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During the epidemic, these hospitals in Tibet can see a doctor

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During the epidemic, these hospitals in Tibet can see a doctor

On August 30, in response to the urgent problem of the people seeking medical treatment during the epidemic, Zhang Gengyun, member of the party group and deputy director of the District Health and Health Committee, said at the 22nd press conference on the prevention and control of the new crown pneumonia epidemic in the autonomous region that the health and well-being of the whole district was The system has adopted a number of measures such as optimizing the layout of medical treatment, setting up "red code" hospitals, and transitional wards (wards) to meet the daily medical service needs of the people during the epidemic and protect the health rights and interests of the people. Photo by reporter Tenzeng Lanze at the press conference

Optimize the layout of medical resources

In accordance with the principle of "centralized treatment", all localities further clarify admission and isolation The designated fever clinics for fever patients in the control area and the fever clinics that receive normal fever patients for medical treatment shall conduct reasonable medical guidance and personnel diversion. The People's Hospital of Duilong Deqing District and Dazi District People's Hospital of Lhasa City are "red code" hospitals, providing normal medical services for medium and high-risk areas, isolation places, and close and second-close contacts. The People's Hospital of the Autonomous Region, the Tibetan Hospital of the Autonomous Region, and the People's Hospital of Lhasa City are general hospitals that guarantee normal medical treatment and provide medical services for people in non-medium and high-risk areas and key groups; the Third People's Hospital of the Autonomous Region, the Second People's Hospital of the Autonomous Region, and the Maternity and Children's Hospital of the Autonomous Region Designated hospitals for the treatment of new coronary pneumonia, receive centralized transfer of new coronary pneumonia patients, and provide medical treatment services.

Ensure that key groups seek medical treatment

When emergency and critically ill patients (stroke, chest pain, severe trauma, shock, high fever, childbirth, etc.) seek medical treatment, they should contact community staff in a timely manner, It is transported by 120 ambulances, and the whole process of the transfer and treatment process is closed-loop management. During the transfer and treatment process, the community will arrange staff to accompany it. If a hemodialysis patient needs to undergo hemodialysis, he/she should take the initiative to report to the community, and the community will organize a special person to transport the patient to the designated hemodialysis institution. Personnel in key areas of epidemic prevention and control, centralized isolation medical observation personnel, home isolation medical observation personnel, and home health monitoring personnel, who have medical needs, contact community staff, and the community will arrange transfer vehicles to pick up and see a doctor, do personal protection, and complete closed-loop management . Those who are not under isolation control and who need medical treatment should actively report to the community before seeing a doctor, and can go to the nearest medical institution that has set up fever clinics or fever clinics for medical treatment.

Implementation of epidemic prevention and control measures in medical institutions

Each medical institution strengthens the management of key links such as pre-examination and triage, fever clinics, outpatient and emergency departments, and hospitalization. For those who enter the hospital area, it is necessary to implement temperature measurement, check health code, travel code, negative nucleic acid test certificate within 48 hours or sampling certificate within 24 hours, urge to wear masks correctly, and conduct strict epidemiological investigations. Zhang Gengyun called on the general public to actively cooperate with the implementation of epidemic prevention and control measures during medical treatment, take personal protection throughout the process, avoid taking public transportation, and ensure the orderly development of daily medical services. # Epidemic prevention and control Tibet is in action# Source: Tibet Daily Editor: China Tibet Tourism [Editor: Tan Qilu丨Editor: Wang Jian]
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