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These sour shops, many Nanning people will go to buy them no matter how far they live!

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These sour shops, many Nanning people will go to buy them no matter how far they live!

Walking in Nanning, the smell of rice noodles and sour smells from the streets and alleys. For Nanning people, sour glutinous rice is definitely an indispensable food. "Suan 嘢" is a Nanning dialect, a standard Nanpu word, which shows from the side that sour gluten is a traditional snack of Nanning. It uses locally grown seasonal fruits and vegetables, and is marinated with seasonings. Nanning's four seasons of fruits and vegetables are fragrant, and the varieties are rich. The hard-working and smart Nanning people use their dexterous hands to make almost all fruits and vegetables into sour cream that adults love to eat. Variety of acid types. No preservatives are added to authentic Nanning sour cream. If the fruits and vegetables are sour, add sugar, rock sugar, licorice, salt and pepper, mountain yellow skin powder, chili powder and other seasonings and sauces, and then marinate for a while; If it is sour, then add rice vinegar and marinate for a day or two to keep the freshness of fruits and vegetables to the maximum extent, remove bitterness, balance acidity, avoid choking the nose, spoil the tongue, and make people want to stop eating. eat. "Heroes are saddened by beauty, and beauties are saddened by sour stalls." Nanning sourness is characterized by cold, fresh, slightly sour, slightly sweet, spicy, and crisp, and almost no one can resist the temptation. Therefore, whether it is on the dining table of a star-rated restaurant or in front of the food counter of a roadside noodle shop, the boss will provide free sour to customers to try, in order to attract customers. In a sour shop, customers are choosing sour jicama. Xiangshu people are not happy with spicy food, and people in Nanning are not sour. Nanning is hot in summer and cold in winter, and the four seasons are humid. People are easy to accumulate moisture and cold, which leads to poor appetite. A plate of delicious sour can make people's appetite open, quench thirst, remove tiredness, dispel dampness, drive cold, and be sour, crisp and refreshing. The sound of "clicking" in the mouth made the tongue fluid ooze. Wei people look at sour plums to quench their thirst, and Nanning people see sour plums for appetizers. No one knows when the smart Nanning people started to use acid to fight against dampness and cold, but it has a history of nearly 400 years. Nanning sour pickling materials are similar, but each method has its own advantages and unique tricks, and the final taste is amazingly the same: "sour", just right to smell the body fluid; "sweet", the mouth is open to the nose and sweet for a long time; It can attract you and leave your lips and teeth fragrant after eating; "Crispy", the juicy, sweet and crisp fruits and vegetables are vividly rendered in the crunch; "Xian", the freshness and crispness of fruits and vegetables are kept to the maximum extent, never soft. It's fresh and refreshing; "spicy" hits the taste buds without irritating the nose and eyes. A customer is picking up sour papaya. Among the sour food stalls in the streets and alleys of Nanning, the most authentic, famous and delicious is the sour food in the water street area. In the old society, the water street area was a place where ordinary working people lived. They toiled around for three meals a year, or carried water to exchange money for the nobles in the city, or forged iron, or transported, or sold on the streets, all relying on coolies to earn money. Hungry and thirsty on a hot day, the most refreshing thing is gruel with sour. Pickling cheap leftover vegetables and secondary fruits into sour cream that nobles also envy has become a must-have skill for every ordinary worker. After continuous exchanges and summarization and passed down from generation to generation, it has finally become a traditional famous snack in Nanning. Common sour products in the water street area are: sour plum fruit, sour mango, sour pineapple, sour guava, sour pear, sour papaya, sour bamboo shoots, sour cold potato, sour garlic, sour pepper, sour buckwheat, sour concanava, Pickled carrot, pickled radish, pickled cherry radish, pickled cucumber, pickled broccoli, pickled spinach, pickled cabbage, pickled garlic heart, pickled lotus root, pickled lettuce, pickled beans, pickled water chestnut, pickled ginger sprouts, pickled Houttuynia cordata , sour hawthorn and so on, the list goes on. Large fruits and vegetables are cut into blocks or slices, and small fruits and vegetables are directly pickled or cracked and pickled. Everything is brewed to a very crispy mouthfeel, and when you bite into it, it's squeaky—sweet in sourness, freshness in spiciness. The owner of the sour store cuts the mangoes into small pieces according to the needs of the customers. The staff of the sour shop is slicing the peeled raw mango. The sour fragrance of Shuijie is on the free ingredient counters of various powder stores, and even more fragrant in the stores that specialize in sour. The signboard of a sour shop at the intersection of Yongning Street and Jiangbei Avenue is particularly eye-catching. "This store will never use vinegar, nor preservatives." The boss emphasized to customers. The signboard of "Three Generations Sour Sour Shop" at No. 3 Huaxing Lane, Yongning Street, highlights the inheritance and persistence of the Sour Sour technique by generations. The most famous one is Lingjie Sour Sour Shop, No. 38-42 Yunting Road. The couplets on both sides of the shop say "You can still eat a lot of food to lose weight, but this is the only snack to get rid of greasy". "We hired three workers to sell the sour stuff in all urban areas of Nanning, inside and outside the district, and the furthest ones were sold to Beijing and Harbin, and the income was okay." The boss gave the customers from the Wuxiang headquarters base "Xunxiang". Xiao Li told the editor while calling Sour Mango that she lived here as a child and was very familiar with Sour Sour in the water street area. After she was laid off in the late 1980s, she chose to sell Sour Sour to support her family. In order to do a good job of sour, I also went to Foshan to learn from a teacher, so as to improve the sour taste of Shuijie. The store now specializes in mangoes. Cut raw mangoes into pieces, soak them in salt water to neutralize the astringency, and sprinkle with secret chili powder to flush out the fruit acid. It tastes sweet, spicy, fragrant and crunchy. The taste is super good. Stopping delivery in various urban areas has a turnover of several thousand dollars alone. There are countless customers who go to the store to buy and express, and the product is in short supply. Her family's more than 20 kinds of sour and sour tastes are fresh and tender, crispy and delicious, appetizing and digesting, sweet and sour, and people can't stop. Of course, radish and cabbage have their own preferences, but I prefer sour plum fruit. The on-site pickling completely retains the freshness and fragrance of plum fruit. Li Guo only needs to be slightly clipped to crack and reveal the pulp. Then add special ingredients and stir evenly. When the seasoning perfectly penetrates into the gap of the pulp, insert a bamboo stick to take a bite, and the rich juice bursts out from it. , the lips and teeth are full of the sweet and salty taste of plum fruit; if you can eat spicy, you can sprinkle a thick chili powder, you will fall in love with it once you eat it. The staff is grabbing the sour papaya according to the customer's request and preparing to weigh it. As a Nanning grass-roots delicacy with a long history, Shuijie sour is a "good recipe" for Nanning people to relieve the heat in summer, a "secret skill" to keep out the cold in winter, and a "favorite thing" for the appetizers of the four seasons. Memory has become a lingering carrier of nostalgia and a distinctive food culture. ● Meet old friends for a fun tour of Nanning and enjoy the summer trip ● This summer resort around Nanning, play splashing water, catch fish, enjoy the natural scenery... Let you cool down in summer! ● Recommended for summer travel! Nanning Summer Resort Guide to Walking Your Baby in the City! ● A niche campsite in the city! Enjoy the beautiful lake view, suitable for camping, baby walking, barbecue... ● "Gate to the Sky" + characteristic garden landscape, check in this "treasure" park for free ● A light luxury homestay hidden in the mountains, what you want Peace and relaxation are all here! 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