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Hundreds of casualties! A 6.8-magnitude earthquake broke out in Luding, but the circle of friends of Sichuanese people merged into a poem

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Hundreds of casualties! A 6.8-magnitude earthquake broke out in Luding, but the circle of friends of Sichuanese people merged into a poem

At 12:52 noon on September 5, in Luding County, Ganzi Prefecture, Sichuan, people enjoyed their lunch as usual. However, a sudden earthquake with a magnitude of 6.8 made this meal the last lunch. 01As of 23:00 on the 5th, the Luding earthquake has killed 46 people, and this number is still growing. 29 people were killed in Ganzi Prefecture, 17 people were killed in Ya'an City, 16 people lost contact, and 50 people were injured. Many people saw the Sichuan earthquake from hot searches. In an instant, the "Luding Earthquake" touched the hearts of the people. Surveillance cameras in a store in Hailuogou recorded the scene when the earthquake occurred: the sky was spinning and everything was overturned. The local residents even exclaimed: This is the strongest earthquake after "5-12". It was noon, and many people had just turned on the hot pot mode. The meat had been placed in the pot, and the bowl had not been lifted, and the earthquake came. In addition to the hot pot, the chandeliers on the ceiling also swayed wildly with the earthquake. A fish that swims all day long is also blinded by a netizen who is taking a nap on the bed, and is abruptly shaken out of the style of "electric massage bed". 02A friend who just woke up from a nap saw the warning "18 seconds later" with sleepy eyes. For a while, he didn't know if he was dreaming or awake? The earthquake warning screen that suddenly popped up on the TV disrupted everything in an instant. Chengdu, Chongqing and other places in Rongcheng felt the trembling of Mother Earth almost at the same time, and netizens in Shaanxi, Guizhou, Yunnan and other places also expressed that they were stunned. People who didn't gather at home because of the epidemic were all dispatched by the earthquake. Residents of a sealed-off community in Chengdu immediately rushed out of the isolation gate at the fastest speed. Although they escaped smoothly, the lovely Sichuanese couldn't help but wonder: but there are also some controlled areas, the doors are locked, and there is nowhere to escape. I forgot to put on my shoes because I ran so fast. The uncle was woken up in a dream, grabbed the quilt and rushed downstairs. d The mother with the baby lost one of the child's shoes because she was anxious to find a safe place. The quiet neighborhoods and streets during the epidemic began to become lively. When the earthquake and the epidemic met, Sichuanese made fun of hardships and turned into jokers. Before the 03 Luding earthquake, the fish in the fish pond were jumping wildly. The day before the Luding earthquake, strange phenomena occurred frequently in Deyang City, Sichuan: a large number of bats suddenly flew out of the sky, all of them flying in one direction. The local response department responded: bat. At the same time, people also think of a few months ago, on the eve of the 5.1 earthquake in Xingwen, Sichuan, when a large number of toads suddenly appeared on the playground of a school in Yibin. Recall that on May 10, 2008, the eve of the Wenchuan earthquake, the West China Metropolis Daily published a report titled "Migration of Hundreds of Thousands of Toads Arouses Residents' Worries". People can't help but worry about this, but the local forestry department in Mianzhu insisted: "This is the normal migration of toads, and it has nothing to do with natural disasters." But "in a year of severe drought, there must be a major earthquake" seems to have come true. On August 21, the piers of the Qiansimen Jialing River Bridge in Chongqing were completely exposed. On August 20, from the position of the Buddha's head in Leshan, Sichuan, overlooking the intersection of the Dadu River, Qingyi River and Minjiang River, the water flow decreased at a speed visible to the naked eye. "In the year of severe drought, there must be a major earthquake", at first glance a bit like a common saying or agricultural proverb, but it is not. This is the "drought earthquake theory" proposed by the famous Chinese earthquake scientist Geng Qingguo in 1972. He believes that the epicenter of a major earthquake of magnitude 6 or above is often arid area 1-3 and a half years before the earthquake, and the area of ​​the arid area increases or decreases with the magnitude of the earthquake. That is, the larger the arid area, the higher the magnitude. Moreover, the longer the earthquake occurred from the dry period, he believed that when the earthquake occurred in the third year after the drought, the magnitude of the earthquake was half a magnitude larger than that in the first year after the drought. In addition to droughts and earthquakes, Sichuanese are still dealing with ongoing epidemics. 