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Jade Dragon Snow Mountain | 2022 latest strategy, guide to avoid pits

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Jade Dragon Snow Mountain | 2022 latest strategy, guide to avoid pits

When you come to Lijiang to play, you must go to Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, to face the beautiful snow-capped glaciers, and to see the blue moon valley, the emerald left by the fairy under the snow-capped mountain. Take this latest guide for 2022 and go! There is no need to hold a group to go to the snow-capped mountains. Make your own time plan. It is recommended to get up early and start at 8:00. It is enough to play for one day. Jade Dragon Snow Mountain is a mature scenic spot, so even if you bring the elderly and children to play, it is ok. There are three spots in the scenic spot, Snow Mountain, Blue Moon Valley, and Yunshan Ping. Friends who have average physical strength and have never been to high-altitude places before suggest to go to the first two. It's okay without love, but not without an oxygen bottle! Tickets: Book one day in advance on the Lijiang Travel Official Account, or you can buy tickets at the Tourist Center after going to Snow Mountain, 140 yuan for cableway tickets + sightseeing tickets (you don’t need to spend any more for the Blue Moon Valley Scenic Area). Online booking is more convenient, The entry fee is 100 yuan. Accommodation: You can live in the ancient city of Lijiang, 30 kilometers away from the snow-capped mountains, and you can enjoy the lazy and extreme life of the ancient city on the first night. There are three ropeways in Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, which are not connected to different scenic spots. The cable car goes directly to the viewing platform at an altitude of 4506m. You can walk along the plank road to the viewing platform at an altitude of 4680m to reach the highest point of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain. Prepare oxygen cylinders in advance , 20 yuan a bottle, to the scenic spot to 60 yuan a bottle, don't be a big complaint. Transportation: 1. From the ancient city of Lijiang, there is a direct bus to Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, 15 yuan per person: or about 50 yuan by taxi. 2. If you are starting from Dali, you can take the super romantic bar train. One ticket can get on the train for 3 people and enjoy the beautiful scenery along the way. Route: Entrance - Glacier Cableway - Climbing - Back to the original road - Blue Moon Valley 1. After entering the scenic spot, take the scenic bus directly to the cable car ride point, about 20 minutes, and then take the Glacier Cableway, the highest altitude cableway in Asia, while Admire the view while going up to Glacier Park at 4506 elevation. 2. After taking the cableway to the height of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain 4506, you can walk to the top for half an hour. The highest height can reach 4680. You can feel the charm of the sacred mountain at close range at the 4680 monument. 3. After watching the glacier, go back to the original road and take the cableway down the mountain. Take the scenic bus to the "Shuiyue Pavilion". This is the starting point for viewing the Blue Moon Valley on foot. Visiting this mysterious and romantic place is like a round embedded under the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain. Blue Moon, and finally returned to the same path again. (Blue Moon Valley has an electric ticket of 50 yuan, there is no need to buy it at all, it only takes ten minutes to go back and forth, just walk around to enjoy the beautiful scenery and take pictures) 4. Take the scenic bus from Blue Moon Valley to the scenic spot and go to the exit. There are locals who organize carpooling, or take a taxi back to the ancient city by yourself, ending your trip to the snow-capped mountains. It should be noted that the last bus back to Lijiang Old Town is at five o'clock. If you miss the last bus, you can only take a taxi back. Meal: Be sure to eat breakfast. There is KFC in the visitor center under the snowy mountains. The restaurants in the scenic area are more expensive, but at least you can fill your stomach! Items: oxygen cylinders, down jackets, raincoats and other warm clothes (if you go out in summer, check the weather in advance and bring some A thin coat is fine), dextrose, snickers. However, remember not to bring too many things to prevent high reactions. The scenic spot is equipped with a medical team, so don't worry too much. An interesting life is half of the fireworks on earth, half of the mountains, rivers, lakes and seas. No matter who you are, you will be overwhelmed by the majestic and magnificent Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, and be fascinated by the blue lake water and the sound of waterfalls and waves in the Blue Moon Valley. For more travel strategies and practical information about Tibet, Xinjiang, Western Sichuan, Qinghai, Gannan and Yunnan Have a great trip!

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