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After dawn, we must not forget the night watchmen who covered us with frost and snow in the long cold night.

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After dawn, we must not forget the night watchmen who covered us with frost and snow in the long cold night.

There is a bit of heat and a bit of light. In the war against the "epidemic" without gunpowder smoke, there are a group of people who always put the safety and health of the people first. They are the people's police

To Police Officer Chen Hongbo, who has only one relationship

• On August 14, Lhasa Public Security Bureau reinforced police Chen Hongbo to receive a citizen who lives in Hailiang Phase II, Liuwu New District Ask for help: My mother suffers from a serious chronic disease and cannot go out to buy medicines during the control period. After learning of the situation, Chen Hongbo immediately contacted the relevant hospital to buy medicine and delivered the medicine to the citizen, which solved the urgent need of the citizen.

To Police Officer Pubu Tsering of the Public Security Management Detachment

• On September 1, the police officer Pubu Tsering of the Public Security Management Detachment of Lhasa Public Security Bureau received a letter of thanks letter. • It starts with an unfamiliar phone call. On August 27, policeman Pubu Tsering, who was working in the transfer team of the Lhasa Epidemic Office, received a strange call. A man on the other end of the phone said anxiously: "Hello police officer, I am a tourist from Shigatse stranded in Lhasa. The family of seven has been stranded in Lhasa for almost 20 days. The old man in the family is in his 70s and the child is only 3 years old. He is currently living in a hotel. I hope the police can help our family return to Shigatse." After listening to the man's description, the policeman Pubu While reassuring the man, Tsering verified the hotel where the man lived. • After verification, the man's family came to Lhasa by car in early August. After the outbreak, they have been living in the hotel. At present, the elderly and children have shown symptoms of discomfort. In view of the special circumstances, Pubu Tsering immediately asked his superiors for instructions, and actively contacted the Shigatse Epidemic Office. After coordination, he obtained the transfer approval from the relevant departments. On August 30, the man's family was successfully transferred back to Shigatse.

To all police officers of Caina Township Police Station

• On August 25th, Ms. Ke from Caina Township, Qushui County presented Caina to Qushui County Public Security Bureau The township police station wrote a thank you letter. • It is understood that Ms. Ke's child is going to school in her hometown. Because the school is about to start, the school needs the original ID card of the parents to go through the school opening procedures, and Ms. Ke needs to send her certificate to a friend in Lhasa, who can send Ms. Ke’s documents were brought back to her hometown. During the control period, Ms. Ke could not go to Lhasa, so she asked the civilian auxiliary police of Caina Township Police Station for help. With the help of the civilian auxiliary police, Ms. Ke’s documents were finally delivered to her friend.

To Police Officer Li Yuanming of the City TV Convenience Police Station

• On August 23, Li Yuanming, a police officer of the City TV Convenience Police Station of the Garma Gongsang Police Station, received a Thank you letters from tourists. In the letter, the tourist expressed his gratitude to police officer Li Yuanming for his help, persuasion and encouragement during the epidemic. • The place where this tourist is located is the epidemic control area of ​​Najin Road North Ground Satellite Station Lane. Since the Garma Gongsang Police Station of Chengguan Public Security Bureau entered this closed control area on August 8, many civilian assistants like Li Yuanming have emerged. Police, in order to better manage and serve the people in the closed area, they have set up a WeChat group for the people in their jurisdiction, so that the people can contact the auxiliary police for help immediately if they have any help, difficulties or appeals. Under limited conditions Do your best to help people solve their problems. We bid farewell to the summer in the war epidemic, with a heartfelt thank you letter, a sincere thank you for witnessing this extraordinary summer, and thank them for their unrelenting choice for their indomitable responsibility. As always, this article is reproduced for China Tibet Tourism. Passing more information does not mean that China Tibet Travel agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity. The copyright of the text and pictures contained in the reprinted article belongs to the original author! If there are problems with the content and copyright of the work, please contact China Tibet Travel to delete it within 10 days of the publication of this article! Source: Lhasa Release Editor: China Tibet Tourism [Editor: Tan Qilu丨Editor: Wang Jian]
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