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How amazing is the Chinese landscape? Of these 33, I have been to half of them, and I have no regrets in this life. Which ones have you been to?

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How amazing is the Chinese landscape? Of these 33, I have been to half of them, and I have no regrets in this life. Which ones have you been to?

Snow-capped glaciers, alpine sturgeon valleys, rivers and lakes, grassland forests, desert Gobi, blue sea, tropical rainforest, gorgeous Danxia, ​​karst landforms... In China's vast land of 9.6 million square kilometers, there are world-renowned The most diverse natural landscape. And China's "big land" makes it impossible for anyone to walk every inch of land and see the four seasons. Therefore, today, let us follow the photographer's perspective, arrive at the mountains, rivers and oceans, appreciate the life in the world, watch the magnificent waves, the rising and setting of the sun and the moon...

Tianshan Snow Ridge Spruce Forest

(one of the most beautiful forests in China) Snow Ridge spruce is tall and straight, like a sword pointing to the sky. From the southern part of the Tianshan Mountains to Hami, the spruce stretches for more than 1,800 kilometers from east to west, like a green Great Wall built along the mountain.

Zuoergai Wetland

(the most beautiful alpine wetland in China) is a dazzling emerald on the plateau in northwest Sichuan. Rare wild animals such as goshawks, red-crowned cranes and antelopes breed and live here, full of wildness and beauty of life.

Rongbuk Glacier

(one of the most beautiful glaciers in China) Rongbuk Glacier is located in the vast area of ​​Mount Everest from 5,300 meters to 6,300 meters, with a total length of 26 kilometers and a total area of ​​1,500 meters. square kilometers. On the glacier, there are various, magnificent and rare ice tower forests, ice velvet, ice bridges, ice towers...

Renhua Danxia Mountain

(the most beautiful Danxia in China) One of the Xia landforms) is located in Shaoguan, Guangdong, and is the world's "Danxia landform" named place. Danxia Mountain is composed of more than 680 red gravel rocks with flat top, steep body and gentle foot.

Guilin-Yangshuo Lijiang Landscape

(the most beautiful karst landform in China) Guilin landscape is the most beautiful representative of Chinese poetic landscape, and its scenery and style need not be repeated.

Nanja Bawa Peak

(one of the most beautiful peaks in China), the "Father of Mountains" in Tibet, is covered with snow all year round, surrounded by clouds and mist, and never shows its true colors easily Therefore, the legend of "nine encounters out of ten people" has been created.

Badain Jaran Desert

(one of the most beautiful deserts in China) is the first of the five deserts in China. The scenery is famous all over the world, and 114 colorful Haizi make people fascinated.

Chalhan Salt Lake

(one of the most beautiful salt lakes in China) Chaerhan, which means "the world of salt". In this plateau Gobi, where all green plants are difficult to grow, a large piece of emerald green is hidden.

Paracel Islands

(the most beautiful island in China), the Paracel Islands, the most beautiful island in China, is not one of the most beautiful islands in China. Even the most dexterous painters and the most natural dyes in the world cannot tune out such moving colors.

Anjihai Grand Canyon

(the most beautiful scar in China) This is a small and magnificent world carved by nature. The beauty of softness and harmony makes people applaud.

Wusut Water Yadan

(the only water Yadan in the world) This rare water Yadan in the world can be seen from a distance Like countless islands standing in the lake, the green lake water and the magical Yadan constitute a natural picture, like a fairyland on earth.

Yancheng Tidal Flat

(one of the most beautiful tidal flats in China) Here, you will see a special landform and landscape, that It is a tidal creek formed by tidal waves. They turn into rivers, feathers, and "tidal trees".


(the most mysterious virgin forest in China) This is a forbidden area covered with mysterious veil, full of virgin forests, lakes, strange peaks, strange rocks.... .. There are too many stories and legends about Shennongjia.

Pamirs Plateau

(the most beautiful piece of pure land in southern Xinjiang) On the great Silk Road, the Pamirs Plateau is an eternal coordinate. Eastern and Western cultures blend here, and Zhang Qian, Fa Xian, Marco Polo, and Tang Xuanzang have all left their footprints here.

Ejina Populus euphratica

(one of the most beautiful Populus euphratica forests in China) is immortal after a thousand years of life, and immortal after a thousand years. Populus euphratica, the miracle of the desert, the strange appearance of showing the tenacious beauty of life.

