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From the "Jiangnan Small Supermarket" donating water and gifts to the "retroversaries", to the elderly Danba building bamboo sheds for volunteers, it is an anti-epidemic force and a Chinese force!

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From the "Jiangnan Small Supermarket" donating water and gifts to the "retroversaries", to the elderly Danba building bamboo sheds for volunteers, it is an anti-epidemic force and a Chinese force!

"Provide mineral water, beverages, instant noodles, etc. for free to the medical staff, executive committee, and volunteers who are fighting against the epidemic. You have worked hard!" Walking in Zangga Village, Chentang Town, Dingjie County, This note at the entrance of "Jiangnan Small Supermarket" warms my heart. The owner of the supermarket is a college student who returned to his hometown to start a business. Seeing that the epidemic has eclipsed his hometown, he wants to use his own strength to restore the vitality and beauty of the place as soon as possible. When the epidemic hit, this small town also pressed the "pause button": there were no more traffic on the streets, the machinery on the construction site no longer roared, and people panicked in silence. At critical moments, fortunately, people have a firm "backbone". Under the overall planning of the higher-level party committee and government, the party, government, army, police and people in the town quickly got rid of the initial surprise and regrouped: the small towns were finely divided into grids. In the grid, party members, dual households, retired soldiers, public security police, volunteers... Everyone is a "vanguard" in the fight against the epidemic. Everyone calms the people's emotions, publicizes epidemic prevention policies, and solves practical difficulties. The sun rises as usual, and people's hearts also have more stability and trust. At a critical juncture, "retroversaries" came forward one by one: Chentang Town is close to Nepal, and the situation of epidemic prevention and control at the border is severe. It takes three days for the seven duty points; the masses are silent at home, and living materials are in urgent need of protection. Wang Weizheng, the deputy mayor, took the initiative to act as a "big housekeeper". Every morning, he leads a party member commando team to go door-to-door to count the living materials needs of the masses, and then go to the designated location. Purchased and distributed to the masses in a timely manner; Chentang Mountain is high and valleys are deep, debris flows and flash floods are frequent, and the police at the town’s public security station acted as material security channel unblockers, clearing the landslide section in time, and dredging the road... "Chentang belongs to everyone, see Party members and cadres are busy on the front line, and I also want to do something!" Looking at the party members and cadres fighting on the front line, more and more people are not willing to be left behind. They join volunteers and become buyers and deliverymen of the masses during the silent management period... ...Faced with the brave "retroversaries", the people in the town couldn't sit still, and everyone took action. Lao Li from Chentang Hotel, Gombra who came here as a maid, Rabatajie, the leader of getting rich in Woxue Village, Tenzin Luochai, leader of getting rich in Zangga Village, Qi Guosheng from Laoqi Supermarket, and Ren Wu from Wankelai Supermarket , Zhao Zhiru, owner of Shengjie Hotel, Zhaxi Cidan of Sandalwood Hotel... Everyone donated a total of more than 100,000 yuan. Ordinary people are also respectable and lovely: a 67-year-old Danba from Xuexiongma Village saw volunteers going back and forth between Chentang Town and the summer camp every day, climbing the slopes for more than 2 hours and more than ten kilometers, in the wind and rain. , so he took the initiative to organize the villagers and built bamboo sheds on the roadside. "Now the children have a place to rest when they patrol!" In the face of the strong joint effort to fight the "epidemic", the virus also stopped: At present, None of the 6 administrative villages in Chentang Township has been infected. Cidan, a tourist from Gyantse County, said: "The epidemic is merciless, and I really felt the warmth of the people of Chentang during my stay!" Hot meals, nucleic acid testing, hotline cards... a series of emergency measures and a set of warm actions every day , contains the humanistic care in the emergency mechanism of the party committee and government of Chentang Town, and also demonstrates the unique warmth of Chentang, a border town. At the moment, Chentang Town, which has won the battle against the "epidemic", is unblocked and unable to prevent it. It is focusing on epidemic prevention and control on one hand and economic development on the other. The autumn harvest work was carried out in an orderly manner. Volunteers walked into the fields of the stranded people and households without labor to help them harvest and eliminate their worries; the rest of the people took precautions, worked in a dispersed manner, and did not clump or gather to ensure that the particles returned to the warehouse. The construction of the project is progressing smoothly, and the reconstruction and expansion project of the central primary school in Chentang Town and the project of the black gold fungus cooperative project have been started one after another. Although the epidemic is fierce, the light has turned into a torch, and the will is united. From the "Jiangnan Small Supermarket" donating water and gifts to the "retroversaries", to the old Danba building bamboo sheds for volunteers; from the leadership of party members and cadres to the help of ordinary people, the small town Chentang faced the new crown virus. The majestic power of uniting people and moving Mount Tai”. This power is a vivid manifestation of the great anti-epidemic spirit, and a full demonstration of "China's power". Carrying the power of "this", the town of Chentang has a bright future, and the future can be expected! This article is reprinted for China Tibet Tourism, and the purpose of reprinting is to convey more information. It does not mean that China Tibet Tourism agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity. The copyright of the text and pictures contained in the reprinted article belongs to the original author! If there are problems with the content and copyright of the work, please contact China Tibet Travel to delete it within 10 days of the publication of this article! Source: Cloud Everest Editor: China Tibet Tourism [Editor: Tan Qilu丨Editor: Wang Jian]
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