04 This year's Sichuan is too difficult. Following the Wuhan outbreak, outbreaks in various places rarely come in the form of triple-digit new cases, but Sichuan is an exception. On the afternoon of September 2, Chengdu held a press conference on epidemic prevention and control: Since August 12, a total of 1,053 local cases have been reported in the city, including 775 confirmed cases and 278 asymptomatic infections. The risk of transmission is high and the prevention and control situation is unimaginable. As of 0-24:00 on September 4, there were as many as 105 new local confirmed cases of the new crown in Sichuan Province, with 90 in Chengdu alone. On September 4, more than 15,000 passengers were stranded in Xichang, Sichuan. During the school season, admissions personnel are required to carry out nucleic acid testing, and parents arrange nucleic acid tests for their children from early to late. But on the afternoon of August 29, the nucleic acid system in Sichuan Province collapsed. A large number of residents waited in line under the scorching sun and did not dare to leave, for fear of being "grounded" because they did not have a 24-hour nucleic acid negative certificate. On September 1st, Chengdu officially announced: From September 1st to 4th, nucleic acid testing of all employees will be carried out throughout the city; from 18:00 on September 1st, all residents will stay at home in principle, and non-residents of the community will not be allowed to enter; citizens are not necessary Buli Rong, those who do have special needs, with a negative nucleic acid certificate within 24 hours; the autumn semester will be postponed. 05 In this robbery, Sichuan people are not passive defense. Throughout the summer, Sichuanese are grilled. At about 15:00 on August 20, a mountain fire broke out in Wangu Town, Dazu District, Chongqing, and the fire continued to burn overnight. Wildfires have also occurred in Beibei, Banan, Jiangjin, Tongliang and other places. The day before, a wildfire broke out in Luzhou, and thick smoke billowed from the scene, making people worry. There were only 30 places for volunteers, but there was a tsunami of registrations. In order for the firefighters to have a full meal, the 95-year-old man cooked a pot for everyone late at night. At the material collection point, the 8-year-old girl followed her mother to carry the supplies. When someone asked her if she could move it, the little girl picked up the fire extinguisher with one hand and said, "I can carry it lightly." In order to open up a rescue channel in the jungle, hundreds of excavator masters rushed into the sea of ​​​​fire, risking their lives, just to fight a road of hope in the sky-high fire wall. The teenagers who were flamboyant and noisy on weekdays rode their beloved motorcycles to fight to save lives this time. This bird's-eye view of Zeng Tong expresses the sadness of Sichuan people. Mountain fires, power cuts, nucleic acids... Written at the last moment, the Sichuan Fire Rescue Corps has dispatched 30 people from the Luding County Front Team to rush to the epicenter to check the disaster situation, and dispatched Ganzi, Chengdu, Deyang, Leshan, Ya'an, Meishan, Ziyang at the same time A total of 530 earthquake rescue forces from 7 detachments rushed to the epicenter to carry out rescue immediately. Firefighters from all over the country marched into Luding in a manner of responding to each other. The Red Army is not afraid of difficult expeditions, and it only takes time to relax. Wuling winds and waves, and Wumeng walks away with mud pills. The water in the Jinsha is warm against the clouds and cliffs, and the iron cables across the Dadu Bridge are cold. I am even more happy with the thousand miles of snow on the Minshan Mountains, and the three armies will be happy after the passing. The "Dadu Bridge" in this chairman's poem is located in Luqiao Town, Luding County, and is known as "Luding Bridge". In my memory, "Flying and Seizing the Luding Bridge" is the most important battle in the Chinese Red Army's Long March. Running for 240 miles in one night, 22 commandos walked along the iron cables covered with bullets and the wall of fire, stepping on the iron chains to seize the bridge head... It is very similar to today's Sichuan people. Every generation has a long march for every generation, Sichuan in predicament, hold on! Behind him is the support of 1.4 billion Chinese! Hold on, Luding; come on, Sichuan!


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