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Intangible Heritage Research | Shadow puppetry research class is coming! There is also a chance to play shadow puppets by yourself!

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Intangible Heritage Research | Shadow puppetry research class is coming! There is also a chance to play shadow puppets by yourself!

Guess who is this character on the picture? That's right, it is the majestic Sun Dasheng. Nowadays, we can see various film and television images of the great sage. Children can follow the great sage to play with guns and sticks in front of the TV to subdue demons and exorcise demons. But in ancient times hundreds of years ago, of course, there was no TV or movie, so how could children watch the heroic appearance of the great sage dancing with the golden hoop? The answer is - shadow play. Shadow play Shadow play can not only interpret Monkey King, but also interpret various images, various themes, and various plots, whether it is flying in the sky, running on the ground, swimming in the water, as long as the hand-carved and painted leather products can make the image, Shadow play can be performed. One side of the screen is white, the lights are dim, and two or three figures give life to the shadow artist's dexterous hands. Look, they turned their hands and raised their feet, went up to the ground, and their every move changed freely. The wonderful world in the movie screen was staged in front of our eyes with the sound of drums. In 2006, shadow puppetry was included in the first batch of national intangible cultural heritage list. Today's shadow play has injected new elements, like a dialogue between the past and the present. What remains unchanged is the undiminished charm of shadow play after two thousand years. As a new force in cultural heritage, we are more obliged to pass on this ancient art. This weekend, the Nanbo Intangible Heritage Research Center will continue to launch a shadow puppetry research class. Let’s explore the history of shadow puppetry, experience the process of shadow puppet production, and even try to operate shadow puppets in person. This is a rare opportunity, don’t miss it~ The shadow puppet production experience course is scheduled for classes. Time, August 14, 9:50—11:30 Class Venue Intangible Heritage Research Center on the second floor of Nanning Museum Participants adolescents (over 6 years old) and adults Participation method This course is [charged items] online registration and payment, and on-site verification Code Tips: 1. To participate in the event, you need to reserve a ticket for the morning session of Nanning Museum on the same day. 2. If the registration is successful, the fee will not be refunded for those who do not show up after the class starts. If there are less than 10 people in this registration, the course will be automatically cancelled. 3. Minors must be accompanied by a parent to participate in the activity, and other family members are not allowed to participate. 4. One reservation number corresponds to one course material. 5. For cost consultation, please call 19195714443. ● Meet old friends for a fun tour of Nanning and enjoy the summer trip ● This summer resort around Nanning, play splashing water, catch fish, enjoy the natural scenery... Let you cool down in summer! ● Recommended for summer travel! Nanning Summer Resort Guide to Walking Your Baby in the City! ● A niche campsite in the city! Enjoy the beautiful lake view, suitable for camping, baby walking, barbecue... ● "Gate to the Sky" + characteristic garden landscape, check in this "treasure" park for free ● A light luxury homestay hidden in the mountains, what you want Peace and relaxation are all here! Source of information: The copyright of Nanning Museum belongs to the original author and is only used for public welfare sharing. If there is any infringement, please contact to delete the reprint and please indicate the source. , please call the hotline at 9:00-12:00, 15:00-18:00.) Nanning eat, drink, play, and travel all in one WeChat account: nnslyj Nanning Culture, Radio, Television and Tourism Bureau official WeChat warm reminder [watching] so that every push The article will appear in your subscription list for the first time, thank you for your support!


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