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Here we go, China Autumn Map! Who is No.1 in your heart?

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Here we go, China Autumn Map! Who is No.1 in your heart?

This summer has been unusually hot and has brought a lot of extreme weather. The more unusual the summer, the more people yearn for autumn. In the blink of an eye, it's already September, and autumn is finally here~ The beautiful and gorgeous autumn scenes from all over the world will be staged in turn, shocking your eyes. Autumn in China is a girl who walks slowly from north to south. As early as August, when most areas were still in the heat, she quietly set foot on the land in the northeast, slowly heading south all the way, until November, when she walked to Hainan Island. The time of autumn in different parts of China is very different. Do you know how the meaning of autumn comes from north to south? Riding a donkey today will share the pace of China's autumn. This autumn, by collecting this article, you will be able to find the best autumn scenery at any time~September New Autumn The most positive places for autumn in China are of course Northern Xinjiang, Northeast China and Tibet. When the autumn wind blows in the northernmost Mohe, and when the first snow falls in the Altay Mountains of Xinjiang, most of the southern cities are still trapped in the heat. In September, the autumn colors are getting thicker, and the earliest beautiful autumn scenery in China will be staged here. 1. The best viewing time for Kanas in Northern Xinjiang: From September to October, Kanas in Xinjiang has the most beautiful autumn colors in China. When you come here, you can see the wonderful colors of orange, green, yellow and red, dyed all over the mountains, lakes and forests. The most beautiful autumn color in Kanas is in the fairy tale village, Hemu Village. This is the largest Russian oil painting in the only 3 remaining Tuvan villages. Standing on the bank of the river, looking at the birch forest, the winding Hemu River flowing slowly, I only feel quiet and comfortable inside. When the herdsmen return home, watching the smoke rising from the wooden house, the herdsmen go home on horseback leisurely, everything presented here makes people relaxed and happy. 2. Best viewing time for Jilin and Changbai Mountain: From mid-September to mid-October, many people love to come to Changbai Mountain to see snow and ski in winter, but they do not know that Changbai Mountain in autumn is breathtakingly beautiful. When you come here, you can choose a time when the clouds and mists are shrouded in mist, pass through the Cailin Waterfall, and overlook the Changbaichichi, in a trance, like falling into a fairyland. In Changbai Mountain in autumn, the vast forest is like the palette that the seven fairies overturned. Along the way, the unbridled red maple trees, the bright yellow birch forests, and the green fir trees will amaze your eyes. 3. Best viewing time for Linzhi, Tibet: From September to October, Linzhi, known as the "Southern Tibet", is "one of the most beautiful places in China in autumn" in the eyes of "China National Geographic". The snow mountains here are not inferior to Daocheng, the autumn water here is comparable to Jiuzhaigou, and there are fewer tourists, so it is better to play! © TuCong Tibet's poisonous "China's most beautiful snow-capped mountain" Nanga Bawa Peak, which is shrouded in clouds and mist, is particularly stunning against the backdrop of colorful forests. The blue Yarlung Zangbo River is very beautiful; the most romantic Niyang River in autumn is colorful; the largest primitive fir spruce forest in China, the Lulang forest is magnificent. October·Golden Autumn In October, Qiu girl just set foot on the front line of Hengyang in Hunan, Nanchang in Jiangxi, and Lishui in Zhejiang. At this time, many places ushered in the strongest and most beautiful golden autumn time. The mountains and forests in the north have already been dyed, and the red maple leaves are like the sunset in the sky. 4. The best viewing time for South Xinjiang Tarim Populus euphratica: From late September to early November, the autumn in the west starts from northern Xinjiang and Tibet, and finally arrives in southern Xinjiang. In October, southern Xinjiang will usher in the most beautiful autumn scenery. The Tarim Populus euphratica Forest Park in southern Xinjiang has the largest wild Populus euphratica forest in the world, which can be called a "miracle in the desert"! Populus euphratica surrounds the Tarim River, forming a colorful fairy tale world, disturbing and intoxicating. It only blooms for 20 days a year, and makes every effort to contribute to the most splendid color feast. 5. Best viewing time for Jiuzhaigou, Sichuan: From late September to October to October, Sichuan and Chongqing are already completely autumn. Among them, the most beautiful is the most beautiful autumn water in China, Jiuzhaigou. It is said that "you don't look at the water when you return from Jiuzhaigou", Jiuzhaigou in autumn is the most gorgeous and colorful, and it must be a beauty that you can't miss in your life. When you come here, you can see all the six wonders of Jiuzhaigou, including green sea, stacked waterfalls, colorful forests, snow peaks, Tibetan love, and blue ice. There are not only the splendid sea of ​​five flowers, but also the scattered arrows and bamboo waterfalls and the sea of ​​mirrors. How can such a fairyland be missed? 