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Recommended travel guide for a 2-day self-driving tour from Jiangmen, Guangdong

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Recommended travel guide for a 2-day self-driving tour from Jiangmen, Guangdong

Jiangmen City is located in the Pearl River Delta, with extremely rich land and marine resources. The climate here is mild, with little frost and no snow, abundant sunshine and evergreen seasons. Jiangmen's natural environment is excellent, the city has beautiful mountains and rivers, and the countryside is beautiful. We drove to Jiangmen this week! 1. Guifeng Mountain National Forest Park Guifeng Mountain National Forest Park is an emerald inlaid in the Pearl River Delta. It is surrounded by green mountains and green mountains. It has rich and interesting tourism resources. It integrates natural and cultural landscapes, and integrates mountains, lakes and forests. , the tourism environment is unique. Guifeng Mountain is majestic and tall and straight. It is named after the shape of Guibi. The peaks are stacked and undulating. The relative height is between 300 and 400m. The main peak, Yunfeng, is 545m above sea level. Among them, the Yutai Pit of Guifeng Mountain has an air negative ion content of more than 40,000 per cubic centimeter, and the air is fresh. Broad-leaved trees and conifers, evergreen trees and deciduous trees are mixed into forests. Various shrubs and vegetation are in good growth. The forest coverage rate reaches 98.4%. The area of ​​the park is 55.1 square kilometers. The scenic area is connected to Jiangmen City in the east, Heshan City in the west, and Huicheng in the south. In the scenic area, the mountains are beautiful, the forests are dense, the lakes are numerous, and the scenery is beautiful. In order to further understand the main landscape and human resources of Guifeng Mountain, the author and his party climbed the mountains for exploration. 2. Gudou Hot Spring is located at the southern end of Xinhui Cliff, Jiangmen City, Guangdong Province, close to Zhuhai and Macau, 10 kilometers away from the south entrance of the coastal highway in western Guangdong, and 40 kilometers away from downtown Jiangmen. It is a tourist resort integrating natural scenery, historical and cultural entertainment and leisure, fitness activities and business meetings. Gudou Hot Spring Resort Tourist Attraction Gudou Hot Spring Resort Xinhui Gudou Hot Spring Resort Hot Spring Valley has a unique hot spring water quality of the same type as Huaqing Pool, a famous ancient spring in my country, which has been evaluated by experts. There are waterfalls and springs in the valley, Shuimu Qinghua, and green jade. During the day, the clouds are steaming, and the stars are shining at night. It seems like a fairyland on earth, a paradise. There are also a variety of indoor and outdoor soup pools such as Datang Palace, Southern European Style, and Dongying Furu. Various recreational facilities, catering and accommodation, conference and office facilities are readily available. It was identified by the Guangzhou Analysis and Testing Center of China and the Guangdong Provincial Central Laboratory of the Ministry of Geology and Mineral Resources of the People's Republic of China. mg/L, containing radioactive radon (Rn) 290~813 mg/L, in addition to containing lithium, iodine, strontium and other trace elements with medical effects, it is a low salinity temperature containing fluorine, metasilicic acid and radon Hot medical spa. The resort has a hot spring valley with an area of ​​100,000 square meters and consists of three hot spring areas and service facilities in Tang, European and Japanese styles; a mountain spring swimming pool with an area of ​​130,000 square meters and continuous water flow day and night; There are 88,000 square meters of high-end villas, 7,800 square meters of international conference center, large and small conference rooms and a fitness center covering an area of ​​6,000 square meters, including 2 tennis courts, 2 basketball courts and 2 The badminton courts are built according to national standards, providing tourists with a good place to exercise. Tickets: 198 yuan Opening hours: 9:30-24:00 3. Bird Paradise is a well-known eco-tourism attraction in Guangdong Xinhui, a natural bird watching resort. Covering an area of ​​400,000 square meters, with the theme of unique bird ecological scenery, it fully demonstrates the new and fashionable gardening of tourism and is a multi-functional large-scale scenic spot. Stay away from the hustle and bustle, get close to birds, purify your mind, and enrich your life. Please come to the bird paradise. It's a bird's paradise and yours! Bird Paradise is a unique area of ​​Xinhui, originally derived from Mr. Ba Jin's famous novel "Bird's Paradise". In the late 1950s, Xinhui County Government built a tourist attraction in the name of "Little Bird Paradise". After Mr. Nian Bajin wrote "Bird's Paradise", his influence was further enhanced. It turns out that "Bird's Paradise" is just a water banyan tree that grew in the late Ming and early Qing dynasties. protruding places). It is also popularly known as "Que Mound" and "Bird Mound" among the people. With the passage of time, the big banyan tree has become a forest with thousands of birds, and the birds and trees depend on each other. In 1933, Mr. Ba Jin came to visit here and was enchanted by the spectacle of "surrounded by water nets, a single tree forms a forest, and ten thousand birds rise and fall", and wrote a famous