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Between Kunming and Yuxi, there is a fairy town, warm in winter and cool in summer, perfect for old age care

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Between Kunming and Yuxi, there is a fairy town, warm in winter and cool in summer, perfect for old age care

I found a fairy county in Yunnan, very close to Kunming, but with a small reputation. It is an unpopular and livable town. The beauty here is very high. It is located next to Fuxian Lake. It is quiet and peaceful. It is a beautiful city. It is Chengjiang City. Chengjiang City is a county-level city, located in the southeast of Kunming and the northeast of Yuxi City. Although it is under the jurisdiction of Yuxi, it is closer to Kunming. It only takes 30 minutes to drive from here to downtown Kunming, which is equivalent to the suburbs of Kunming and has the title of "Kunming Back Garden". Chengjiang City is worthy of the name of "City of Gardens". It belongs to the central subtropical plateau monsoon climate, with sufficient sunlight, mild seasons, and blooming flowers throughout the year. It can be understood as Kunming with a smaller population and a slower pace. It is a livable city with an excellent ecological environment and is located in the center of the Three Lakes Eco-city Cluster. The three lakes refer to Dianchi Lake, which is only 25 kilometers away from Chengjiang City; Fuxian Lake, located next to the urban area; Yangzonghai, about 30 kilometers away from the urban area. Three large lakes surround Chengjiang City, giving it excellent ecological conditions, fresh air and high content of negative oxygen ions, especially the environment and scenery near Fuxian Lake, which are completely comparable to Dali. The climate here is excellent and can be lived in all year round. The coldest month is January, when the daytime temperature will reach 16°C, so just wear a jacket when you go out in the morning. Summer is more comfortable. Thanks to the urban altitude of 1770 meters, the hottest temperature is only 28°C. According to meteorological data, the extreme maximum temperature in Chengjiang City is only 33.7°C. List of Famous Counties for Summer Holidays". The wind here is very mild, not as violent as in the plateau area. The southwest wind prevails all year round, with an annual average wind speed of 2.3 m/s. It is soft and comfortable on the face, like the gentle breeze in spring, which is intoxicating. Chengjiang City has a population of 170,000, and there are not many high-rise buildings on the streets, giving people the quietness of a small county town. This is a suitable place to relax, because near the southern end of Fuxian Lake, there are a large number of wetland parks, such as Mafang Village Ecological Park, Linhai Park, Moon Bay Wetland Park, etc., all of which are open for free, and you can enjoy the view of Fuxian Lake. Fairy Lake's fairy-like appearance. Fuxian Lake is one of the most beautiful lakes in China. I even think it is more beautiful than Erhai Lake. I stayed in Dali for a month, and I think Erhai Lake is more like an ordinary lake, but it is more beautiful in some areas. Not very convenient to go. However, Fuxian Lake is a lake with more strength than fame. It is the third largest lake in Yunnan and the first deep-water lake in Yunnan. Its water storage capacity ranks third among freshwater lakes in China. The water quality of Fuxian Lake is particularly excellent, with a transparency of 7.8 meters, and the water quality reaches the national secondary drinking water standard. The lake is crystal clear and embedded in the mountains like gems. If you want to live for a short time and feel whether Chengjiang City is suitable for living, you can stay at the farmhouse around Fuxian Lake for half a month. Many foreigners choose to live here, the price is cheap and the environment is good. If you want to settle down for a long time, you can choose a real estate in the urban area, or you can choose a second-hand house with a better location. The housing price in Chengjiang City is currently around 9,000 yuan, and there are great differences in different locations. You can check on the spot. The disadvantage of Chengjiang City is that there is no railway station in the urban area. Although there is a Yangzong Station in the territory, it is far from the urban area. From the railway station, you need to charter a car to reach the urban area. The best way is to drive by yourself. On the whole, Chengjiang City is perfect for retirement, with moderate prices, warm in winter and cool in summer, and an excellent environment. Do you like such a small town? Author: Lin Qinglu, more scenic, free, pension tourism information, follow me to get it

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