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The best dips are produced by detox

Time:2023-02-04 00:09:51 author:ice and snow Read:257次
The best dips are produced by detox

Recently my friend @tracychan asked me why the topic of spicy food has never been Yunnan. As soon as she came back from Kunming, she complained to me that there were a lot of people in Yunnan, to what extent, probably even if you went out to find a restaurant to eat, you would have to wait for ten minutes to get some water. And in the bottles and jars where half of the country's spices are collected on the table, chili noodles are always the C-rank. No matter what Yunnan people eat, they will mix it with water, which is a bit like the small ingredients we usually use when we go to a hot pot restaurant to eat hot pot. Dipping water without chili noodles is not worthy of being called dipping water. Only those who have been to Yunnan know that not only all kinds of flowers can be eaten here, but everything can be chili noodles. If Sichuan people have the best chili oil in the country, then Yunnan people have the best chili noodles in the country. And the real ruthless goods are not the most famous Shan Shan Dips in the Water. Even if it has surpassed the status of Lao Ganma in the eyes of many people. Don't be fooled by the packaging, this is really not rat poison or cockroach poison. It was also named as a three-piece set of Yunnan specialties together with Jiahua flower cake and children's potato chips. In the words of netizen @lizipieer: "There is no one meal in this world that can't be saved by dipping a mountain in water." The highest etiquette of delicious food: carry it with you. Even the Sichuanese, the originator of spicy circles, were completely conquered. Only local people in Yunnan know that spicy one plus one is the most diao. Almost every post on Kuadanshan Dips has such a comment below it. Anyone who has tasted it is not instantly hooked. In comparison, Shanshan dipped in water has become dull and tasteless, and it even has to rely on the latter for the finishing touch. "Since privilege is mentioned, let me tell you where my arrogance is. Everything I eat is dipped in water and spicy, and it must be a single mountain of dipped in water or spicy plus one, so that I can even gnaw on the dormitory bed. "It's so delicious that Yunnan people are not satisfied with taking it with everything. Instead, start eating straight. If you study it carefully, you will be shocked by the description on the package: "Production Address: Inside the Yunnan Compulsory Drug Rehabilitation Center." But it's not the worst. Some Yunnan people even eat it with mushrooms. As for whether we will see more colorful little people, only those who have eaten are qualified to speak. So don't say that Yunnan people don't like spicy food, they are really just low-key.

(责任编辑:summer beach)

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