6. The best viewing time for Fragrant Hills in Beijing: From mid-to-late October to mid-November in autumn, on the Fragrant Hills at the foot of Xishan Mountain in the northwestern suburbs of Beijing, the slopes with a radius of tens of thousands of acres are red and bright. This is the autumn season for northerners. Enjoy the maple back garden. When you come here, you can see the sumac trees all over the mountains and plains, which are as red as flames, burning red to the sky. November · Strong Autumn In November, Qiu girl passed through the country and finally came to Hainan, the southernmost point. At this time, more southern cities such as Jiangnan and Jiangbei have a strong autumn mood, and the autumn scenery here will appear soon! 7. The best viewing time for Wuyuan, Jiangxi: From mid to late November to early December, Wuyuan will be mentioned in autumn, because there is "the most beautiful symbol in China". The autumn in Wuyuan is not as gorgeous and strong as the north, but it adds a touch of gentle autumn waves. You can climb to a commanding height and watch the smoke from the cooking, the pink walls and black tiles and the red maples complement each other, the pure natural visual feast is amazing! You must not miss the autumn sun in Wuyuan. You can see that the roof and the yard are full of corn, pumpkins, peppers, lantern persimmons...the joy of the harvest. You can also stroll around Tianjie, experience the Huizhou characteristic ancient village of "Tianjie and nine lanes, three bridges and six wells", and taste the "Tianjie Farmhouse Banquet" of self-hunting, self-planting and self-raising. Come here to take a look at the scenery, and the fatigue of more than half a year has vanished. 8. The best viewing time for Nanjing Qixia Mountain: mid-November to December "spring cow head, autumn Qixia", autumn in Nanjing starts from Qixia Mountain of. When you come here, you can listen to the breeze in the mountains and ancient temples, bring up the red leaves, and feel the comfortable poetic Jiangnan autumn. Qixia Mountain in late autumn, with the red maple that spreads over the mountain, smudges the whole world, just walking quietly, you can enjoy your body and mind. There is a stone elephant road here, which is called "the most beautiful road in Nanjing in autumn". Whenever the autumn is deep, it is like walking into a time tunnel, golden and fiery, interweaving the illusion of history. 9. The best viewing time for Tuole Village in Guizhou: from late October to November, Tuole Village in Guizhou is the hometown of ancient ginkgo in the world. Different from the famous Ginkgo Village in Tengchong, Yunnan, this place is low-key and quiet. The village has more than 1,200 ancient ginkgo trees, the largest tree is 220cm in diameter and the longest tree is more than 500 years old. Every golden autumn, a large and beautiful ginkgo forest is full of golden ginkgo trees, which will amaze your eyes every minute. The time here is soothing, and walking in the ginkgo forest will make you intoxicated and do not know the way back. 10. Best viewing time for Guangxi Longji Rice Terraces: Come here from mid to late August to early November, you can overlook the scattered golden terraces, the wooden houses and green tiles shrouded in the curling smoke, and immerse yourself in the autumn colors . In the autumn of the ancient Zhuangzhai, the terraced fields began to mature and turn yellow, with layers of peaks, and the ancient wooden buildings with stilted feet stood in them, with clouds and mists, it was like a fairyland without losing its charm. You can get on the cable car and enjoy the beautiful terraced fields in the golden autumn from the best angle, without being disturbed by anyone. When the terraced fields are the most colorful in October, come here to coexist with nature when you are tired. December · Tail of Autumn In December, snow has already started in the north, but in Guangdong, Guangxi, Hainan and other places, autumn is long overdue. Here, you can also find autumn tails. 11. Best viewing time in Pingtian Town, Shaoguan, Guangdong: From early November to mid-December, who said that Lingnan does not know autumn? Pingtian Town in Shaoguan, Guangdong, is known as the "Hometown of Ginkgo Biloba". Hundreds of ginkgo trees are covered with golden coats. Under the blowing of the autumn wind, the golden leaves are like dancing butterflies, flying in the mountains and forests. Walking into the residential houses built on the mountain, there are many scattered, creating a harmonious and pleasant pastoral scenery. It is also a kind of enjoyment to come here and sit in a daze. 12. The best viewing time for Wuzhi Mountain in Hainan: From late November to February of the following year, there is no cold winter in Hainan, but there is a cool and comfortable autumn, especially in Wuzhi Mountain with high latitude, there is a view of red leaves in the southernmost part of China. Here you can unlock the red and green Hainan exclusive autumn scenery, the red triangular maple, among the various evergreen leaves, is particularly moving. Under the tree in Hainan, when the autumn wind blows, the red leaves fall with the wind, reach out to catch one, and rub it on your hand, it seems that you have caught the last autumn in China in 2022. Autumn is the coldness after the rain, the golden fallen leaves, the lazy afternoon sunshine, and the joy of a bumper harvest. Autumn in China is very long. From August to December, from north to south, it travels through time and space and comes to you little by little. Collect this recommendation of autumn scenery all over the motherland. When the mountains are red and the forests are dyed, let's have a date with autumn~

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