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The four most livable coastal cities in China - "Three Seas and One Gate", which one are you crazy about?

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The four most livable coastal cities in China - "Three Seas and One Gate", which one are you crazy about?

Counting it down, my country has more than 50,000 rivers and a coastline of 18,000 kilometers. It is an authentic marine country. There are 9 coastal provinces, 1 autonomous region, 2 municipalities directly under the Central Government, 53 coastal cities and 242 coastal districts and counties on the long coastline. These coastal areas near the ocean are basically areas with good environmental conditions, developed economy and high population carrying capacity. Therefore, after voting, "Three Seas and One Gate" were selected in 12 coastal provinces and regions, and they are known as the four most livable cities in China. So, do you know where the "Three Seas and One Door" are?


Zhuhai, located in the southwest of the Pearl River Estuary, faces Hong Kong across the sea in the east and connects with Macau in the south. After the reform and opening up, Zhuhai has grown from a small agricultural-dominated county on the edge of the South China Sea to a livable coastal city. Today's Zhuhai has many auras, such as "National Garden City", "National Demonstration Ecological Zone", "China's Top Ten Livable Cities", "National Forest City", "China Ecological Civilization Award", "China's Most Happiest City", "International Best Practice Award for Improving Living Environment” and so on. As the only city that connects Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao by land and will open up the east and west sides of the Pearl River Delta in the future, Zhuhai integrates the economic advantages, policy advantages and convenient transportation advantages of different regions to the greatest extent. Zhuhai is a leisure and romantic city. In the 1980s, when everyone was busy developing industries surrounded by green smoke, Zhuhai developed a unique "South China Sea Seaside Garden City". Since then, Zhuhai has been on the road to livability. Zhuhai, with only 1,736 square kilometers of land, is actually covered with hundreds of islands, large and small. This city can be said to be embraced by the sea. Sometimes you are walking in the city, turning a corner inadvertently, and you can encounter the sea. Zhuhai, I will tell you with actions that the philosophy of "wasting time" is not difficult to get started.


Weihai has always been a dangerous place for military strategists to compete for sea control. In the thirty-first year of Hongwu of Ming Dynasty (1398), in order to prevent Japanese pirates from intrusion, Weihaiwei was established, which means "Megatron Haijiang", which is also the origin of the name "Weihai". Weihai, one-eighteenth of the coastline of mainland China is here. In addition to bordering Yantai City in the west, it is adjacent to the Yellow Sea in the north, east and south, facing the Liaodong Peninsula in the north, and facing the Korean Peninsula in the east. Weihai is also the closest port city to South Korea. It has historically become the front line of cultural exchanges between China, Japan and South Korea, and is closely related to the friendship between the people of China, Japan and South Korea. In Weihai, in addition to the seafood flavor, you may also feel another wonderful combination - pickle flavor. Although Weihai is not big, it is more exquisite and unique. It is more like a forest city with mountains and seas. The buildings in the city are of moderate height, which do not cover the mountains and the sea. Weihai is not only China's first national-level sanitary city, the country's first "beautiful city" construction pilot, but also the first place in China to be rated as "the most suitable for human habitation" by UN-Habitat. Weihai's greening is one of the best in the country. Walking into Weihai, looking around, the city is full of flowers and green mountains, walking on the street, as if you can smell the refreshing smell of sea salt soda in the air.


Guangxi is famous for its karst landforms, but the Beihai looks different, with the word "sea" in its name, which is doomed to its destiny and The oceans are inseparable. The "Maritime Silk Road" that we are talking about today started from Hepu County, Beihai, in the Han Dynasty. The Silk Road laid a solid foundation for the development of the North Sea, but it was able to remain an important port for hundreds of years from the end of the Han Dynasty to the Tang Dynasty. This credit comes from a small pearl. Beibu Gulf is the most important pearl producing area in China. Among them, Hepu pearls are of the highest quality and are known as "South Pearls". Pearls are very popular in Southeast Asian countries where most of them believe in Buddhism. Today's Beihai, together with Qinzhou and Fangchenggang, forms the Beibu Gulf port area. As the port of Guangxi, it retains a window for Guangxi to understand the world and plays a pivotal role. In Beihai, all the elements of a coastal city you can think of, such as sunshine, beaches, waves, and seafood, are readily available. At the same time, various folk cultures coexist and coexist here in the collision and blending. Living in Beihai, as if breathing can become gentle, the slow pace of life accommodates all tired breaths, allowing people to enjoy a moment of relaxation in the noisy fireworks. You can: walk on the streets of Qiaogang with the salty sea breeze, and feel the fusion of Southeast Asian exotic customs and local fishing port culture. Take a ferry and head to Weizhou Island, where you can temporarily isolate yourself from the world and enjoy the peace of mind built by delicious food and beautiful scenery. Stepping on the soft and delicate white sand, you can feel the coolness of the sea and the warmth of the sun. Shuttle through the streets and alleys of the old streets, watching motorcycles and electric vehicles merge into the crowd and traffic......


There are only two in China Island City, one is Hong Kong, the other is Xiamen. Although Xiamen is not as famous as Hong Kong, it is undoubtedly a star city. After all, "Xiamen of China, Gulangyu Island of the world". Before entering the public eye, Xiamen also served as a small transparent for a period of time. However, the beautiful natural environment and rich species of animals and plants have drawn an excellent background for Xiamen, and with the assistance of "Bole" Zheng Zhilong, Zheng Chenggong and others, it has gradually become a coastal city with relatively complete functions. Since the reform and opening up, Xiamen has successively become a special economic zone and a city under separate state planning, and has won a series of hot stamping business cards: "United Nations Habitat Award", "International Garden City", "National Garden City", "National Environmental Protection Model City", "China Excellent Tourism" "City", "The Most Livable City in China", "The Most Romantic Leisure City in China"... The special location makes Xiamen with the southern Fujian culture as its background, but adds two foreign cultures, Western culture and Nanyang culture, which is the first to feel the Cities impacted by extraterritorial civilizations have also contributed to the "literary Xiamen" that people now call "literary and artistic". Walking in the streets and alleys of Xiamen, you will feel like you have fallen into a time tunnel. There are Western-style European villas, Chinese-style Uwa Houses, ancient red bricks, flying swallowtail ridges, exquisite brick carvings and window hinges... The blend of Eastern and Western cultures makes this land There is a different atmosphere on the symbiosis. In Xiamen, romance and leisure are everywhere. Today's topic: Which of the "Three Seas and One Gate" do you want to settle in?


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