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Tianjiao Prairie International Grass Skating Field|August summer special ticket is here!

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Tianjiao Prairie International Grass Skating Field|August summer special ticket is here!

Nanning Tianjiao Prairie International Grass Skating Field launches August summer special ticket 1. Event time: August 8th to August 31st. 2. Summer special tickets: The original price of 168 yuan for adult packages on major cooperative distribution platforms is now 68 yuan per ticket; tickets are purchased at the on-site ticket office of the scenic spot for 80 yuan per ticket. (Note: People above 1.1 meters in height are applicable. Adult package tickets can play 21 amusement items.) Tel: 0771-2230786 There are currently 21 amusement items in the park. Grass surfing, four-wheel skateboarding, crawler surfing and track shoe surfing. Among them, the Internet celebrity projects colorful speed skating grass and track speed skating grass are very popular among tourists. Track grass zipline laser shooting multi-person swing crawler car grass skiing colorful speed skating grass Ferris wheel swing live CS field archery bumper ball human slingshot water gun net red tree swing youth karting wild luxury camp this summer, with family and Friends, let's have fun at Nanning Tianjiao Grassland International Grass Skating Field! To travel by car, navigate and search for "Tianjiao Grassland International Grassland". Address: Tianjiao Grassland International Grass Skating Field, north of Ou Village, Suwei Town, Jiangnan District, Nanning City Consultation Tel: 0771-2230786, 2230788 Epidemic prevention and control Warm reminder that visitors must wear masks scientifically when entering the park, show health code and itinerary code, and cooperate with staff to take temperature inspections, safety inspections, etc. Tourists whose body temperature exceeds 37.3°C (inclusive) and who refuse to wear masks are not allowed to enter; tourists whose 14-day itinerary involves medium and high-risk areas are not allowed to enter the park. All personnel from low-risk areas must hold a 48-hour nucleic acid test report before entering the park. I hope that tourists and friends will consciously abide by the epidemic prevention and control work in the park, and major travel agencies will do a good job of explaining the medium and high-risk areas and overseas tourists before accepting customers. Sorry for the inconvenience caused. ● Meet old friends for a fun tour of Nanning and enjoy the summer trip ● This summer resort around Nanning, play splashing water, catch fish, enjoy the natural scenery... Let you cool down in summer! ● Recommended for summer travel! Nanning Summer Resort Guide to Walking Your Baby in the City! ● A niche campsite in the city! Enjoy the beautiful lake view, suitable for camping, baby walking, barbecue... ● "Gate to the Sky" + characteristic garden landscape, check in this "treasure" park for free ● A light luxury homestay hidden in the mountains, what you want Peace and relaxation are all here! Source of information: Tianjiao Prairie International Skating Field The copyright belongs to the original author and is only used for public welfare sharing. If there is any infringement, please contact to delete it and reprint it, please indicate the source, thank you for your contribution Email: [email protected] Indicate the purpose of your visit, please call the hotline at 9:00-12:00, 15:00-18:00.) Nanning, eat, drink, play and travel all in one WeChat account: nnslyj Nanning Culture, Radio, Television and Tourism Bureau official WeChat warm reminder [Looking] like this Every time you push an article, it will appear in your subscription list for the first time. Thank you for your support!

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