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Guide to the best attractions for self-driving tours from Heshan, Guangdong

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Guide to the best attractions for self-driving tours from Heshan, Guangdong

Shuanghe Town, Heshan City, few people heard of it before, but now, its popularity in the Pearl River Delta is rapidly rising. All this is due to the vigorous development of rural tourism in Shuanghe Town, Heshan City. The destination of our self-driving tour this weekend is Heshan! 1. Shuanghe Town, Shili Tea Township, is dominated by hills and mountains, with mild climate, abundant rainfall and acidic soil, which is suitable for planting tea trees. In the 1960s, Shuanghe Town began to develop the tea industry and introduced Yunnan large-leaf tea, forming a piece of tea garden. At present, the tea gardens in Shuanghe Town are mainly distributed in Qiaoshan, Putang, Hengkeng, Fotang, Shishiling, etc., stretching for more than ten kilometers, which is the "Ten Mile Tea Township" of Shuanghe. 2. Yunsu Mountain Yunsu Mountain belongs to the Zaomu Mountains and is the second highest mountain in Heshan. There is an ancient Yaozhai site on the top of the mountain. The city wall made of stone basically surrounds the top of the mountain. When you climb the wall and look around, you can see the scenery of Gaoming, Heshan, Xinxing, and Kaiping. The misty and changeable scene is like entering a fairyland when you are in it. 3. The Sea of ​​Flowers in Jinggang Mountain Here, according to the different seasons, flowers and economic crops are planted in a row, including rapeseed, Gesang, camellia, vetch, roses, etc. There are flowers and fragrance in the four seasons”. Every spring when the rapeseed flowers bloom, the whole place is golden and magnificent, and thousands of tourists come to visit and watch. It is the largest rapeseed flower field and viewing spot in the Wuyi area of ​​Jiangmen. 4. Marriage Bridge and Marriage Stone In the mid-Yuan Dynasty, there was a capital city in Shuangqiao. All have one girl, beautiful in appearance and upright in character, who likes to travel in disguise as a man. During a trip, he met the son of the prefect of Zhaoqing and became a golden orchid. Later, the prefect prince came to visit Shuangqiaodu, only to know that he worshipped his brother as his daughter. The two fell in love with each other, and thus achieved a good marriage story, and the figure of their love also stayed in Shuangqiaodu. The section of the river where they strolled was called the Marriage River by the villagers. Later generations built marriage bridges on both sides of the strait, planted marriage trees, and erected marriage stones to commemorate this marriage story. 5. Guangdong Dayan Mountain Forest Park is located in the north of Shaping City, Heshan City, next to Guangzhan Highway and Fokai Expressway, close to Heshan Port, 60 kilometers away from Guangzhou, the provincial bus station has a shuttle bus to Heshan every half an hour, Shaping to The scenic special line car runs every 15 minutes, and the water and land transportation is very convenient. Facing the West River, Dayan Mountain is named after its shape like a wild geese. In 2002, it was rated as the new eight scenic spots in Jiangmen's hometown of overseas Chinese - "Yan Ying Boguang". In 2006, the Provincial Forestry Bureau agreed to establish Dayan Mountain Provincial Forest Park, named "Guangdong Province" Dayan Mountain Forest Park". The scenic area covers an area of ​​300 hectares, and the main peak is 310 meters above sea level. It and Xiqiao Mountain in the South China Sea are called "sister mountains" each other. , pavilions, thousands of scenery. From the foot of the mountain to the top of the mountain, there are Temple Square, Yanshan Gate, Banshan Pavilion, Haihui Temple, Lion Peak, Yanshan Pinghu, Tourist Service Center, Riyue Peak, Haiyuan Cave, Wishing Tree, Luyou Pavilion, Jiyuan Tower, Zhuangyuan Square, Barbecue Village, Sparrow Flower, Qinggu Lake, Guiren Peak and other attractions. The scenery is picturesque, and you can see the six cities and counties (ie, Heshan, Gaoming, Xinhui, Zhongshan, Shunde, and Nanhai), and appreciate the pastoral scenery of the Pearl River Delta. Consult the scenic spot for details; Parking 10 yuan Opening hours: All-day traffic reference route: From Heshan Bus Terminal to Heshan Avenue, drive 220 meters; turn left, enter Heshan Avenue, drive 3.3 kilometers; turn right, from Heshan Avenue to Dayan Mountain Scenic Area , drive 6.0 kilometers; arrive at Dayan Mountain Scenic Spot Sixth, Ma'er Mountain is located in the northwest of Hecheng Town, and is named after the shape of the horse's ear. Ma'er Mountain Tourist Resort is located at the foot of Ma'er Mountain, with the majestic Kunlun Mountain on the right and the beautiful Qiweng Well on the left. The three beautiful natural scenic spots form a coherent natural scenic spot. The Ma'er Mountain Tourist Resort has agile landscapes and pleasant scenery. The resort is divided into three major areas, eight scenic spots, and dozens of scenic spots with complete functions and their own characteristics, including various restaurants that can accommodate 500 people at the same time, complete accommodation facilities, and a large conference center, etc. , is a large-scale leisure resort integrating catering, accommodation, entertainment, leisure, health care and tourism. Scenic spot tickets: Consult for details. Scenic opening hours: Seven days a day. A Niang Pool "Heaven is on the left, beautiful scenery is on the right." Very fresh and beautiful. Longmuniang Land belongs to the Zaomu Mountains (the highest point is 808 meters above sea level). There are many reefs in the scenic area, empty mountains and wild waters, and the sound of birds and springs. Walking into Aniang Pond, one after another of clear mountain streams poured down from the south of Rainbow Ridge, forming a series of small waterfalls, showing various colors like the water in Jiuzhaigou. , can be called a must of Heshan.... After walking in the mountains for more than an hour, you can reach Aniang Lake. The rushing stream of Aniang Lake is crystal clear. In this season, it is so pleasant and comfortable to come to this small stream to play in the water at a distance of hundreds of miles. it is more than words. The water quality is good, and it is another ideal leisure place for outdoor river climbing and picnics! Tickets: Consult for details Scenic opening hours: All-day traffic reference route: From Heshan Bus Terminal to Heshan Avenue, drive 220 meters; turn left, enter Heshan Avenue, drive 430 meters; turn right, enter Wenming Road, drive 1.3 kilometers; please go straight , enter S272, drive 820 meters; drive on the right front, from S272 to Shenhai Expressway, drive 600 meters; drive on the right, enter Shenhai Expressway, drive 25.7 kilometers; drive on the right, enter Shencen Expressway, drive 5.8 km; drive on the right front, from Shencen Expressway to Guangnan Line, drive 1.7 km; please go straight, enter Guangnan Line, drive 1.5 km; turn left, enter Fuyun Road, drive 5.5 km; turn left, enter Ziyun Road, drive 520 meters; turn right, enter Xinjing Road, drive 2.4 kilometers; the scenery here at Aniangtan is so beautiful, this self-driving tour is really worth it! Speaking of which, are you excited in front of the screen? 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