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Recommended places for a 1-day self-driving tour around Gaoyao, Guangdong

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Recommended places for a 1-day self-driving tour around Gaoyao, Guangdong

Gaoyao is a charming city in Guangdong, where tourism resources are very rich and the attractions are very unique, so we went to Gaoyao for a self-driving tour this weekend! 1. Bagua Village, also known as Licha Village, is surrounded by water on all sides, with only two north and south exits connected to the outside world. It is in the shape of a hexagram and is built near the water. The buildings here are all in a unified Lingnan style, and some are still very typical wok-eared roofs. This kind of building is relatively rare, but it is well preserved here. Bagua Village is not big, and most of the residents have moved out of the old houses here. For a tourist, everything they see may be the beauty of historical glory, but for the real villagers, there is no such thing as The buildings in the city are so convenient, so there are mostly old people who are left behind. They are rubbing straw ropes, weaving bamboo utensils, selling paddle fans, or getting together to chat and bask in the sun. The village is completely integrated, and I am used to the living environment, climate, and people here. I don’t like to adapt to the outside environment, and I am willing to die here. Tickets: Consult for details Scenic opening hours: All-day traffic reference route: Enter Yaonan 2nd Road from Gaoyao Yueyun Bus Station and drive for 110 meters; turn right, enter Fuqian Street and drive 2.2 kilometers; please go straight, enter S272, drive 500 meters; please go straight, enter Century Avenue, drive 4.7 kilometers; enter the roundabout, enter S272, drive 16.7 kilometers; turn left, go from S272 to Bagua Village Scenic Spot, drive 410 meters; arrive at Bagua Village Scenic Spot 2, Xijiang Xijiang in Zhaoqing is the Pearl River The main stream originates from the Maxiong Mountain in the Wumeng Mountains of Qujing, Yunnan Province, with a total length of 2,214 kilometers. Its length and basin area ranks third in the country, and its annual flow ranks second in the country. It is one of the rivers with the best water quality in the country. one. 3. Dragon Temple Longgongzu Temple was built in the late Qin and early Han Dynasties, with a history of more than 2,000 years. The temple mainly enshrines the Dragon God stone, which has the reputation of "the god stone blesses Kainan Guangdong, and the dragon protects the king". , known as the "Dragon Protection Stone" or "Longgong Stone" in the folk, the effect of the Longgong Ancestral Temple is that it responds to every request and can solve all the doubts and worries in the world. Huaji, you can also pray for good luck and peace and prosperity through sincere prostrations. Tickets: Please consult the scenic spot for details Opening hours: All-day traffic reference route: Enter Yaonan 2nd Road from Gaoyao Yueyun Bus Station and drive 110 meters; please go straight, enter Yaonan 1st Road, and drive 310 meters; enter the roundabout and enter Daqiao Road, Drive 3.8 kilometers; turn left, from Daqiao Road to Duanzhou 7th Road, drive 470 meters; turn right, enter Duanzhou 7th Road, drive 3.0 kilometers; please go straight, enter Duanzhou 8th Road, drive 930 meters; turn left, enter Zhaoqing Avenue, drive 630 meters; please go straight, enter Guangcheng Line, drive 6.3 kilometers; turn right, from Guangcheng Line to Guangfo-Zhaozhou Expressway, drive 2.0 kilometers; keep left ahead, enter Guangfo-Zhaozhou Expressway, drive 14.8 kilometers; Drive on the right front, from Guangfo Zhao Expressway to S264, drive 1.5 kilometers; turn right, enter S264, drive 19.3 kilometers; please go straight, enter Zhengtong 1st Road, drive 430 meters; please go straight, enter S264, drive 4.8 kilometers; arrive at Jinzhong Mountain 4. Yankeng Ziyun Valley is located in Lanke Mountain, the southeastern suburb of Zhaoqing City, Guangdong Province, in the provincial nature reserve of Xijiang Antelope Gorge. Inkstone has a long history of Duan inkstone mining and processing. The best quality Duan inkstones in China come from the three famous pits of Laokeng, Kengzi and Mazikeng in Ziyun Valley. There are thousand-year-old pits where inkstone was mined during the Tang Dynasty, and you can see the hanging bell flower, which is known as the rotten ke fairy bell that blooms every year, the iron chain bridge, the outdoor expansion base, the green long profile, the ruins of the ancient mill group, and the valley rainforest products. Oxygen Valley, Dong singing and dancing performances, along the stream at the foot, began to enter the picturesque valley. I saw the water gurgling under my feet, the stream was crystal clear, and behind the stone walls covered with moss, there was a bamboo forest for a while, and a hillside full of wildflowers for a while. Boulders, flowing water, light and shadow, cicadas, bird sounds, intoxicating breeze... The quiet pictures are constantly switched, making people dizzying. There are many water pools, strange rocks, pearl water clusters, and unique natural scenery. Explore the river, search for jade and gold, and go upstream through many natural landscape parks and waterfalls. Tianqingtan, the first inkstone in the world, Jumping Stream Lake, Zibei Tiankui Reserve, Turtle Lake, and Bingwen Lake are integrated with nature. Phoenix Rock, Guta Rock, Xuande Rock, Chaotian Rock, and Mazikeng are surrounded by green mountains, green and meandering, surrounded by green water, like a natural picture. Tickets: RMB 60 Opening Hours: All-day Traffic Reference Route: Enter Yaonan 2nd Road from Gaoyao Yueyun Bus Station, drive 110 meters; turn right, enter Fuqian Street, drive 2.2 kilometers; please go straight, enter S272, drive 500 meters; please go straight, enter Century Avenue, drive 3.1 kilometers; please go straight, enter Guta Middle Road, drive 850 meters; please go straight, enter Guta North Road, drive 540 meters; enter the roundabout, enter Xinghu Avenue, drive 6.8 kilometers; please Go straight, enter Dinghu Avenue, drive 3.5 kilometers; keep right ahead, enter Dinghu Avenue auxiliary road, drive 3.9 kilometers; turn right, enter Luoyin Road, drive 1.0 kilometers; turn right, go from Luoyin Road to Ziyungu, Drive 1.6 kilometers; the trip to Ziyungu this time is really too happy, let me feel the infinite charm of this city! Speaking of which, are you excited in front of the screen? Please leave a message in the comment area to express your opinion! 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