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"Anhui Cuisine of the Eight Major Cuisines in China" is the representative of the five major Anhui cuisines that many people do not know, do you know?

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"Anhui Cuisine of the Eight Major Cuisines in China" is the representative of the five major Anhui cuisines that many people do not know, do you know?

There are eight major cuisines in China, namely Shandong cuisine, Sichuan cuisine, Cantonese cuisine, Suzhou cuisine, Fujian cuisine, Zhejiang cuisine, Hunan cuisine and Anhui cuisine. If you come to Anhui and have never eaten authentic Anhui cuisine, it will be a great regret in your life. Anhui cuisine is mainly elegant and simple, original, crisp, tender and fragrant, with suitable shades. What are the representative dishes and delicacies? Woolen cloth? The editor has compiled some for your reference. The content is not sorted. If you want to know more, please leave a message in the comment area. If you like it, don’t forget to pay attention. 1. Stinky mandarin fish [recommended reason] As one of the most representative traditional Anhui cuisine dishes, it is also known as one of the top ten strange foods in China, but this stinky mandarin fish Smells bad, tastes good. It is mainly to pickle fresh mandarin fish in light salt water, preferably in wooden barrels, until the fish body emits a smelly smell, then fry it in a frying pan, add pork slices, bamboo shoot slices, etc. and cook until the soup is concentrated. The finished product is tender and smooth, with a mellow taste. It retains the original flavor of the mandarin fish and has a unique flavor. It is very delicious and special. Recommended reason] A traditional famous dish of Anhui cuisine, which is said to be named after a person, can represent its special status. According to legend, it was named after Li Hongzhang, a famous minister in the late Qing Dynasty. It is mainly cooked with chicken as the main ingredient, accompanied by water-fat sea cucumber, oil-fat fish maw, water-fat squid and other accessories. The finished product is mellow and not greasy, salty and delicious, and rich in nutrition. Qiang] Li Hongzhang hodgepodge Li Hongzhang hodgepodge Li Hongzhang hodgepodge 3, Huizhou Yipin Hotpot [Recommendation Reasons] If you talk about the representative of hot pot in Anhui cuisine, it must be Yipin pot. Yipin was created by Mrs. Yu. The main feature is that in the hot pot, the bottom of the pot is covered with dried bamboo shoots, the second layer is covered with pieces of meat, the third layer is white tofu or fried tofu, the fourth layer is meat balls, the fifth layer is covered with vermicelli, garnished with Spinach or golden needle vegetables, add seasonings and appropriate amount of water, and then simmer and cook, it looks tempting and appetizing, with strong local flavor, thick and fresh, very delicious [Aim] Huizhou Yipin Pot Huizhou Yipin Pot 、Fuliji Roasted Chicken【Recommendation Reasons】Roasted chickens are available all over the country, and Fuliji Roasted Chicken, a special dish in Anhui cuisine, is one of the four famous chickens in China, along with Dezhou Braised Chicken, Daokou Roasted Chicken and Jinzhou Smoked Chicken. one. The main finished product is good in color and delicious, fragrant, the meat is white and tender, fat but not greasy, the meat is rotten and boneless, chewing the bone and has an aftertaste, it is very delicious, and it is also known as the provincial intangible cultural heritage [surprise] Fuli Ji Rou Chicken Fuliji Roasted Chicken Fuliji Roasted Chicken 5. Wuwei Banana Duck [Recommendation Reason] As one of the special dishes that Anhui people like, it is also very important in Anhui cuisine. It was founded in the Qing Dynasty and has both Peking duck dishes. The aroma and tenderness of Nanjing Banyan Duck. It is mainly made of Chaohu hemp duck as raw material, with about 30 kinds of traditional Chinese medicines and seasonings such as star anise, peppercorns, cloves, cumin, etc., smoked and then marinated. Full of flavor [love] Wuwei Banya Wuwei Banya Wuwei Banya
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