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The 2022 regional star hotel practitioners service skills competition finals are about to kick off

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The 2022 regional star hotel practitioners service skills competition finals are about to kick off

In order to thoroughly implement the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important speech on his inspection of Ningxia, fully implement the strategic deployment requirements of the 13th Party Congress of the Autonomous Region on building the "six new and six excellent" cultural tourism industry, and effectively enhance the service awareness of employees of star-rated hotels in our region, Quality awareness and standard awareness, the 2022 regional star-rated hotel staff service skills competition finals co-sponsored by the Autonomous Region Culture and Tourism Department, the Autonomous Region Federation of Trade Unions, the Autonomous Region Youth League Committee and the Autonomous Region Women's Federation will be held on September 6 in Yinchuan City Lida The Shenzhen Airlines International Hotel will be held grandly. At that time, the teams from various cities in the region will compete, and the winner will represent Ningxia in the national finals. According to the "Notice of the All-China Federation of Trade Unions of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League, the All-China Women's Federation on Holding the 2022 National Star-rated Hotel Practitioners Service Skills Competition" (Wenlu Market Fa [2022] No. 21), this year, a national star-rated hotel will be held this year. Practitioners Service Skills Competition Finals. In view of the fact that this year's National Service Skills Competition rules pay more attention to the whole process of hotel services to guests, in response to the new rules and new requirements, the Autonomous Region Culture and Tourism Department has innovated its work ideas and held the first preparation for the competition's organizing committee on August 27. The conference and event rules briefing will focus on the "2022 National Star Hotel Practitioners Service Skills Competition Finals Technical Working Document" and "2022 National Star Hotel Practitioners Service Skill Competition 2022" issued by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism. Supplementary Rules for Final Technical Documents” and other event technical working documents have been deeply interpreted, so that the majority of star-rated hotel practitioners, especially the contestants, can familiarize themselves with the competition rules and standards as soon as possible, master the competition process more accurately, and know the competition rules. Ensure the quality of the competition and lay a solid foundation for the smooth holding of the star-rated hotel service skills competition in our district. The awards for this competition are rich in content. The four competition types of work will have a champion, a runner-up, a third runner-up and a number of excellence awards, and corresponding certificates will be issued; the top three players in the final individual award, who meet the application conditions, will be submitted to the Autonomous Region Youth League Committee according to the procedures. It is recommended to be awarded the title of "Young Post Expert"; according to the performance of each representative team, there will be first, second and third prizes for the group, and the outstanding organization award will be set separately. In 2022, the service skills competition for star-rated hotel practitioners in the region covers the main service positions of star-rated hotels. The content of the competition highlights innovation and effectiveness. It is a comprehensive test of the service skills level of star-rated hotels in our region. It is also a showcase for hotel practitioners. It is an important platform for communication and mutual learning, and it is also an important measure to deepen the innovation of hotel quality management and service concept. ✦✦ Taozi丨Editor Liu Feng丨Editor-in-charge Website: Contribution: 0951—6720808

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