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It is the second, and no one dares to be the first! After a month of silence, the king of autumn colors who must go in this life is awakening

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It is the second, and no one dares to be the first! After a month of silence, the king of autumn colors who must go in this life is awakening

How is Xinjiang, which has become a hot search every day this summer? Since the end of July, since the spread of the epidemic in the Yili area, Xinjiang has entered a state of silence. It has been almost a month! (To be honest, I think about it from the bottom of my heart! I heard that such a picture is quietly circulating in the circle of friends of Xinjiang friends these days. It seems that everyone can’t wait to unblock! Recalling that this spring has been praised as The Xinjiang epidemic prevention policy of "epidemic prevention ceiling" has been greatly relaxed, so that we can go deep into it and enjoy the unique Xinjiang scenery! In summer, Xinjiang is even more difficult to find a room and the Duku highway has also been "blocked hot search". Now it has been a month long The cooling-off period has been awaited for a long time! The most beautiful season in Xinjiang has quietly arrived! Every autumn you are always most concerned about what time is the best time to leave? Don't worry! This year's best autumn viewing timetable in Xinjiang, You Xiaoxia, has already been prepared for you. Everything is ready! Just need to unblock! My sweetheart, I am waiting for you at Keketuohai Photography @飞飞福云 County's Keketuohai is a place with a beautiful name, but as you know, it has been a high state secret since the founding of the People's Republic of China Because this area of ​​Fuyun County contains the world's rare large-scale rare metal mine No. 3 Mine ▲ Until the song "The Shepherd of the Cocoto Sea" quickly became popular, it began to go to the world in a high-profile manner. Photography @baokalia The Cocoto Sea is not the sea, but it is more beautiful than any sea. If you come to the Cocoto Sea, you must choose the Cocoto Sea in autumn and autumn, like a palette overturned by God. The Irtysh River flowing through the Keketuo Sea is the only river in China that flows to the Arctic Ocean. The majestic and steep granite rocks on both sides of the river form various peculiar shapes under the care of nature. The magnificent Shenzhong Mountain is one of them. One of the photography @baokalia The rolling river winds its way in the Irtysh Grand Canyon, giving birth to the rich forest vegetation on both sides of the river and the ancient nomadic civilization in the Altay area Photography @Moqingqius The most beautiful season is also for Kazakh herdsmen On the way to Keketuohai in the transition season, you will often encounter teams that are transitioning. However, the one with the largest number of cattle and sheep is the Hujierte Transition Road on the China-Kazakhstan border highway. Changdao China-Kazakhstan border road is located on the border line between China's most northwest and Kazakhstan, and even Baidu can't even find its location. It is a niche route to "Bai Haba", the first village in the northwest. There are few people and dense forests. Every autumn, it is full of people.銏金[email protected] will pass through the largest transition road in the Altay area along the way, "Hujierte Transition Road", you can often encounter Kazakh herdsmen rushing through thousands of cattle and sheep passing by photography @飞飞拍@靈青動真! The Kazakhs are the true practitioners of "just go". They are like migratory birds on the land. According to the growth cycle of pastures, the cattle and sheep go to high places in the tropical climate. They hibernate in the low-heat valleys in the cold winter. A goat woman with a cute big tail followed behind and led a camel with a yurt and all her belongings. Photography @Moqing The dust raised by the team that stretched for several kilometers was also dyed with autumn colors. For photographers, it was a scene A visual feast that can't be found! Photography @donglindangren's border road will pass another climax of the autumn color on the way of the China-Kazakhstan border grand canyon. At the bottom of the canyon is the China-Kazakhstan border border river - Akhaba River Photography @orange lush white birch Lin occupies every corner of the river valley's sandbar, dazzling gold, as if As the river flows in this undisturbed border area, even if a large number of birch trees fall down, the natural scenery of the original ecology that can lie quietly on the shore all year round has been preserved for thousands of years! Hidden fireworks! Photo @18 Kazakhs who sing cheerfully "Black Walking Horse" will come to Baihaba Village to visit their friends who live in the snow-capped pine forest every year. The Tuva people who are called "people in the forest" photo @baokali The Yatuwa people still live in the spired wooden houses made of logs and retain the original production and way of life. Forages are gathered into haystacks and piled high in front of the sheep pen. There is a circle of wooden fences around the house to prevent cattle and sheep from escaping. Photography @阿心木屋 Intertwined with snow-capped mountains, herds, birch forests, and haystacks, a picture like a paradise is intertwined, and the combination of simple earthly fireworks awakens the comfort engraved in human genes, how can it not be endearing? Photography @ package Kalia God's back garden, Kanas! Photography @Hasu It is said that 45,203 rivers were born in 116 major mountain ranges in China. These rushing rivers have converged into more than 24,800 lakes, but when you mention "lake monsters", you must think of Kanas! In autumn, everything in Kanas can become a master of color matching. Birch and poplar will turn from green to yellow and then from yellow to red in the autumn wind. All the trees begin to "burn" and dye the mountains red and golden. Photography @包卡丽上The Altay Mountains on the borders of China, Kazakhstan and Russia are a trio of golden, blue and snow-white Kanas Lake. The velvet texture of Kanas Lake is like a huge canvas. When it is injected into the melting of blue-green ice and snow, it is pale green and under thin clouds, it is pale pink photography @MoqingIf you want to experience the beauty of Kanas, you must not miss the three bays of Kanas to hike the blue river flowing through gold The gentle flow of the forest is shimmering with the fine sunlight, and there are often dense clouds and mists on the shore. Photography @Moqing The Tuwa people, with only about 2,000 people, besides Baihaba and Kanas, the other gathering place is the ancient Hemu Village. [email protected]飞飞河木also has the largest population and the most frequent among these three villages. The village that people express and yearn for is another major IP of Altay. Hemu is always bound to the morning sun. Photography @阿PAN When sunrise, climb the viewing platform and look at the village surrounded by mountains and birch forests. The mountains and forests are soaked in smoke. Rising up and meeting the morning mist in the air, the misty, dreamlike beautiful peak across the river from the village is named after a pretty woman on horseback or on foot. An intimate contact with Hemu in autumn must be an experience not to be missed! Private secrecy! Urho Populus euphratica! Photography @Moqing "Desert Hero Tree" - Populus euphratica not only grows in the Baiyang River Grand Canyon in Wuerhe in southern Xinjiang, but also grows in the largest wild Populus euphratica forest in northern Xinjiang. This magnificent wild Populus euphratica forest is an exclusive excavated niche scenic spot without queuing. , There is no crowd, only the blue sky and Populus euphratica are swaying brilliant colors photography @baokalia Each tree grows into a rebellious posture or stands upright or obliquely on the desertified land, revealing vitality and hope in mystery if There is a kind of creature that can represent autumn. It is undoubtedly the Populus euphratica that has conquered all who have seen it with only one color. If you miss the warm summer in Xinjiang, please continue this promise to the dreamy autumn. We will wait for you in the autumn of the Northland. Scatter! [email protected] [email protected] Nan

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