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The census of cultural and tourism resources in Ningxia has achieved phased results

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The census of cultural and tourism resources in Ningxia has achieved phased results

Cultural and tourism resources are the premise and foundation for the development of the cultural tourism industry, and resource census is the first move to seek high-quality development. In July 2021, the Ningxia Department of Culture and Tourism organized the census of Ningxia's cultural and tourism resources (Phase I). Evaluation. On August 8, 2022, the final review meeting of the Ningxia Cultural and Tourism Resources Census (Phase I) project was organized, and experts from inside and outside the region, as well as principals from the Geological Bureau of the Autonomous Region, the Nuclear Geological Survey Institute and other departments were invited to participate in the review. The Institute of Geographical Sciences and Natural Resources Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences reported on the project overview, census work organization, project results introduction, main results and innovation points. Experts reviewed the results of 11 projects and conducted comments, questions and discussions. The experts agreed that the census was fruitful and technologically advanced, with innovations in classification standards, resource collection and acquisition, resource evaluation, and quality control. Demonstrations can be made across the country. This census (Phase I) covers 5 prefecture-level cities and 22 counties (districts, cities) in the region, and a total of 31,872 cultural and tourism resources are registered, including 26,706 physical resources, 3,245 non-physical resources, and 1,921 collective resources. , forming a database of nearly 34GB. The census innovatively formulated the entity and non-entity classification standards and collective identification and evaluation standards for cultural and tourism resources oriented to the integration of culture and tourism and Ningxia characteristics, developed a support system for the census of Ningxia cultural and tourism resources, and realized resources based on big data. Pre-list check and supplement report and information collection, design resource quality control model and method system, carry out multi-scale cultural and tourism resource analysis and evaluation, innovate resource evaluation method system, reveal resource distribution pattern and development and utilization value, and compile resource analysis Evaluation reports, atlases and development, utilization and conservation guidelines and other achievements have been developed, and a result integration platform has been developed to manage census data and related achievement reports in an integrated manner. The successful completion of the "Phase I" project will promote the achievement of phased results of the Ningxia cultural and tourism census project. The next step will be to carry out the "Phase II" project, which will mainly build the Ningxia cultural and tourism resources information management system and integrate the results of the "Phase I". , management and application. Ying Er丨Editor Liu Feng丨Editor-in-charge Website: Contribution: 0951—6720808


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