essay "Bird's Paradise". Opening hours: 8:00-17:30 Tickets: 25 yuan 4. Liyuan Scenic Spot Liyuan is a garden villa built in the early 20th century by Mr. Xie Weili, an overseas Chinese living in the United States. The charm of classical gardens is integrated with the architectural features of contemporary popular villas in Europe and the United States, presenting a unique beauty of architectural art, which is unique among the gardens privately built by overseas Chinese in China. Liyuan has the reputation of "Small View Garden". Its artistic conception is "small bridge, flowing water, and family". The layout of the garden is divided into three areas: a large garden, a small garden and a villa area. They are separated and connected by bridge pavilions or corridors through the sky. Famous calligraphy couplets have rich cultural connotations; a large number of exquisite gray sculptures and murals full of romantic legends make people feel like they are in a fairyland. After the outbreak of the War of Resistance Against Japanese Aggression, Liyuan suffered repeated bad luck. It was ravaged by the iron hoofs of Japanese devils and violently bent the 30 mm thick iron window pillars. After the group of bandits entered and looted the property, it gradually became deserted. Tickets: 100 yuan 5. Guzhou Island is located in the sea of ​​Chixi Yupond Bay, about 2 nautical miles from Cape Town. It is one of the characteristic attractions of Cape Town Tourism and Holiday Center. Guzhou Island, also known as Haizhou Island and Lotus Terrace Island, is also called "Liantai Floating Sea" because it resembles a lotus platform floating in the sea. The small island covers an area of ​​about 100 acres, and is across the sea from Shangxiachuan Island, which enjoys the reputation of "Oriental Hawaii". Looking at Guzhou Island from the beach, the green trees cover the rocky beach, and the island retains its original natural features. The towering and majestic boulders are baptized by the sea. The stones look like toads, lions, and humps. The grotesque postures, the towering ancient banyan trees on the shore of the island, coiled on the boulders and entangled with each other, are like magical images, full of fun and fascinating. Panlong Cave is a major scenic spot on the island. Walking along the plank road next to Guanyin Hall, not far away is the "Panlong Cave". The entrance of the Panlong Cave is made of several natural boulders, which is quite thrilling. The entrance of the cave is dark and narrow, and when you first enter, you can't help but shiver. There are many passages in the cave, leading directly to the bottom of the sea. When you enter the cave, the sound of the waves is pounding, like the sound of war drums. Tickets: RMB 80 Opening Hours: 9:00-17:00 Traffic Reference Route: From Taishan Bus Terminal to Qiaohu Road, drive 160 meters; turn right, enter Qiaohu Road, drive 830 meters; enter Huandao, enter Huanbei Avenue, Drive 1.1 kilometers; turn right, enter Taitung Road, drive 250 meters; please go straight, enter Dongcheng Avenue, drive 590 meters; please go straight, enter Fucheng Avenue, drive 950 meters; enter the roundabout, enter Qiaoguang Avenue, drive 160 meters ; Please go straight, enter Shunde Road, drive 1.8 kilometers; enter the roundabout, enter S274, drive 450 meters; drive on the right front, enter Xintai Expressway, drive 27.4 kilometers; drive on the right, enter West Coastal Expressway, drive 2.0 kilometers; Drive on the right front, from the West Coastal Expressway to S273, drive 590 meters; turn left, enter S273, drive 14.4 kilometers; arrive at Guzhou Island Six, Enpingcen Cave Canyon Rafting Tourist Area is located in the primitive ecological forest park, and the canyons along the way are deep and deep. The ancient trees are towering, the mountains are green, and the clouds are misty. Being in it is like entering the "Western Gallery". Here, you can also witness the ancient village of Cendong with a thousand-year history. The villagers currently living in it completely inherit the original way of life and customs of their ancestors , living a "Xanadu" primitive life. The main projects of the scenic spot include: Passionate Rafting in the Cypress Canyon, the largest military field club in western Guangdong, forest water park, grass-flying grass, primitive ancient villages, camping in the Grand Canyon, Treasure Hunting Adventure in Cendong, Qixingkeng field expansion, etc. Tickets: 100 yuan Opening hours: 9:00-17:00, drifting time: Monday to Thursday 13:00-16:00, Friday and Saturday 12:30-16:00, if there is a drifting time The adjustment is subject to the announcement of the scenic spot on the day. Traffic reference route: Enter Xinping Middle Road from Enping Bus Terminal, drive 750 meters; turn right, enter Dongmen Road, drive 530 meters; please go straight, enter Ximen Road, drive 2.0 kilometers; please go straight, enter S276, drive 18.8 kilometers; Please go straight, enter Enchun East Road, drive 1.1 kilometers; please go straight, enter Enchun Middle Road, drive 390 meters; please go straight, enter S276, drive 6.8 kilometers; please go straight, enter S369, drive 3.8 kilometers; turn left, enter Y602 , driving 12.2 kilometers; arrived at Jiangmen, the rafting tourist area of ​​the Enpingcen Cave Grand Canyon, which really made me linger! Speaking of which, are you excited in front of the screen? Please leave a message in the comment area to express your opinion! If you like it, remember to like + subscribe!

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