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From 6 o'clock tonight, Ningxia will terminate the "8•04" emergency response to the emergency!

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From 6 o'clock tonight, Ningxia will terminate the "8•04" emergency response to the emergency!

On August 10, Zhongwei City held a press conference on epidemic prevention and control. On 8.04, Shapotou District, Zhongwei City, the source of infection in the objects and the environment of the people with the sudden outbreak has been completely eliminated. The transmission route has been effectively blocked, and the risk of subsequent cases has been eliminated. After 1 case of asymptomatic infection of the new coronavirus pneumonia imported from outside the district was found in Shapotou District, the Zhongwei Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government attached great importance to seize the three important nodes of "golden 24 hours, critical 72 hours, and key first 7 days". Within 1 hour, the source of infection will be managed and controlled, cases will be transferred, treated and admitted to hospital within 2 hours, the core area will be sealed and controlled within 4 hours, the sealing and control area will be delineated within 5 hours, and authoritative information will be released within 8 hours. In the isolation place, the closed loop of flow adjustment, regional closure and control, the first press conference will be held within 24 hours, and the first round of nucleic acid testing in the whole city will be launched; within 72 hours, material supply, medical services, psychological counseling, and livelihood security will be guaranteed, etc. All measures were in place; 6 rounds of regional nucleic acid screening in Shapotou District and 3 rounds in Zhongning and Haiyuan County were completed within 7 days. The risk of epidemic spread and spread was completely blocked within 7 days. Controlled the surface, achieved the goal of controlling the epidemic on the point, pressing it on the point, and destroying it on the point within an incubation period, and won this sudden epidemic encounter and annihilation battle with the fastest time and the least cost. At present, seven rounds of nucleic acid tests for close and sub-close contacts of the "8·04" epidemic are all negative, and the risk of spillover is blocked; disinfection and sterilization, garbage disposal are strictly regulated, and the risk of transmission from objects and the environment is eliminated; 6 rounds of high and medium risk areas Nucleic acid tests were all negative, and the risk of community transmission was ruled out; no new suspected cases, confirmed cases, or asymptomatic infections were reported within 7 days, and the overall social situation was stable. Comprehensive judgment: The source of infection in the population, objects and environment of this epidemic has been completely eliminated, the transmission route has been effectively blocked, and the risk of subsequent cases has been eliminated. With the research and approval of the leading group and the headquarters of the Party Committee of the Autonomous Region in response to the epidemic, the front-line command center decided that from 18:00 on August 10th, the emergency response to the "8·04" outbreak will be terminated, and the high-risk area of ​​Shapotou District "Yu" will be terminated. Duxin Village has been reduced to a medium-risk area, and control measures such as "not leaving the area and picking up items at different peaks" have been implemented, and no new infections have been reported for 3 consecutive days, and the area has been reduced to a low-risk area; In the risk area, the temporary silence control measures in the main urban area of ​​Shapotou District will be simultaneously lifted; the centralized isolation medical observation of close contacts will be lifted, and the "point-to-point" closed-loop transfer residence will be implemented for 3 days of home health monitoring management. A nucleic acid test; lift the 7-day home isolation medical observation measures for sub-close contact. In the next step, Zhongwei City will continue to adhere to the general strategy of "foreign defense against imports, internal defense against rebound" and the general policy of "dynamic clearing". It is the "quartet of responsibilities" of localities, departments, society and individuals to coordinate epidemic prevention and control and economic and social development, strictly implement normalized prevention and control measures, and continue to consolidate hard-won prevention and control results. Strengthen the management of key personnel involved in the epidemic. After the asymptomatic infected people are discharged from the hospital, they will continue to pay close attention to health trends and do a good job in home health monitoring and management. Continue to strengthen the home health monitoring of close contacts, and actively guide people in medium-risk areas to implement control measures such as "not leaving the area and picking things at different peaks" within 3 days, and people in low-risk areas to implement preventive measures such as "personal protection and avoiding gatherings". Strictly prevent the risk of re-introduction of the epidemic situation, pay close attention to the "four types of personnel" of high-risk personnel in regional assistance investigations, personnel released from quarantine overseas, personnel entering personnel in key areas, personnel entering personnel in medium and high-risk areas, and strictly implement classified management and control measures. Continue to strictly implement the "three centralized" prevention and control measures for imported non-cold chain items, import cold chain food into centralized supervision warehouses for management, and strictly manage and standardize the disposal of express mail from overseas, medium and high-risk areas. Consolidate the prevention and control of key links, strengthen monitoring and early warning, and insist on carrying out the same investigation of "people, objects, and environment". Continue to strengthen the management of "four districts and four fields" and public places and closed places, and strictly implement normalized prevention and control measures. Actively promote vaccination and build an immune barrier as soon as possible. Continuously improve emergency response capabilities, further strengthen the work of flow tracing, nucleic acid detection, medical treatment, isolation management, service guarantee, etc., strengthen personnel, equipment and facilities, and prevention and control material reserves, and comprehensively improve the city's emergency response capabilities. Ningxia Radio and Television News Center丨Source Ying Er丨Editor Liu Feng丨Editor-in-charge Website: Contribution: 0951—6720808


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