Bashang Grassland

(one of the most beautiful grasslands in China) On the vast grassland, the natural wind washes away the hustle and bustle of the world, and the galloping creatures release their free souls.. ...

Lyingzhi Peach Blossom

(one of the most beautiful springs in China) When it comes to peach blossoms, we are always used to looking to the south of the Yangtze River, but we don’t know that in the holy snowy area On the top, thousands of peach trees bloom in spring after spring.

Yuanyang Terraced Fields

(one of the most beautiful terraced fields in China), no matter how gorgeous the words used to describe the land, seem pale and powerless. This is the eternal beauty that our ancestors exchanged with their industrious hands.


(Geological Museum) is an out-of-print scenery, leading the way. Every strange mountain and peak here has a beautiful scenery, engraved with countless moving the legend of.

Fanjing Mountain

(ecological island) Among the many famous mountains in China, the appearance of Fanjing Mountain is not outstanding, but it is home to more than 6,000 kinds of animals and plants. A place of reproduction and evolution.

Bijie Baili Rhododendron

(the most beautiful sea of ​​Rhododendrons in China) is the largest natural flower sea in the world. Beauty, even immortals will be moved by it and indulge in it.

Yuanmou Earth Forest

(one of the most beautiful wonders in China) has been baptized by wind and rain for millions of years, making the earth forest become mighty, tall and straight. There are all kinds of strange things. Walking into Yuanmou Earth Forest is like entering another novel world.

Hua'ao Stone Forest

(the most spectacular sea erosion landscape along the coast of China) It stands on a small island in Xiangshan, Zhejiang Province, with a long beam The large stone, bright in color and simple in shape, is a very rare fused tuff.

Tarim Basin

(the largest inland river basin in China) is here, the magnificent "Wild Horse River", harsh deserts and tenacious Populus euphratica forests in thousands of For a hundred years, they looked at each other and wrestled with each other, forming a magnificent landscape, giving people infinite reverie.


(one of the most beautiful animal paradises in China) This is a desert that symbolizes death, but when you approach it, you will find that here Lots of wild animals live. A variety of wild ungulates such as Przewalski's horses, Mongolian wild donkeys, and goose antelopes thrive here...

Grape Valley

(under the Flaming Mountains) The "Peach Blossom Spring") is the largest valley in the Flaming Mountain Valley, which reflects the interdependence of the geographical environment and the products, and the integration of water and milk. The gurgling water in the valley, the green shade covers the sun, and the fruits are fragrant.

Gurban Tunggut Desert

(the most beautiful dendritic desert in China) God needed a spokesperson, so it asked Gur The sand dunes of Banguat are tree-like, and these graceful lines engraved on the earth count the history and nature of this territory one by one.

Fluorescent Seas

(Glowing Beaches) The phenomenon of "fluorescent beaches" is formed by glowing plankton. From a distance, a large blue glowing sea water is like a galaxy falling into the world.

Xuwen Coral Reef

(one of the most beautiful underwater wonders in China) Xuwen Jiaowei Township, famous as China's South Pole, is rarely known. There is a more colorful and wonderful world beneath these waters.

Shunan Bamboo Sea

(one of the most beautiful bamboo seas in China) China is known as the "country of bamboo civilization", and there has always been a saying that the world's bamboos look at China. Tens of thousands of bamboos form the green ocean of the Bamboo Sea in South Shunan, which accurately describes the charm of the bamboo forest.

Xishuangbanna Tropical Rainforest

(the most beautiful tropical rainforest in China) Here, can awaken the infinite love for life, "It does not reject thorns and weeds, it makes all trees They all grow tall and big, it makes all the flowers enchanting, and it makes all the fruits look what they want."

Ali Dark Night Park< /h1>(One of the most beautiful stars in China) In the sky and the earth at an altitude of more than 4,000 meters, above the clear and transparent night sky, the sky is full of bright stars, and the dreamy Milky Way traverses the sky... For a moment, it seems that there are only sky, earth, Three people exist in the world. This is the most wonderful view in the world.

Dunhuang Mingsha Mountain and Crescent Moon Spring

(the most beautiful Millennium Watch in China) There are many water springs in nature, but sand mountains and Coexistence of Schönbrunn is rare. In the northwest of the motherland, there is a beautiful scenery where a strange sand mountain coexists with wonderful spring water, which is the famous Mingsha Mountain and Crescent Moon Spring. ......I hope everyone can appreciate the true nature of the mountains and rivers in the beautiful scenery, rediscover the poetry and beauty, and protect this elegant and rich land. -End -

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