceable in the hearts of the people of the whole country. No matter if you invite guests or give gifts or visit relatives and friends, the three can be used as the medium of emotional transmission. into the relationship between host and guest. But to talk about the most universal of the three, it has to be Baijiu. However, there are many types of white wines with many flavors and varieties. Different people are very particular about what wine to give. Buying expensive purses can’t afford it, or paying a lot of money to buy white wine with low cost performance. Which white wine is worth using? Are you here to give gifts? So I have listed all the liquors that are suitable for gifts of about 100 yuan. You can buy them according to your own budget, and let’s see which good wines are worthy of gifts! Buying reminder: It is very important to buy a bartender. The ones selected below are all from the official self-operated and flagship stores, please drink it with confidence; 1. Yanghe Ocean Blue 180 yuan/bottle is the one in the Yanghe Blue series trilogy For the entry-level model, the taste of Haizhilan is relatively light and will not rush. Unlike other liquors, the fragrance is strong, so many people think that Haizhilan is not good to drink, and that Haizhilan does not have its characteristics. In fact, Haizhilan is a soft and soft liquor with low alcohol content, which is suitable for daily drinking. The taste is relatively mellow and not too irritating. It is more comfortable to enter the throat and will not feel spicy. The quality is stable and the packaging is atmospheric, which is definitely a good choice for gift giving. 2. Hanyi Sihao 128/bottle As one of the high-ranking wines of Hanyi Wine Industry, it has a very good reputation in Guizhou. Its wine is pure and natural, adding 80% of Kunsha + 10% Crushed sand + 7% A-grade old wine + 3% 10-year-old flavored wine, the most important thing is that there are only more than 100 bottles, and the price/performance ratio is still very high. The wine is fragrant when you open the bottle, the entrance has grain fragrance, the layering is strong, the taste is not expensive, and the quality is guaranteed. It is very close to the taste of Maotai, with elegant aroma and soft taste. The packaging of the bottle is made of Miaojia handmade cotton and linen paper. Made, simple, suitable for self-drinking or as a gift to the elders! 3. Luzhou Laojiao Six-Year Chen Touqu 148/bottle Luzhou Laojiao Six-Year Chen Touqu is a popular liquor on the market, the price is very close to the people, deep Favored by the old white sex. It selects cellars with more than 60 years of age to produce the base wine, which is carefully blended by the master brewer and introduced into the aging process. The wine body has been stored in a constant temperature cave for more than 6 years. The aroma is authentic, the aftertaste is long, and the quality is excellent. As a daily ration wine, it is worth recommending. 4. Wuliangchun 208 yuan/bottle Wuliangchun can be said to be one of the best brands in the Wuliangye series of liquors, and one of the best liquor brands in the entire mid-to-high-end liquor market, both in terms of the quality of the drinks and the quality of the brand. The image has a good reputation in the industry. It is a typical Wuliangye-style Wuliang Luxiang traditional taste. It has the characteristics of rich cellar aroma, thick and sweet in the entrance, harmonious aroma, sweet and comfortable. With the launch of the second generation of Wuliangchun, the 52-degree version finally ushered in. The new version of Wuliangchun’s wine quality is online, and the appearance of the packaging and bottle body has also improved significantly. It is a good choice as a gift. 5. Lai Shihao Lefutai 153/bottle After the price of Moutai is rising, people rarely can taste Moutai The taste of "Lai Shihao" has been passed down for four generations, with a century-old history, and the same Laijiamao flavor has been inherited. Lai Shihao Yuefutai's Maotai-flavored liquor has a thick taste, fragrant lips and teeth, and its generous and unique appearance also makes it one of the best choices for gifts. The wine is clear in body and soft and delicate in the mouth. It is very balanced in terms of layering, mellowness, and fineness. Those who have drunk it feel that the taste is comparable to that of Moutai. After reading these 5 kinds of liquors that are suitable for gifts of about 100 yuan, do you have any better recommendations? Some pictures come from the Internet, if there is any infringement, please contact to delete!


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