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The Gansu guy went on a trip to Sichuan and bought 16 bottles of wine. He thought he was taking advantage of it, but the boss laughed and blossomed

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The Gansu guy went on a trip to Sichuan and bought 16 bottles of wine. He thought he was taking advantage of it, but the boss laughed and blossomed

I believe that everyone has been to many places to travel, so when you travel, you will definitely buy some local specialties to take home. If you are still a good wine person, then the first thing to go to a tourist destination is to taste the local area. 's famous wine. Now almost every place has its own representative liquor, and it is not in vain that the liquor market has developed for so many years. Liquor can also be regarded as a local specialty, and many famous liquors are worth a try. Recently, the editor saw a piece of news on the Internet, that is, a few guys from Gansu went on a trip to Sichuan, and then bought a few bottles of liquor. At the end of the checkout, the price was not low, but they thought it was the normal price, so they acted decisively. The money was paid, but after they left, the liquor boss looked at his income today and smiled. Seeing this, everyone must be wondering, why is this boss so happy? That's because the current liquor industry is really a mixed bag. It can be said that there are all kinds of wines, whether it is good wine, cheap wine, or fake wine blended wine. So if you don't understand wine, you don't know yourself. What kind of wine did you buy? Just like these foreigners, the boss is so obvious, it must be either bought fake wine, or the price of buying wine has been raised a lot, the boss has made a lot of money on you, so naturally Will laugh hard after you leave. Everyone knows that foreigners will definitely be "killed" when they travel. That is to say, if the locals see that you are from other places, this thing is not that expensive at all, but you don't know the price, even if it is raised, you I wouldn't say anything, I thought it was the original price. But do you think that what you spend a lot of money on is good wine? It’s not like this. Buying wine in other places requires a lot of attention. You can’t listen to the boss. You have to make your own judgment. Sometimes the wine recommended by the boss may not be worth the price at all, but it is deliberately raised. Just to make a little more money. But someone asked, with so many liquors in our country, is there really no pure grain wine worthy of the common people? Of course there is, but you haven't discovered it yet. Just like there is a place in our country, there are wineries everywhere. Even the leader of the liquor industry, Maotai, is also from there. It is conceivable that this place is really good Suitable for winemaking, there must be a lot of white wine. Just like this Sanjuntai Collection Wine, it is produced in Maotai Town. There is also a faint fragrance of grain in the fine product. As soon as the bottle is opened, there is a strong fragrance of sauce, which is mixed with the fragrance of grain and spreads out, which is very harmonious. Moreover, the Sanjuntai Collection Wine is the same as Moutai. It is made of the local specialty red glutinous glutinous sorghum with small grains and thick skins. It also adopts the 12987 Daqu Kunsha process and is brewed in an ancient way. This is probably the secret of its strong and pure aroma. The most important thing is that the newly brewed wine still needs to be cellared for 5 years before it leaves the factory. After so much experience, this wine has a more mellow taste and a more mellow aroma. A lot of work has been done on raw materials and craftsmanship, so Only then did the drip essence in this cup come out. Today, about the Gansu guy's trip to Sichuan to buy 16 bottles of wine, I thought I took advantage of it, but I didn't think the boss laughed and the article is over here, and if you have any ideas, you can share it in the comment area! Some pictures come from the Internet, if there is any infringement, please contact to delete!

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