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The Guangdong boss went to Sichuan to visit and bought 10 bottles of special wine. He couldn't believe the consumption list when he checked out

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The Guangdong boss went to Sichuan to visit and bought 10 bottles of special wine. He couldn't believe the consumption list when he checked out

Guangdong Mr. Chen is in the real estate business. He has earned a lot of money over the years and lives quite well, so whenever he has time, Mr. Chen will play around. Recently, the Sichuan Chengdu branch is preparing for the Mid-Autumn Festival and invited Mr. Chen to participate. Mr. Chen simply agreed. Mr. Chen is a good wine, and he is particularly fascinated by strong-flavor liquor. He also has a lot of strong-flavor liquor in his home, such as Wuliangye Puwu and Eighth Generation, Jiannanchun Crystal Sword, Yanghe Dream Blue, etc., and Sichuan is the "strong wine". Hometown", taking advantage of this opportunity to invite three or five wine friends to play together, maybe you can find a lot of good wine, that's really beautiful! When I came to Sichuan, my first task was to participate in activities. The activities held in the morning ended in the afternoon, leaving plenty of time. First I visited Jiuzhaigou, then I went to Emei Mountain, Daocheng Yading and other famous scenic spots. Yibin is known as the "Four Liquor Capitals". As soon as they stepped into Yibin City, the group of people came over directly, and saw a dazzling array of good wines, jumping eight feet high. Before I came here, I discussed it with my friends. When I came to Yibin, Sichuan, I would definitely bring a few bottles of fine wine back to Guangdong. As long as I saw a store that bought wine, a group of people flocked to the store. The staff were very enthusiastic and introduced them to the name, flavor, and characteristics of the wine. ......

First of all, the first item: Fenggu Liquor King 10

The clerk introduced to Mr. Chen that this Fenggu Liquor King is special Yes, it is brewed by an old winery. It is a good wine with Sichuan characteristics. It has grown very fast recently. It lives in the second line of Sichuan wine and is a close-to-the-people model for the common people. The brewing process and blending process of the wine are very high, and the finished wine is of high quality. This Fenggu Wine King 10 has a different texture from the "Wujianlu" after drinking. The overall elegant and mellow taste is soft and delicate in the mouth, and the lower throat is soothing. Even if the alcohol content is high, it is not overpowering after drinking, and the price is very high. After listening to the clerk's introduction, the group nodded sharply.

From "China's No. 1 Square": Shuijingfang Zhenniu No. 8

The second most eye-catching is this Shuijingfang, which is attracted by the look of the bottle, the overall packaging Just like "Crystal", it is very beautiful, and it is the perfect choice for entertaining guests. It is also very comfortable to smell the wine. After taking a sip, it is very silky and smooth. As soon as the wine liquid touches the tongue, you can feel a sweet taste. After listening to the clerk's introduction, Mr. Chen was greedy. The most important thing is that this wine also comes from "China's first workshop" - Shuijingfang, which has a lot of influence in the industry.

"A cup of Wenjun wine, two people know each other's true feelings": Wenjun Liquor 1988

Sichuan native liquor brand, belonging to Jiannanchun, no matter it is endorsement or wine quality Not bad, and the packaging is very beautiful. It was especially famous in the 1980s and 1990s. Although it is not famous now, the wine quality is guaranteed. The wine bottle design has a retro texture, and the wine quality belongs to the classic Sichuan style. It has the style of Jiannanchun in all aspects, but the price is much cheaper than that of Jiannanchun. Take a sip, the wine is full of aroma, strong and elegant, especially the old taste, swallowed in one mouth, soft and silky, with a long aftertaste. Because of the fame of the past, Mr. Chen has some understanding of this wine.

What I have heard and seen is the most cost-effective: Destined to imitate Taiwanese wine

Destined to imitate Taiwanese wine is the most unexpected thing for Mr. Chen and his party "Harvest", I originally only liked the strong-flavor liquor, but I happened to open the bottle cap when the clerk was drinking this wine. Mr. Chen asked curiously: What kind of wine is this? The clerk replied: Yuande imitation Taiwan wine is not produced in Sichuan, it comes from another "liquor capital" - Maotai Town, Guizhou, and it belongs to a sauce-flavored liquor. Mr. Chen has always liked wine, and he has no resistance to the aroma of this wine. He directly asked the clerk to bring four or five cups, and the whole group tasted it directly. Don't say it, it is really delicious! When Yuande imitation Taiwan wine was first imported, the taste was slightly sour, and the whole was quite mellow. When it reached the middle section, the aroma of grain, cellar, and flowers and fruits spread out layer by layer, like a feast for the taste buds. Once swallowed, the fragrance left on the lips and teeth, which makes people unforgettable. After inquiries, I found out that Yuande imitation Taiwan wine was brewed by national-level sommelier You Yan. In order to make it more palatable, the brewing uses the unique red glutinous sorghum of Maotai Town. It has been cellared for 7 years, and finally adjusted by professionals to suit the taste of the public. After walking around the store, the group was almost "drunk". Finally, they bought the above 4 wines plus 6 local Sichuan specialty wines. Originally thought it would cost 20,000 to 30,000 yuan, but they couldn't believe the consumption list when they checked out, 10 A bottle of wine actually only costs 2,354 yuan, so evenly spread out, a bottle of wine will only cost more than 200 yuan, which is not too cost-effective!

Concluding remarks

During this trip to Sichuan, Mr. Chen and his party said that they had made too much money and returned with a full reward. Which of these wines is your favorite? Share it in the comments section! Some pictures come from the Internet, if there is any infringement, please contact to delete!

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