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"The Countryside is a Museum" Theme Route 4 - Zhongning Study Tour of Wolfberry Picking

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"The Countryside is a Museum" Theme Route 4 - Zhongning Study Tour of Wolfberry Picking

○Zhongning wolfberry picking and study tour PART ONE# Route introduction Supported by , experience tours, and research tours, along the southern and northern banks of the Yellow River, connecting core scenic spots such as Huangyang Ancient Village, Feng'antun, Huabao Goji Health Experience Center, and Xizan Ecological Goji Manor, giving full play to Artemisia noodles and Huangyang money Leveraging the cultural communication power of 2 national intangible cultural heritage projects, launched a series of wolfberry research and experience tours, including folk culture, wolfberry planting, wolfberry picking, and wolfberry health product experience, to create a wolfberry health care tourism destination. PART TWO# Itinerary Ancient Falls of Yellow Sheep—Feng’antun Tourist Resort—Huabao Goji Berry Health Experience Center—Zhouta Characteristic Goji Berry Picking Garden—Qixin Goji Barbarium Seedlings Popular Science Planting Base—Xinbao Characteristic Industry Sightseeing Park ——Part THREE# of Tianhu Eco-tourism Area Best travel time ○May 1st-August 30th PART FOUR# Main Rural Tourist Spots (Projects) Ⅰ · Huangyang Ancient Falls Based on the principle of local culture, preserving the texture of the old village, implanting artistic and cultural elements, and focusing on in-depth experience, four themed functional areas of "Guluo Art House, Zaolin Art Park, Yuanxiang Holiday, and Yangchuang Territory" are set up. Intangible cultural heritage tracking, art and culture experience, parent-child travel, rural vacation, research travel” and other multiple tourism functions. Ⅱ · Fengantun Tourist Resort Feng'antun Tourist Resort is positioned as "Golden Bank of the Yellow River-Shikong Zaolin Pastoral Life Experience Park", combines the culture of the Yellow River and the jujube garden, and lays out a bar street, a jujube workshop, Intangible cultural heritage square, parent-child sports camp, tree house under the forest, "Jujube" theme homestay, festival square and other attractions to meet the needs of tourists. Ⅲ · Huabao Lycium Barbarum Health Experience Center Huabao Lycium barbarum Health Experience Center is a 3A-level tourist attraction with the theme of wolfberry industrial tourism, with the Zhongning Lycium barbarum Exhibition Hall as the core, and presents the history, moving legend, edible value and other dimensions of wolfberry. The historical evolution of wolfberry for thousands of years, the whole production process is displayed in a fully transparent way, and the gorgeous transformation of wolfberry from the field to the tip of the tongue within 6 hours is realized through high-end intelligent processing. Ⅳ · Zhouta Characteristic Wolfberry Picking Garden The Zhouta Characteristic Wolfberry Picking Garden is located in Shangqiao Village, Zhouta Township, a characteristic tourist village in Ningxia. It is mainly based on the core planting area of ​​traditional wolfberry planting. , let the majority of tourists understand the origin of wolfberry, the culture of wolfberry, and the history of agricultural development in the process of picking experience, and let the majority of tourists know the beautiful legend of Chinese wolfberry coming out of Ningxia, and Zhongning wolfberry is the best in the world. V · Qixin Lycium barbarum popular science base Qixin Lycium barbarum seedlings popular science base is a popular science base that integrates the breeding of wolfberry seedlings, the construction of standardized wolfberry bases, and the promotion and service of new wolfberry varieties and technologies. The wolfberry fruit here is not only red. During the collection and protection of the provenance, six colors including yellow, black, white, purple, green and orange have been discovered in the base. Ⅵ · Tianhu Ecotourism Area Tianhu Ecotourism Area is located in the arid and semi-arid area of ​​central Ningxia, with an altitude of 1370 meters and surrounded by mountains on all sides. It is named "Tianhu". The diverse animal and plant resources are integrated with the lakes and mountains, and the magical human history of Tianhu Lake to form a relatively complete biodiversity complex. . VII · Wolfberry Culture and Tourism Festival The Wolfberry Culture and Tourism Festival relies on the annual Wolfberry Industry Expo to hold a series of activities such as the Wolfberry Picking Festival, the Wolfberry Banquet Food Festival, the Rural Tourism Festival, the Red Wolfberry Original Concert, and the "Zhongning Negotiation" drama. The cultural tourism brand of "China Qixiang Health Care Zhongning". PART FIVE# Featured delicacies and creative product recommendations ○Special gourmet artemisia noodles, wolfberry feast, stewed chicken, chicken blood noodles, four bowls of lentil noodles, artemisia noodles, stewed native chicken ○Creative products wolfberry puree, wolfberry mask, wolfberry lipstick, Wolfberry root carving, wolfberry embroidery, etc. Goji Berry Lipstick and Goji Berry Puree PART SIX# Transportation Modes Zhongning County Yellow River Ecological Goji Berry Research and Study Tour routes are mainly self-driving tours. It takes less than 30 minutes to drive from the county town to various scenic spots, and the tour time is a one-day tour. PART SEVEN# Recommended list of products around the line Ying Er丨Editor Liu Feng丨Editor-in-charge Website: Contribution: 0951—6720808

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