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The 4th China-ASEAN Audiovisual Week opens in Nanning

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The 4th China-ASEAN Audiovisual Week opens in Nanning

On the evening of September 6th, the opening ceremony of the 4th China-ASEAN Audiovisual Week was held at the Grand Theater of Guangxi Culture and Art Center in Nanning. Le Yucheng, Deputy Director of the State Administration of Radio and Television of China, and Sun Daguang, Member of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region and Minister of Propaganda Department attended the opening ceremony and Miao Qingwang, Vice Chairman of the People's Government of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, attended the opening ceremony. Cambodian Minister of Information Qiao Gan Naliet, and Union Minister of Myanmar Propaganda Department U Maung Maung Weng delivered video speeches. The guests jointly launched the audio-visual week. More than 300 people attended the opening ceremony, including officials from the consulate generals of relevant ASEAN countries in Nanning, heads of agencies affiliated to the State Administration of Radio and Television and some provincial (regional, municipal) radio and television departments, as well as representatives of experts in the media field. The 4th China-ASEAN Audiovisual Week is co-hosted by the State Administration of Radio and Television of China, the Ministry of Information of Cambodia, and the People's Government of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, supported by the Propaganda Department of the Party Committee of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, the Chinese Mission to ASEAN, and the China-ASEAN Center, and is supported by Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Broadcasting Corporation. The TV Bureau and other units jointly organized the opening and closing ceremonies of the 4th China-ASEAN Audiovisual Week, the China-ASEAN Youth Anchor Creation Camp (the second season), China-ASEAN Friendship and Cooperation Theme Short Video Contest, China-ASEAN Excellent Audio-Visual Program Dubbing and Broadcasting Activities, China-ASEAN Audio-Visual Communication Forum, China-ASEAN Audio-Visual International Communication Decade Report and other "five activities and one report", focusing on showing China and ASEAN ASEAN countries have deepened the fruitful results of cooperation in radio, television and listening, and actively discussed and looked forward to future cooperation and development. In his speech, Le Yucheng said that China and ASEAN countries are geographically close, culturally connected, and have a long history of friendly relations. "Chase the same drama and sing the same song", so that the hearts of the people of both sides can cross the mountains and seas and become closer and closer. After three years of growth, the China-ASEAN Audiovisual Week has gradually become an institutional platform for interconnection, mutual learning and mutual learning in the radio, television and audiovisual fields of both sides. We are willing to work with ASEAN countries to further strengthen policy communication and jointly explore a development path that suits their national conditions; further Improve content cooperation and jointly tell vivid stories of friendly exchanges and win-win cooperation; further promote technical exchanges and jointly promote the prosperity and development of the digital economy; further expand personnel exchanges and continuously inject inexhaustible impetus into deepening cooperation. In his speech, Joe Ganneret said that the theme of this event is "New Era, New Audio-Visual, New Opportunities, New Future", aiming to effectively promote ASEAN and China's media to use modern technology to promote communication and support regional economic development. ASEAN media is a new force in promoting ASEAN stability, economic development and ASEAN community building, and an indispensable partner on the road to realizing ASEAN's vision and goals. Implementing ASEAN-China media cooperation has played a very positive role in promoting friendship and mutual understanding between ASEAN and the Chinese people and in strengthening friendly cooperation and interaction between national and regional media agencies. In his video speech, Wu Maung Maung Weng said that promoting the development of bilateral relations and strengthening cultural exchanges and mutual learning through media exchanges and cooperation are an important part of China-ASEAN relations. China has held the China-ASEAN Audiovisual Week for many years, which is an important symbol of deepening cooperation between China and ASEAN and building a long-term and stable bilateral relationship. Myanmar will continue to work with ASEAN countries and other dialogue partners to promote the overall building of a peaceful and prosperous community. Sun Daguang said in his speech that holding China-ASEAN Audiovisual Week is an important measure for Guangxi to promote the construction of China-ASEAN comprehensive strategic partnership. He sincerely hopes that media friends from China and ASEAN will further enhance the breadth of friendly exchanges, further enhance the depth of practical cooperation, Further enhance the strength of mutual assistance, and earnestly undertake the mission of the era as a disseminator of China-ASEAN friendly exchanges, a promoter of pragmatic cooperation, and a watchman of harmonious coexistence, focusing on audio-visual creation, technical cooperation, cultural exchanges and other fields, improving cooperation mechanisms, Deeply tap the potential of cooperation and enrich the results of cooperation, so as to enhance consensus and gather strength for promoting China-ASEAN openness and cooperation. Focusing on the theme of the Audiovisual Week, the party was divided into "New Era - Audiovisual Communication, Ten Years of Dreaming", "New Audiovisual - Co-construction and Sharing, Mutual Translation and Broadcasting", "New Opportunities - Audiovisual Communication, Cooperation and Win-win", "New Future - "Youth Anchors, Create the Future Together", the four themed chapters vividly present the achievements China and ASEAN countries have achieved in audio-visual cultural exchanges and cooperation in the past ten years in rich forms such as classic film and television song creative shows, live dubbing shows, cloud chorus and short videos. Fruitful results, the promotion of the exciting activities of this audio-visual week. The opening ceremony party was innovated to set up the "1+1" dual venue format for the first time, setting up the main venue in China and the ASEAN countries (Cambodia) branch venue. The two places held the opening ceremony party simultaneously through the network connection. Through creative interaction, the audience was led to witness China and the Audio-visual cultural exchanges among ASEAN countries. Source: Nanning Radio and Television Station

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