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The marigolds in Weiyuan, Gansu are in full bloom, colorful and beautiful, attracting many tourists to check in

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The marigolds in Weiyuan, Gansu are in full bloom, colorful and beautiful, attracting many tourists to check in

Recently, the movie "Hidden in the Dust" about the rural areas of the northwest has been repeatedly screened in the circle of friends, and the Douban score is as high as 8.5, making it the best domestic movie this year. Some netizens wrote a message after watching the movie, "No roses can be grown in the northwest, and wheat printing is my most turbulent love". Every word is ruthless, and every word is love. Gansu, located in the northwest region of China, has always had harsh geographical and natural conditions, and has always been a desert, yellow sand, and barren land in people's impressions. This kind of land may not really be able to grow roses, but if you go to Weiyuan County, Dingxi, Gansu, you will find that there is a beautiful world of marigolds here. This year, Weiyuan County, Gansu Province, relying on the advantages of local natural resources, used incentives and incentives to stimulate the leading role of business entities and the enthusiasm of farmers for planting, and focused on the development of marigold characteristics along rural roads and key areas in a concentrated, large-scale and intensive manner. Planting industry, create a new economic income growth point for farmers in suitable areas, realize the deep integration of agricultural tourism industry, and strive to achieve both economic and ecological benefits. In the late summer and early autumn, walking among the green hills and green grass in Weiyuan, surrounded by the mountainside and along the highway, the 10,000-acre flower sea is colorful and beautiful. Abandoned land that used to be uncultivated has now become a world of flowers, where marigolds are blooming and fragrant in the face of the sun. Plant in early summer and harvest in early fall. Walking in the urban and rural areas of Weiyuan, you can see the busy figures of the villagers everywhere. This is the first joy of harvest in autumn. The blooming marigolds attracted tourists who took pictures and punched in, and also opened a "road to wealth" for local villagers. Marigolds are not only beautiful and beautiful, but also have quite high agricultural value, and have the reputation of "soft gold of plants". Marigold petals are rich in natural lutein, which has strong antioxidant capacity and can be widely used in food, medicine and cosmetics. Picking chrysanthemums under the eastern fence, leisurely see Nanshan. The beautiful picture that people yearn for has become a reality in Weiyuan County. Industrial development is integrated with sightseeing tourism, vacation tourism, leisure agriculture, agricultural experience, sketching, photography, creative agriculture, Internet celebrity check-in, picking festival, Weiheyuan Scenic Spot tourism, ecological protection, etc. Once the tourist season comes, this sea of ​​flowers will become At the Internet celebrity check-in place, there is an endless stream of newcomers taking wedding dresses. From a distance, you can see green fields, golden marigolds, houses with red bricks and blue tiles, and the trees around the village are dark green and tall. When the golden yellow and the crisp autumn sky embrace you, people can come back to their senses. Gansu can be so beautiful. (You are welcome to like and leave a message in the comment area. For more exciting content, please pay attention / fall out of the list)

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