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"The Countryside is a Museum" Theme Route 3 - Qingliang Guyuan Red Study Tour

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"The Countryside is a Museum" Theme Route 3 - Qingliang Guyuan Red Study Tour

○Qingliang Guyuan Red Study Tour PART ONE# Route Introduction Guyuan has a long history and profound cultural heritage. The tourism resources such as green mountains and rivers, red culture, Silk Road civilization, and folk customs are unique and colorful. , is the most ecological time of the year. Guyuan City is located in the center of the triangle formed by the capital cities of Xi'an, Lanzhou and Yinchuan. Here you can feel the red culture, experience the simple folk customs in the countryside, and feel the comfort of a summer resort in hot summer. PART TWO# Itinerary Guyuan Museum - Northwest Farming Museum - Xumi Mountain Tourist Area - Huoshizhai National Geopark - Longwangba Village - Jiangtaibao Red Army Reunion Memorial Hall in Xiji County - Maogou Village, Jiangtaibao Town ——Lishi Village, Fengling Township——Wei’s Brick Sculpture——Yang’s Clay Sculpture in Wenbao Township——Xinhe Village, Chenjin Township——Part THREE# of the Red Army Long March Scenic Spot in Liupan Mountain Best travel time April 1— —September 30th PART FOUR# Main Rural Tourist Spots (Project) Ⅰ · Guyuan Museum The Guyuan Museum was rated as a "National First-Class Museum" by the State Administration of Cultural Heritage in 2008. The collections are most characteristic of the northern bronze wares of the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States Period and the Silk Road cultural relics of the Northern Wei Dynasty, Northern Zhou Dynasty, Sui and Tang Dynasties. The existing exhibitions of Guyuan Museum consist of basic exhibitions "Millennium Guyuan Silk Road Hua Zhang", "Invisible General Han Liancheng", "Ancient Tomb Hall", "Stone Carving Hall" and temporary exhibitions. On May 18, 2017, the exhibition won the 14th (2016) National Museum Top Ten Exhibition Excellence Award with the first place in the total score. Ⅱ · Northwest Farming Museum The Northwest Farming Museum is the only special museum with farming culture as its exhibition content in the five northwestern provinces (regions). The museum focuses on the farming culture of the five provinces (regions) of Ningxia, Shaanxi, Gansu, Qinghai and Xinjiang, and focuses on the evolution of farming production tools and crop varieties. The overview of the farming culture in the northwest region is presented, and the scientific demonstration of the agricultural development process in the northwest region and the struggle and perseverance of the working people under the harsh natural conditions of drought. Since its opening in 2012, the Museum of Small Things in Guyuan Dacheng has been successively rated as the autonomous region patriotism education base, autonomous region popular science education base, autonomous region primary and secondary school students "love grain and save grain" education base, national primary and secondary school students research practice education base, national Second-class museum and other titles. Ⅲ · Xumi Mountain Tourist Area Xumi Mountain Tourist Area is a national key cultural relics protection unit, a national-level scenic spot and a national 4A-level tourist attraction. Ⅳ · Huoshizhai National Geological (Forest) Park Huoshizhai National Geological (Forest) Park belongs to the vertical joint Danxia landform group with the highest altitude and the largest northern area in my country. Danxia geological wonders are integrated with human and historical landscapes. It is a national forest park, a national geological park, a national Danxia landform reserve and a national AAAA tourist area. V · Longwangba Rural Tourism Scenic Spot The Longwangba Rural Tourism Scenic Spot has been successively rated as the most beautiful leisure village in China, a national ecological cultural village, the first batch of national leisure agriculture and rural tourism star-rated enterprise parks, and a national five-star rural tourism demonstration site. The fourth batch of beautiful and livable small villages in China and key villages for rural tourism in China have been selected as the "World Tourism Alliance Tourism Poverty Alleviation Cases". Ⅵ · Jiangtaibao Red Army Long March Reunion Memorial Park Jiangtaibao Red Army Long March Reunion Memorial Park has been named as "National Patriotism Education Demonstration Base", "National Defense Education Demonstration Base", "National Ethnic Unity and Progress Education Base", "National National Defense Education Demonstration Base" "Key Cultural Relics Protection Unit" and "National Red Tourism Classic Scenic Spot". VII · Maogou Village, Jiangtaibao Town, Xiji County, Xiji County, Jiangtaibao Town, Maogou Village, when the Red Army was stationed in Maogou Village during the Long March Grand Division, and the logistics support department was also located in Maogou Village. Maogou Village strives to build a collective development platform for the deep integration of "red tourism, cultural industry, education and training". Maogou