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Walk into Minning Town, check in the scenery of the mountains and the sea, and get drunk in the gentle village of wine

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Walk into Minning Town, check in the scenery of the mountains and the sea, and get drunk in the gentle village of wine

Minning Town was born for poverty alleviation, built for poverty alleviation from scratch, from poor to rich, from dry beach to golden beach Photo / Haikun Most people are familiar with Minning Town, through last year's poverty alleviation drama "Shan Hai" "Love", let us feel the relocated people's yearning for a happy life, their love for a beautiful hometown, and their belief in winning the tough battle against poverty. Today's Minning Town has become a beautiful town that can receive tourists, with wide streets, clean houses, vineyards and red raspberry fields. Through photos and miniatures, you can perceive the past of Minning Town and witness its development and changes. Entering Minning Town • Checking in the 30-year history of the mountains and seas in Minning, the "dry beach" with "no birds in the sky, no grass growing on the ground, no people in ten miles, and running with wind and sand" has become today's green tree-lined beach , the "Golden Beach" with thousands of acres of fertile land, prosperous economy and wealthy people, walk into this magical land and have a red trip to Minning. Visit the Minning Town History Museum, learn from Minning Village to Minning Town, from dry beach to golden beach, from scratch, from weak to strong, understand the national conditions, love the motherland, broaden your horizons, and increase your knowledge. Minning Town History Museum punched in the ecological immigrant village - Yuanlong Village, visited the old objects in the beautiful courtyard, the poverty alleviation workshop in the village and the piano, chess, calligraphy and painting in the villagers' homes, and felt the peaceful and simple customs here. Yuanlong Village Minning Cultural Compound Visit the small courtyard of Qin Opera in the village to learn what Qin Opera is and the intangible cultural heritage in Qin Opera. Walk into the research base in the village, experience the fun of making, strengthen observation and hands-on ability, and understand the meaning and mission of non-genetic inheritance. Minning Town, the intangible cultural heritage poverty alleviation workshop of Yuanlong Village, is also a wine-making paradise. The wineries here are far away from the hustle and bustle, mysterious and romantic, and unique; the wines here are sweet, smooth, and ingenious, exquisite and delicate. Walk into Minning Town and have a tour of Minning Winery. Wine Street Great Wall Talent Winery is here, you can have a deep understanding of the terroir, grape varieties and development status of the Helan eastern foothills of Ningxia, comprehend and interpret the winery stories, winemaking techniques, and tastes shared by the winery owners and senior winemakers. Check out the wines from the cellars. Xixia Wang Yuquanying Winery came to Helanhong Shared Winery to experience the shared feelings at the foot of Helan Mountain. This is the permanent venue of the international wine event, to understand the industrial poverty alleviation, win-win cooperation, and improve our sense of social responsibility, innovative spirit and practical ability. Helanhong Sharing Winery visited Lilan Winery's grape planting base to understand the relationship between grapes, soil and climate, and interpret the growth process of grape seedlings. Visit the winery to learn about the varieties and tastes of wine grapes, as well as the winemaking process from grape to wine. Lilan Winery Picture Source/Lilan Winery Picture Source/Minning Operation Service Center See the beauty of mountains and the greenery in winemaking! Visit the grape plantation of Great Wall Talent Winery and experience the scientific processes of grape destemming, crushing, pressing, clarification, fermentation, barrel pouring, aging and bottling. Great Wall Talent Winery Great Wall Talent Winery Plantation pursues dreams with technology and leads the future with wisdom. Take a scientific and technological exploration and research trip in Minning Town. Visit the agricultural greenhouses with photovoltaic facilities and the vegetables and fresh cut flowers grown in the greenhouses, learn about earthworm farming and circular agriculture, learn about the popular science knowledge of potted fig planting and seedling breeding, and the experience of ancient handmade incense production. Photovoltaic Industrial Park Agaricus bisporus took root in Minning Town, and it is inseparable from the poverty alleviation cooperation between the East and the West. Agaricus bisporus not only took root in Minning Town to immigrate to become rich, but also took root in Ningxia's edible fungus cultivation technology. Mushroom bisporus planting base ecological Minning, natural mystery. Enter Minning, interpret the plant code, and take a natural ecological journey. Visit the red raspberry planting base, pick and taste red raspberries, understand the effect of red raspberry cultivation on soil and climate improvement, visit the deep processing products of red raspberries, and learn about the medicinal value of red raspberries. Minning Town is not what it used to be. Check in Minning Town and feel the unique charm brought by this magical land! Ying Er丨Editor Liu Feng丨Editor-in-charge Website: Contribution: 0951—6720808

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