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"Hainan Sanya" you don't know the five representative delicacies and snacks, all of them are good

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"Hainan Sanya" you don't know the five representative delicacies and snacks, all of them are good

Hainan Sanya is a prefecture-level city in Hainan Province, also known as Lucheng. It is located at the southernmost tip of Hainan Island. Sanya, known as Oriental Hawaii, is one of many people's travel lists. In addition to its pleasant climate, fresh air, warm sunshine, azure blue water, and soft sandy beaches, of course, there are many delicious delicacies and snacks. The editor lists the top ten delicious snacks for your reference. The content is not sorted. If you want to know more, please leave a message in the comment area. If you like it, don’t forget to pay attention. / Recommended by Beijing and other places, click on the avatar to see) 6. Hainanese Chicken Rice [Reason for recommendation] Hainanese chicken rice originated from Wenchang Chicken, a famous Hainanese dish, and was later introduced to Hainan. The local famous dish in Hainan is directly called "" Chicken rice" is one of Hainan's specialty snacks, and can be seen everywhere in restaurants in Sanya. Mainly, Wenchang chicken rice is the authentic Hainanese chicken rice. The cooking process is blanching, with rice cooked in chicken oil and chicken water, hence the name Hainan chicken rice. The chicken skin is crispy and the meat is tender and delicious, and the rice is fragrant. , Once you have eaten it, you will be amazed [cry] Hainan Chicken Rice Hainan Chicken Rice Hainan Chicken Rice Seven, Hele Crab [Recommendation Reason] Crab-based food is basically available in coastal areas, but the difference in Sanya is the crab here Grease has a much better taste, especially Hele Crab, which is a very rare species of crab. The grease is golden and bright, like salted egg yolks, fragrant and rich in nutritional value. The main method is also very traditional and pays attention to the original taste. It is eaten with ginger and vinegar. The taste is very delicious. The crab meat is fresh and tender, and it has the functions of "replenishing bone marrow, nourishing liver yin, filling stomach juice, relaxing tendons and promoting blood circulation". Don't forget to eat once [Aimu] Hele Crab, Hele Crab, Hele Crab, and Jiaji Duck [Recommendation Reason] Due to the sometimes sweltering climate in Hainan, the local people especially like to eat duck meat, because duck meat is cool, and eating it can reduce the temperature Noise and fire, Jiaji duck is also commonly known as "Muscovy duck". Generally, there are 3 kinds of eating methods, which can be made into white cut duck, flat duck, and roast duck, all of which taste good. The main feature is that the skin is white and the meat is thick, the aroma is attractive, the seasonings help the taste, it is refreshing and crispy, and it tastes fat but not greasy. No matter what it is, it is very delicious. 、Tengqiao ribs [recommended reasons] ribs can be said to be a favorite of many people, and Hainan's Fujiqiao ribs is a traditional famous dish with full color, fragrance, and is also known as a must-have in Sanya. The main feature is the selection of regular ribs, marinated in honey and ginger garlic juice, and then deep-fried. The fried ribs are really fragrant and crispy, with a fresh and slightly sweet taste. Unlike, the aftertaste of the ribs will remain between the lips and teeth for a long time, and it will not disappear for a long time. It is said that it is a kind of food that Sanya can drink all year round to replenish dampness and clear heat. It is a must-eat drink in Sanya. The raw materials range from a dozen to dozens of kinds. Those who do not make up for deficiency should drink it in spring, summer, autumn and other seasons. Usually red dates, mung beans, barley, taro, watermelon, quail eggs, glutinous rice balls and other cooked things are mixed with coconut milk or sugar water to make a bowl of refreshing drinks, among which the classic ones are served with coconut meat and pineapple. The taste is amazing [please hug] Qingliangbuqingliangbuqingliangbu
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