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Garbage classification regulations

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Garbage classification regulations

"Editor, I don't know enough about the "Regulations on the Management of Domestic Waste in Nanning" (hereinafter referred to as the "Regulations"). The editor has received questions from various classifiers, and for this reason, these issues of concern have been sorted out. Below, the "cute things" of domestic waste classification in Nanning will answer some questions for you, and you can definitely gain key knowledge from their conversations! Xiao Ming: Xiaoqi Xiaoqi~ Recently, I learned a new skill - sorting garbage and letting it return to the correct "home". This skill is also about you! Xiaoqi: Wow! Then you must know me better. Then I want to test you, what kind of garbage are the big stick bones we eat? Xiao Ming: You can't beat me. Although the big stick bones are the garbage generated after we eat, it is not easy to be crushed, so it does not belong to kitchen waste! Big stick bones but other garbage! Xiaoyu: That's right! Perishable and easily crushed waste is kitchen waste. The garbage that is easily confused is also durian shells, which are not kitchen waste~ Xiao Ming: So, it seems that I have to study harder to get rid of the garbage. Xiao Ke: That's right, and the responsible subjects of our domestic waste classification and delivery are units and individuals, that is to say, everyone has the responsibility to classify domestic waste ~ Xiao Qi: If state organs, institutions, social groups, and public places If the domestic garbage from public institutions such as units does not meet the classification standards, the domestic garbage collection and transportation units can also refuse to accept it! Xiao Ming: What should I do if the facilities in my community are not perfect, and the domestic garbage is piled up in disorder, and no one manages it? Xiao Ke: If you find that the residential property violates the regulations on the classification and management of domestic waste, you can report and complain to the competent environmental sanitation department and the comprehensive administrative law enforcement department of urban management. Xiaoqi: No one can discard, dump, or pile up household garbage at will. If a citizen fails to put in household garbage in accordance with the regulations, law enforcement officers will order him to make rectification. If the citizen refuses to rectify and the circumstances are serious, he will be fined less than 200 yuan. fine. Xiao Ming: Then I have to bring my parents to learn about garbage sorting, but I can't let the garbage go back to the wrong "home"! Article 17 of the relevant regulations "Regulations on the Classification of Domestic Waste in Nanning" Article 17 Any unit or individual shall not discard, dump or pile up domestic waste at will, and shall not dispose of industrial solid waste, medical waste, other hazardous waste, animal carcasses, as well as construction waste, garden waste, etc. Green waste such as branches, leaves, dead trees and other green waste generated in the process of greening and maintenance are mixed with domestic waste. Article 24 If the domestic garbage collection and transportation unit finds that the domestic garbage delivered does not meet the classification standards, it shall require the person in charge of the management of the classification and delivery of domestic garbage to re-classify and put it in according to regulations; The transport unit may refuse to accept it and report it to the county (district) environmental sanitation department for processing. If the domestic garbage thrown by state organs, institutions, social groups, public place management units and other public institutions does not meet the classification standards, the domestic garbage collection and transportation units shall refuse to accept them. Article 48 If an individual violates the provisions of Article 17 of these Regulations and fails to dispose of domestic garbage as required, the comprehensive administrative law enforcement department of urban management or the county environmental sanitation department shall order it to make corrections; if the circumstances are serious, a fine of less than 200 yuan shall be imposed. Garbage sorting interaction Q: What kind of garbage is durian shell? Xiaoqi: Durian shells belong to other garbage, please put them in other garbage collection containers. ● Meet old friends for a fun tour of Nanning and enjoy the summer trip ● This summer resort around Nanning, play splashing water, catch fish, enjoy the natural scenery... 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