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Travel in September, these 5 beautiful places cannot be missed

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Travel in September, these 5 beautiful places cannot be missed

The hot summer is finally over, and September is coming soon, the climate is suitable, cool and fun, people can't help but want to go on a trip. Highly recommend these 5 places for a cleanse for your body and mind. 1. Qingdao is a tourist resort city with beautiful seaside scenery. It said goodbye to the scorching heat in July and August. The climate is mild in September. You can play in the shallow water area at noon. During the rich season of seafood, all kinds of delicious seafood will make you feel good. 2. Daocheng Yading, if you are looking for a paradise on earth, then here is the best answer, it is a gift of nature, almost no pollution, no damage, towering snow-capped mountains in the distance, endless grass around The sea, the mysterious and beautiful lakes are all refreshing. 3. Panjin Red Beach, which is made of slender Suaeda grass. Every autumn, the leaves of Suaeda serrata turn red, and large tracts of grass are spread on the river beach one after another. From a distance, it looks like a red carpet. After the Mid-Autumn Festival, the Chinese mitten crabs here are also very plump. 4. Nyingchi, Tibet, in September, Nyingchi enters the golden season of strong autumn colors. Colorful forests, green canyons, and glaciers and snow-capped mountains all embellish a dreamy fairy tale world. 5. Guilin, the temperature in Guilin starts to drop from September, neither too hot nor too cold, and the climate is very pleasant. You can go boating on the mountains and rivers during the day, and camp and barbecue on the edge of the Li River at night to enjoy the beauty of life. Where are you going this September?

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