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10 recommended attractions for 3-day self-driving tour in Tongchuan, Shaanxi

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10 recommended attractions for 3-day self-driving tour in Tongchuan, Shaanxi

The places recommended by the editor today have neither the hustle and bustle of a large number of tourists, but also the rare beauty. Let's follow along with me to have a look! The spring breeze is ten miles away, it is better to have you in the scenic spot, hurry up and act! 1. Tongchuan Yaowang Shan Yaowang Mountain is located 3 kilometers east of Nancheng District, Tongchuan City, Shaanxi Province, 70 kilometers away from the ancient city of Xi'an and Xi'an Xianyang International Airport in the south, 90 kilometers away from Huangdi Mausoleum, the "first ancestor of humanity" in the north, Xitong Expressway, 210 National Road , Xiantong Railway and Meiqi Railway pass under the mountain, and the traffic is very convenient. Sun Simiao, a great medical scientist and health-preserving expert in the Sui and Tang Dynasties of my country, retired in his later years in Wutai Mountain, which is adjacent to his hometown.

2. Zhaojin-Xiangshan Scenic Spot

Zhaojin red tourist town includes Shaanxi-Gansu Revolutionary History Exhibition and Memorial Center, Red The "six areas", including cultural and creative blocks, famous town public construction areas, ecological agriculture sightseeing and leisure areas, famous town pastoral communities, health and fitness and fashion sports areas, have become the first-class red cultural and leisure towns in China and the national "red urban and rural areas". "Coordination" model, the most beautiful town in Shaanxi.

3. Shaanxi-Gansu Bianzhaojin Revolutionary Base

Shaanxi-Gansu Bianzhaojinge 0 Base was Liu Zhidan, Xie Zichang, - and other older generation of proletarian revolutionaries founded the first mountainous area in the northwest region. It is centered on Zhaojin Town, Yaozhou District, and spans Yaozhou District, Xunyi, Chunhua, Yijun and other counties (districts), with an area of ​​2,500 square kilometers and a population of 30,000 to 40,000. In order to cherish the memory of the martyrs and educate future generations, in May 1993, the Provincial Party Committee held a grand ceremony to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the establishment of the Shaanxi-Gansu Bianzhaojin Ge 0 Base in Zhaojin Town, and decided to build Shaanxi-Gansu Bianzhaojin in Zhaojin Town. Leather 0 Base Memorial Hall.

4. Yuhua Palace

Royal Summer Palace - Yuhua Palace (Yuhua Palace, a tourist destination for Buddhist culture in the world, national AAAA-level tourist attractions, national-level forest parks, national key cultural relics protection units, and national youth outdoor sports camps) Yuhua Palace is the only royal summer palace in western China, a place where eminent monks become Buddhas, vacation and ice and snow tourism. AAAA-level tourist attractions, national forest parks, national youth outdoor sports camps, and national key cultural relics protection units.

5. Yaozhou Kiln Museum

The largest ceramic museum in China - Yaozhou Kiln Museum is a national key cultural relics protection unit and a national AAA-level tourism Scenic spot, one of the top 100 archaeological discoveries in China, and one of the top ten archaeological discoveries in Shaanxi The Yaozhou Kiln Museum is located on the ancient "Shili Kiln" on the south side of Huangbao Town, Tongchuan City, Shaanxi Province. Xitong Expressway and National Highway 210 pass through the door. ,Transportation is very convenient. Yaozhou kiln is one of the famous ancient kilns in my country. Its representative product is carved blue porcelain, which is "as skillful as model gold, refined than jade", and has the reputation of "the crown of north carved blue porcelain". The Song Dynasty has been well-known at home and abroad.

6. Chenlu Ancient Town

Chenlu Ancient Town (a famous historical and cultural town in China, a national key cultural relics protection unit, ceramic firing skills Listed in the first batch of national intangible cultural heritage list, and rated as the hometown of Chinese folk culture and art by the Ministry of Culture) Chenlu is located on the hilltop 30 miles southeast of Yintai District, Tongchuan City, Shaanxi Province, with a total area of ​​99.7 square kilometers. , the terrain is earth-rock low mountains, beams, plateaus and hills.

7. Mazui European style town

Mazui Village is located 14 kilometers north of Yaozhou District, and the Tonghuang Expressway passes through the village However, it is close to Jinyang Lake, a national water conservancy scenic spot, with convenient transportation and abundant water resources. Mazui Village has been transformed and developed step by step from the earliest "bad rod village" to the original "cement village" to the current "ecological village", and has now been built into a well-known tourist resort.

8. The Hometown of Yaowang

The Hometown of Yaowang is located in Sunyuan Village, 5 kilometers east of Yaozhou City. It is the government of Sunyuan Town. The location is the political, economic, cultural and tourism center of eastern Yaozhou. It is 74 kilometers away from Xi'an and Xianyang airports in the south and 80 kilometers away from the Mausoleum of the Yellow Emperor in the north. Now it has formed the Yaowang's hometown cultural relic tourism scenic spot with Yaowang Temple, Yaowang Tomb, Youdu Site and Yaowang's birthplace - Laobaozi City Profile as the main attractions, and a village featuring medicinal herb planting, pepper and apple picking. Tourist area.

9. Zhaojinxi Mountain Scenic Spot

Zhaojinxi Mountain Scenic Spot is located in Xiufanggou, Zhaojin Town, Yaozhou District Inside, it is adjacent to the red scenic spot Xuejiazhai, which is the core area of ​​Zhaojin Danxia landform and the original scene of Fan Kuan's "Traveling Map of Streams and Mountains" in the Northern Song Dynasty. Area. The peaks and peaks are stacked, the mountains are majestic, the average altitude is 1,600 meters, and the forest coverage rate is 95%.

10. Yijun Fudi Lake Scenic Area

Yijun Fudi Lake Scenic Area Fudi Lake Primitive Ecological Scenic Area is located in Yijun, a national ecological county. In Junxian County, it is 160 kilometers away from Xi'an and more than 20 kilometers away from Huangling. It is the only oasis in the Weibei Plateau through satellite photography. The forest coverage rate is as high as 97.8%, and the average summer temperature is 20.8 degrees Celsius. It is a good place to escape the summer heat. The ruins of the Northern Wei Grottoes on the island in the heart of Fudi Lake add an ancient humanistic atmosphere to the beautiful natural landscape. Speaking of which, are you excited in front of the screen? Please leave a message in the comment area to express your opinion! If you like it, remember to like + subscribe!


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