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Jiangsu guy went to Guizhou for a wedding and found that locals don't use Moutai, but prefer these 3 wines

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Jiangsu guy went to Guizhou for a wedding and found that locals don't use Moutai, but prefer these 3 wines

Jiangsu Xiaoli recently received a wedding invitation from a college classmate. Although Jiangsu and Guizhou are separated by tens of thousands of miles across the five southern provinces of China, a good friend must go to get married. Xiao Li specially took three days off to go to Guizhou for a drink. Among the many provinces in the country, Guizhou Province has relatively little sense of existence. The impression given to the outside world is that it has more mountains and less land, and has been in poverty for a long time. Xiao Li was somewhat prejudiced before he came. Who knew that Xiao Wang's wedding allowed him to see what extravagance was. A dowry of several hundred meters, 50 Mercedes-Benz wedding cars, and three days and three nights of running water seats refreshed Xiao Li's understanding. . After such a big battle, Xiao Li noticed that the wine on the dinner table was not Maotai, but a kind of wine that he had never heard of—Yende wine. Xiao Li asked Xiao Wang, "Dude, I've seen several wedding wine establishments in the past few days that don't use Moutai. Has Moutai been given a cold shoulder in Guizhou?" "There are a lot of good wines in Guizhou, and there are many wines that taste like Moutai. Since there are substitute wines, why pay the IQ tax. You haven't tasted Maotai. You have to try this batch of wines." Xiao Wang As he spoke, he twisted open a bottle of Yuande wine and poured Xiao Li a glass. The thick aroma of grains quickly filled the air when the lid was opened. Xiao Li smelled it, and it was indeed very fragrant. As soon as he got close to his lips, the body of the wine was mellow. Climb into the mouth, so the fragrance of flowers and fruits, the fragrance of burnt paste, the faint aroma of tea fills the mouth, the faint acidity quenches thirst, and the aftertaste is sweet, and after drinking two cups, Xiao Li gives a thumbs up "OK Wine, no wonder you don’t want to use Maotai,” Xiao Wang introduced me to the eight famous wines in Guizhou. I have never heard of them except Dongjiu. If I don’t come to Guizhou, I don’t know that there are so many good wines in the local area. No wonder the locals don’t drink it. Maotai. These three wines are local favorites. ①Jinsha Huisha Wine Jinsha Huisha Wine is one of the eight famous wines in Guizhou. It is produced in the Chishui River production area. Unlike other Maotai wines, Jinsha Huisha wine does not use Daqu Kunsha craftsmanship, but uses "Jinsha Huisha craftsmanship". "The brewed Huisha wine, although the wine quality is slightly inferior to Daqu Kunsha wine, but fortunately the yield is high enough to be used as a ration wine. Jinsha Huisha is now launching high-, middle- and low-end wines, and Jinsha Abstract is especially popular. ②Yende Liquor Yuande Liquor is a 53-degree sauce-flavored wine produced in Maotai Town, Guizhou Province. It adopts the Daqu Kunsha process and the 12987 process, uses the local red glutinous sorghum as the raw material, and is brewed with the Chishui River water rich in trace elements. Annual brewing cycle and more than 5 years storage. The taste of Yuande wine is mellow and rich, and the aftertaste is sweet. It has the main characteristics of Mao-flavored sauce-flavored wine: "The aroma of the pit is prominent, the fragrance of the sauce is obvious, and the aroma of the bottom of the pit is harmonious." Locals like the taste and price of Yuande wine. The more than 100 yuan Maoxiang wine has the taste of several thousand yuan. Who would refuse it? ③Guizhou Chun This wine has always been a big regret of Guizhou wine. Relying on the superb low-alcohol wine technology, it has opened up the market. After a glorious period of ten years, the quality of Guizhou Chun has always been very good, and even exceeded it for a period of time. Moutai became the first in Guizhou. Mu Xiu Yulin, the wind will destroy it, Moutai began to strangle Guizhou Chun. The losing strength of Guizhou Chun exhausted his energy and luck in the 8-year lawsuit with Maotai. After winning the lawsuit, his vitality was greatly damaged, and he has lost The first place in Guizhou, but good wine is good wine, and the locals are still very confident in his wine. It is a frequent visitor to various banquets. Xiao Wang's wedding ended in a grand ceremony. When Xiao Li left Guizhou, Xiao Wang not only brought him a lot of Guizhou specialties, but also stuffed him with two bottles of fate wine. Well, today's sharing is over, what kind of wine do you usually drink in your hometown? Please leave a message in the comment area. Some pictures come from the Internet, if there is any infringement, please contact to delete!

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