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Where to go on a domestic honeymoon self-driving tour

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Where to go on a domestic honeymoon self-driving tour

The places recommended by the editor today have neither the hustle and bustle of a large number of tourists, but also the rare beauty. Let's follow along with me to have a look! The spring breeze is ten miles away, it is better to have you in the scenic spot, hurry up and act! 1. With its sunshine, its flowing water, its simplicity, its naturalness, its mystery, its tolerance, and its indifference, Lijiang suddenly grabs the eyes of its lovers and turns into the softest piece in people's hearts feathers. 2. Guilin welcomes the newlyweds with flowers in hand. For dinner, you can enjoy a romantic candlelight couple's package at a special restaurant on Zhengyang Pedestrian Street in Guilin. After a warm dinner, take a stroll in the new Guilin symbol - "Two Rivers and Four Lakes" Rongshan Lake Scenic Spot, and integrate into the holy place under the moon for Guilin couples. 3. Sanya is romantic, fresh, fun, and the white clouds are accompanied by birds' blessings. This is the scene that many couples look forward to. , Sanya beach wedding allows the newlyweds who are silent in love to experience the romance and beauty, and make this friendship a poem of love. 4. Tibet is a mysterious and tempting place. There are not only the unique plateau snow scenery, but also the charming southern style, as well as the human landscape integrated with this nature, which also makes Tibet truly unique in the eyes of newcomers who come to travel. Speaking of which, are you excited in front of the screen? Please leave a message in the comment area to express your opinion! If you like it, remember to like + subscribe!

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