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Inventory of drinking customs in various places: Shandong people will persuade people to drink, and Xinjiang is actually the most powerful place

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Inventory of drinking customs in various places: Shandong people will persuade people to drink, and Xinjiang is actually the most powerful place

Five thousand years of drinking history in China, with different ethnic groups and regions, various drinking cultures have burst out; the customs of different regions are very different, so what are the customs of drinking among friends from all over the world? Let's take a look at the drinking customs of the following places! The warm, outspoken and outgoing character of the people of the Northeast and Northeast is also fully reflected at the wine table. They will warmly entertain every guest. If you really can't drink, they will let you drink in a different way. According to their words; can't you drink more or less? As long as you take the first sip, they will ask you to take the second and third sips. Under his constant persuasion, you will not stop drinking. go down. And the drinking scene is very lively, don't worry about the cold scene, their pride is most thoroughly released at the wine stand, loudly speaking, talking more than drinking. The Mongolian people in Inner Mongolia have the custom of toasting three cups in a row. When toasting, they must sing a toast song. Generally, when the host sings a song, the guest will drink a glass of wine. If the guest does not drink, the host will continue to sing. , until the guests drink it, so some unknowing guests get a toast and drink one after another, but if you don’t know how to drink, you can wait until the song is finished and take a sip to express your gratitude. The Mongolian people believe that only by letting the guests drink enough wine can their hearts be fulfilled, so there will be the habit of the host and the whole family to toast to the guests in turn. Due to the influence of the Eurasian continent, Xinjiang people in Xinjiang drink mostly liquor with a high degree of alcohol, and the alcohol degree is basically above 55°. . At the wine table, they also hate people who are deliberately late. If there is a legitimate reason, it is excusable, and they can let you go for the time being. But the penalty for drinking must be indispensable, because during your absence, everyone drank n glasses of wine, which heated up the atmosphere. The sooner you finish the punishment, the more you can catch up with everyone's slightly drunk atmosphere. In this way, the distance between you and everyone can be quickly shortened. There is also a rule at the wine table. Once you clink glasses with others, it means that it is an agreement. You cannot put the glasses back on the table before the wine in the glasses is finished. Because Xinjiang people are hearty and hospitable, if they invite you to dinner, you can be considered happy if you are drunk, otherwise it is "not fulfilling the friendship of the landlord". Shandong Shandong people generally drink for a long time. Except for some ceremonial banquets, which are controlled for about an hour, the general banquet time is more than 3 hours, and some gatherings between friends take longer. One cup left and one cup right, a lot of wine can be drunk after a wine game. Their "sutra of persuading wine" is one set after another, toasting with the leader, toasting with the leader, clinking glasses with the subordinates, and exhorting the subordinates, or they are grateful and apprehensive, or they teach earnestly and speak earnestly. , in a word, it is the same as it is: drink! The order of drinking is "7654321", the first cup is seven dry mouths, and then it is still reduced, and the last cup is one dry mouth. If you don't enjoy it, let's have another "one, two, three, four, five, six, seven". The first one is dry, and the last one is seven. This way, at least fourteen cups. Even if it is one or two cups, it will take a pound to drink. Even if it is low alcohol, it is difficult to resist; even if it is from Shandong, it is difficult to stick to it. Guizhou Beishangguang does not believe in tears, Yunguichuan does not believe in drunkenness, and if you haven’t drank high mountains and running water, you can’t count as having been to Guizhou. In the Dong village of Miao Township in the southeastern part of Guizhou, there is a kind of toasting ceremony known as the most enthusiastic in the world called high mountains and running water. Guizhou people themselves are afraid. More than a dozen Miao girls with silver ornaments on their heads, holding local special pottery jugs and singing songs that outsiders cannot understand, come to you. Arranged from high to low, when the guests are ready, dozens of jugs pour wine in sequence, and the wine flows into the guests' mouths from top to bottom, forming mountains and flowing water, or a wine waterfall. Therefore, the highest standard of reception in Guizhou is not Maotai, nor is it a hot pot, but high mountains and flowing water. In the Miao family in southeastern Guizhou, the mellow rice wine runs through the whole process of welcoming, entertaining and sending off guests. When the guests are ready to leave for farewell, the host will prepare a sentimental farewell wine for them. Usually when the guests are on the road, the host will hold the wine bowl and walk while singing, three steps to a song, five steps to a bowl of wine. The above are the provinces with the most drinking alcohol. However, you should drink in moderation. Too much is not good for your health. If you usually want to have a drink, I would recommend a pure grain wine. "Hanyi Wine" is produced in Maotai Town. It is a very powerful wine in Guizhou, but because it is too low-key, few people know it. Good word of mouth spread among drinkers. Because of its reasonable price, it is praised as "Civilian Moutai". The entrance aroma is elegant and full, the mouthfeel is mellow, slightly sweet with a hint of burnt bitterness. This burnt bitterness adorns the body of the wine very well. It is relatively strong and has a grassy aroma, without that dull feeling. The aroma and coke aroma are more prominent, and the grain aroma contained in it is coordinated with the aroma of pit noodles, paste, ripe fruit, and a touch of bad aroma. The grain aroma contained in it has become delicate and rich. At the same time, this wine also has a 95% Moutai taste. However, Have you ever drunk this wine? Well, the sharing of this issue is over. After reading the rankings of the most powerful drinking provinces, which other provinces do you think should be on the list? If you have different opinions, You are welcome to leave a message and exchange in the comment area! Some pictures are from the Internet, if there is any infringement, please contact to delete!

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