Village takes advantage of Jiangtaibao's red tourism resources to build old cave dwellings and old courtyard-style homestays. It is the first red-colored homestay in Ningxia. It is also the first systematic and large-scale experience teaching point in Ningxia. VIII · Li Shi Village, Fengling Township Li Shi Village, Fengling Township relies on the comfortable climate, beautiful rural environment, and profound cultural heritage to develop local tourist routes, which can receive training, summer camp activities, research and study tours, individual tourists, group tours, and sketching Wait. Diversified joint-stock economic cooperatives composed of real economy such as Fenghe Vinegar Factory, Yixing Oil Factory, Small Miscellaneous Grain Processing Factory, Fishing Park, and Handicraft Production and Processing Workshop have been built. IX · Wei's Brick Carving Wei's brick carving can be traced back to the early years of Guangxu in the Qing Dynasty. It has a history of more than 120 years. It is mainly used for building decoration and interior decoration, which is a symbol of good luck and good looks. In 2009, it was selected as the second batch of autonomous region-level intangible cultural heritage list. In 2014, it was selected as the fourth batch of national intangible cultural heritage list. His works have participated in exhibitions inside and outside the district for many times, and some of his works have been collected by Ningxia Art Museum, and more than 300 kinds of products have been developed. X · Yang's Clay Sculpture Yang's Clay Sculpture originated in the twelfth year of Daoguang in the Qing Dynasty (1832), and has a history of more than 170 years for 6 generations. It has a wide range of subjects and traditional styles. The elegant color effect forms a unique folklore and local artwork. It was rated as a national intangible cultural heritage protection project. Yang's Color Sculpture Art Museum is a comprehensive art museum integrating display, research and protection, development and innovation, production and processing, exchange and training. XI · Xinhe Village, Chenjin Township Xinhe Village, Chenjin Township, is the base for the transmission of the national intangible cultural heritage project Gaotai Mashehuo. Rural Civilization Construction Project Demonstration Village, Characteristic Folk Village, National Most Beautiful Leisure Village and other honors. Relying on the good ecological environment and folk cultural resources, vigorously develop rural tourism, build RV self-driving tour camps, and attract national tourism "talents" to gather in Xinhe. Every year, there are about 500 RVs from all over the country. They stay here and enjoy the paradise. Life. XII · Liupanshan Red Army Long March Tourist Area Liupanshan Red Army Long March Tourist Area has been named as the first batch of 100 classic scenic spots in China, national AAAA-level tourist attractions, and national-level patriotism education, youth education, national defense education, clean government construction education, and humanities. Social science popularization and other bases. In recent years, the scenic spot has launched the "Six Ones" patriotic education theme activities of walking the Long March road, revisiting the oath of joining the party, singing a Red Army song, reciting a Long March poem, listening to a party class, and eating a Red Army meal. , changing the sightseeing tour into an experience tour with deep participation of tourists, which has been widely praised by all walks of life. PART FIVE# Featured beauty and creative product recommendation ○ Dishes: Ten bowls, raw noodles, nine bowls of thirteen flowers, steamed chicken, Yanmian kneading, warm pot, pepper chicken, potato feast, water noodles, bean paste, etc. Raw noodles/Guyuan cultural tourism steamed chicken/Guyuan cultural tourism Yan noodles kneading/Guyuan cultural tourism ○Indigenous honey, Yongxing crystal three powder (vermicelli, vermicelli, vermicelli), old oil mill ancient method pressing sesame oil, farmers free-range cattle Tendon meat, Xiaoqiu miscellaneous grains, Gufang sesame oil, handmade vinegar, miscellaneous grain noodles, sea buckthorn juice, etc. Handmade vinegar ○ Cultural and creative products Paper-cut, embroidery, root carving, straw painting, paper-cut painting, calligraphy, painting, weaving, brick carving, etc. Paper-cut ○ Travel goods Brick carving crafts, clay colored sculpture crafts, Fengling Bazhen crafts, etc. Clay Color Sculpture Crafts PART SIX# Transportation Guyuan City is located in the center of the three provincial capital cities of Xi'an, Lanzhou and Yinchuan. The distances are all about 300 kilometers, and the highways are all accessible, and the time is about 4 hours. You can choose to travel by train or plane. Self-driving tours are the best option. There are expressways connecting the urban area of ​​Guyuan to all counties, and it takes less than 1 hour to drive to the tourist loop line to each county. PART SEVEN# Recommended list of products around the line Ying Er丨Editor Liu Feng丨Editor-in-charge Website: Contribution: 0951—6720808


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