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Ili 4-day self-driving tour itinerary and introduction to interesting attractions

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Ili 4-day self-driving tour itinerary and introduction to interesting attractions

The Ili River Valley, this magical land, coexists with both natural and human landscapes. The natural scenery here can be described in two words: amazing! The folklore here is described in two words: pure! You will find that the Ili River Valley is well-deserved in the south of the Yangtze River outside the Great Wall with magnificent scenery and multiculturalism. Not to mention too much, let’s take a look at the route and pictures~D1 route: Urumqi-Salimu Lake-Guozigou-Yining City in early winter, drive to Yili, pass Sailimu Lake and Guozigou Bridge, and arrive at Jinghe The road conditions in the Yili section are still very good. The scenery of Sailimu Lake always gives people a feeling of tranquility. Continue to go through the Guozigou Tunnel. The Guozigou Bridge is in front of you. Of course, it is beautiful and spectacular~ While marveling at its splendor, the beauty of the bridge and the Guozigou is really pleasing to the eye. The only regret is the Guozigou. The bridge is prohibited from parking (for safety reasons), we can only let us students who want to take pictures take all kinds of snapshots! Staying in Yining at night, you must have a good meal when you come to Yining. Route D2: The Kazanqi Folk Custom Tourist Area in Yining City is the only large-scale original ecological cultural scenic spot in northern Xinjiang that reflects the Uyghur ethnic customs. Bada Silk Road Cultural Tourism City, Central Asia Gate Cultural Tourism City and Zisu Liren Lavender Cultural and Creative Industrial Park are good places for you to quickly experience the Yining Silk Road culture and the fragrance of lavender. Finally, watching the most beautiful sunset on the Yili River and experiencing the romantic and romantic traditional ethnic minority wedding, the trip to Yining is complete. Route D3: Yining City-Gongliu-Kurdening After breakfast, after replenishing in Yining, go to Kurdening Scenic Spot. The beauty of early winter is like a picture scroll gradually unfolding, with clear river water, lush pine trees and golden autumn leaves scattered. Sprinkled on the hillside and the snow-capped mountains in the distance reflected each other, and the leisurely cattle and sheep roamed on the grassland. D4. Kurdening-Xinyuan-Tangbra-Qorma-Dushanzi-Urumqi Departure after breakfast, pass through Tangbra prairie, cross Tianshan from Qorma, the trip is coming to an end, I still feel a little unfulfilled, here The quiet environment makes it hard to leave. There are many self-driving routes in Yili. Although one trip cannot appreciate all the scenery here, it will still leave you with a good memory. Speaking of which, are you excited in front of the screen? Please leave a message in the comment area to express your opinion! If you like it, remember to like + subscribe!

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