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Half desert, half galaxy! Chinese version of "Sahara" ushered in the best season

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Half desert, half galaxy! Chinese version of "Sahara" ushered in the best season

Have you ever imagined what it would be like to throw away your phone and live for a few days in an enchanting desert world? Want to know what it's like to wake you up in the morning instead of an alarm clock but the rising dawn? Want to know what it's like to see the end of the world without being blocked by tall buildings? Photography @吴丹Want to know what it feels like to look up and see not the pale light but the hot galaxy hanging in the sky? Come on a trip to Tengger that says go, and all these questions will be answered! If you haven't planned your Mid-Autumn Festival/National Day holiday, why don't you go to Tengger Desert! This is a desert hiking + camping experience, and it is still friendly to Xiaobai who has no outdoor experience! In this nature trip, you can not only see the desert, lake starry sky, sunrise and sunset, but also experience desert movies, camel riding, and kayaking. Be crazy and brave when you are young to create more flashing memories for yourself. When I am 80 years old, when I recall the summer of 27 years old, I will remember the hot galaxy and the boundless desert instead of endless overtime! work overtime! work overtime! Why choose Tengger for desert trekking? Some people say that Tengger is China's "Sahara", half barren and half the Milky Way. Tengger, with 43,000 square kilometers, is the fourth largest desert in China. Located in Alxa Left Banner, it is also the most suitable place for "desert experience". The climate is stable. , The difficulty of walking is small, and there is basically no sand and dust weather. The Tengger Desert is close to Yinchuan. There are more flights and trains, which is more convenient! It only takes about 3 hours by car from Yinchuan city to arrive! Convenient transportation is the king of cost performance 1. You will indulge in an oasis continent! When you cross the Helan Mountain, the endless sand sea will appear in front of you. In our impression, the desert is a barren land, but Tengger is more like a continent occupied by an oasis. Haizi and animals appear on one side of the route from time to time 2. You Will transform into a desert walker! The Tengger Five Lakes Connecting Route means that you will meet 5 beautiful desert lakes during the whole trekking in Tengger. The camping camp option can fully experience the charm of the desert oasis next to the lakes. 3. You will meet the lovely desert elves ! In the process of traveling, there are "people" who are on the same road and often see a lot of footprints. It turns out that in this time and space, we travel with the camels of the "desert boat", and sometimes we also go with the "desert lizards" to avoid the sun and grow in our own ant forest. The same haloxylon tree grows together! 4. You will unlock all experiences in the desert! Encountering sunrise, sunset and starry sky here, we can still do 1-day transformation of pictures during our journey You can not only see the steam of "Haizi" at sunrise, or the "shyness" exposed by the dunes under the sunset. "Shy" at the end of the curtain call with the bright "moonlight" in the night. At the camp's Haizi and kayaks, you can play water games in the desert or have a werewolf killing with your friends. You don't want to turn off the lights at all. ! What you care about most about trekking in the Tengger Desert is here! 1. When is the best time to go? The suitable hiking time in the Tengger Desert is from April to November, among which the May Day holiday and the November holiday are the best hiking periods. 2. What are the physical requirements? Tengger Five Lakes is an entry-level desert trekking 3. Recommended itinerary //DAY1 Yinchuan gathering day DAY2 Yinchuan-Alxa Zuoqi-Desert transfer station-Terimutu (the whole walk is about 10km, suitable for desert hiking) DAY3 Special Rimutu-Aobao Nuoertu-Xingxing Lake (about 20km on foot, familiar with the desert journey) DAY4 Xingxing Lake-Sun Lake-Moon Lake-End point (about 20km on foot, challenging the highest mountain in the desert) DAY5 Yinchuan disbanded the Japanese life, You must leave at least one impulse to every ordinary person in the desert. You can go to Tengger to regain your blood. You must come and try it! Here, you can relax and avoid troubles to start a new way of travel! So, when are you ready to unlock your desert moment? [email protected] [email protected] Nan

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