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Under the above rate, fight against the epidemic with one heart - the district tourism development department makes every effort to coordinate the service guarantee for stranded tourists

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Under the above rate, fight against the epidemic with one heart - the district tourism development department makes every effort to coordinate the service guarantee for stranded tourists

Since the outbreak of the epidemic, under the strong leadership of the district party committee and government, and under the guidance of the Tibet Working Group of the Joint Prevention and Control Mechanism Comprehensive Group of the State Council, the tourism system of the whole district has resolutely implemented the instructions of Secretary Wang Junzheng and Chairman Yan Jinhai on epidemic prevention and control. ,According to the overall deployment of the autonomous region's epidemic prevention and control leading group, especially since the autonomous region's epidemic prevention and control leading group added a special group for tourism services, the district tourism development department has actively played a major role, and immediately started the work plan, and began to select a group of people on August 12. The backbone of the business has been actively involved in the frontline of the epidemic prevention and control in the tourism industry, and has been fighting for 17 consecutive days and nights.

I. Leading cadres lead by example

Party Secretary Huang Yongqing is located in a high-risk area, insists on working from home, and uses video connections in a timely manner Understand and grasp the work situation, schedule the anti-epidemic work in a timely manner, and actively mobilize all forces to help the front-line anti-epidemic of the tourism system and the various guarantees of the sinking cadres. Director Wang Songping practiced himself and worked with 28 key personnel of the agency in the office. They held their positions day and night, and coordinated and promoted the front-line operation of the office, supplies and living supplies, and on-site supervision of the special group of tourism services in the region. The first-level inspector Wang Xiaodong promptly filled the front-line office of the office, and was responsible for the isolation and transfer team to coordinate and guarantee the transportation capacity related to the departure of stranded tourists from Tibet. Deputy Director Ji Yue participated in the "New Coronary Epidemic Prevention and Control Work Press Conference in Tibet Autonomous Region" three times to release travel-related information, and the Steering Service Team of the Guidance Office's Epidemic Prevention and Control Leading Group carried out emergency emergencies, epidemic handling, and tourism for stranded tourists in Tibet. Complaints, etc., instruct the travel agencies to do a good job in comforting tourists in Tibet, arranging accommodation, service management, etc.; Deputy Director Dhondup is stationed in the office, assisting the government office in the office, and doing its best to manage the office; Deputy Director Luo Renjie Long-term stationed in the front-line headquarters of epidemic prevention and control in the autonomous region, give full play to the role of uploading, communication and coordination, and do a good job in the connection between the autonomous region level and our office. During the epidemic, the District Tourism Development Office formulated and issued the "Work Plan for the Return of Detained Persons in the Region" and "Measures on Effectively Doing a Good Job in Service Guarantee for Detained Persons in Tibet", etc., and released the travel-related epidemic prevention and control policies and situations to the public in a timely manner 3 times , through Douyin, Toutiao, WeChat, Weibo and other platforms and news media, increase the publicity of the epidemic prevention and control policies, release relevant services and return policies to stranded tourists in a timely manner, and maximize the cooperation and understanding of the majority of tourists. Establish a 24-hour consultation service liaison mechanism for tourists' emergency protection needs, and actively implement the action of "delivering service guarantee to your door", so that stranded tourists can stay at ease.

Second, Party members and cadres charge ahead

On August 12, Sun Yong, Liu Jiangong, Tan Lin, Baima Zhuoma, Tsom, etc. immediately Entered the front-line work of the tourism service special group; on August 14th, five elite soldiers, Yin Daokun, Ning Lianpeng, Du Liao, Lu Jie, and Tian Yufeng, will join the front-line team of the office; then, He Weibin, Zou Fenglin, Tang Yin and the volunteers of the Western Plan, a A batch of logistics support personnel have been put into front-line services one after another. On August 20, the party committee of the agency actively responded to the autonomous region's call for party members and cadres to participate in the epidemic prevention and control work in the local communities and streets nearby. Five comrades from our office, Liu Yabin, Wang Kai, Zhao Zhengqiang, Li Chunyang, and Lausanne Tsering, took the initiative to volunteer in the community. service work. On August 26, six comrades, Sun Jinguan, Pasang Dundup, Dai Xiaohui, Zhang Warlord, Li Ji, and Liu Baojun, took the initiative to work on the front-line epidemic prevention and control work in the community.

3. Efficiently carry out group work

The leading group for epidemic prevention and control of the Office consists of a comprehensive coordination group, a market prevention and control group, a detention service group, a public opinion handling group, The prevention and control and material security teams of the government agencies collect and report information on a daily basis, deal with emergencies and epidemics of stranded tourists, accurately count the number and distribution of tourists (including groups and individual tourists) in Tibet, and timely summarize and urge public opinion to deal with them, etc. The work provided timely, comprehensive and accurate basic information and data for the efficient development of various tasks of the tourism service special group.

Fourth, the tourism industry forms a joint force

Tourism departments at all levels take the overall situation into account, focus on politics, respond quickly, and form a horizontal and vertical, regional and regional integrated work linkage mechanism. It is good to realize that the number of tourists traveling to Tibet is clear, the services for staying in Tibet are guaranteed, there are measures for the management of the return journey, and there is no hidden danger of the epidemic spillover of the travel team in Tibet. Lhasa, Shigatse and other cities have successively introduced free accommodation policies for stranded tourists. Service teams for stranded tourists, logistical material support teams, and volunteer service teams, composed of tourism administrative departments at all levels, cultural tourism units, and tour guides, are on the front line of epidemic prevention and control. Provide free policy consultation, material guarantee and other services for stranded tourists. As of August 28, the number of tourists stranded in Tibet had dropped from 63,937 on August 10 to 3,620. Collected and sorted out 255 pieces of travel-related information through various channels, including 178 pieces of information about the situation, 35 pieces of information about asking for help, and 42 pieces of information about complaints, all of which have been properly handled. Cultural and tourism units donated hundreds of thousands of various anti-epidemic and living materials. In the face of the sudden epidemic, tourism departments at all levels in the region and all tourists rushed to the front, trying their best to provide warm, warm and thoughtful service guarantees for stranded tourists, to maximize the satisfaction of the needs of stranded tourists, which profoundly reflected the unity of one heart and one desire to fight against each other. Party members and cadres in the epidemic tourism system fully demonstrate the pattern and style of Tibetan tourists! Source: District Tourism Development Department Editor: China Tibet Tourism [Editor: Tan Qilu丨Editor: Xiao Zhuoma]
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