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This weekend, get on a small tourist bus and take you to see the beautiful Ningxia

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This weekend, get on a small tourist bus and take you to see the beautiful Ningxia

The Ningxia Scenic Scenic Express Express Train tells everyone the good news that the Ningxia Scenic Spot Express Express has opened a new route! The "Yinchuan West Bus Station" station has also been added to solve the problem of scattered scenic spots in the urban area of ​​Ningxia. If you order the scenic spot tickets at the scenic spot through train, you can take the through train to some scenic spots in Ningxia for free. If you are excited, then take the through train together. lets go! PART-01 West Line Map Source/Ningxia Business Card Line A Crescent Square → Forest Park North Gate → Yinchuan Railway Station → Geliqi Winery → Zhenbei Fort Western Cinema → Helan Mountain National Forest Park»»A Line - Zhenbei Fort Western Studios - It's the weekend, take a scenic tourist through train with friends and relatives, come together for a long-awaited trip, experience the scenery of the northwest desert, and keep a good time. Walking in the ancient castle, the sunshine during the day is the comfort of one person, come and check in at the studio! Photo / Wang Yongtuyuan / Zhenbeibao Western Studio Ningxia Tourism Line A - Helan Mountain National Forest Park - Helan Mountain National Forest Park is a good place for us to climb the mountain, where the forest is lush and the scenery is beautiful. With misty clouds and majestic and precipitous landscapes, we can return to nature and relax our minds. Line A - Glicy Winery - Glicy Winery relies on the eastern foot of Helan Mountain, including the wine museum, wine storage area, Teppanyaki dining area, accommodation, etc., to launch a special "wine experience bus"" Mobile Dining Bar" "Shared Kitchen". Photo source/Dangdang bus at the top of the famous tourist resort at the eastern foot of Helan Mountain in Yinchuan, Ningxia is such a special wine experience bus. You can also eat special food, taste fine wine and enjoy the beautiful scenery at the foot of Helan Mountain on the Dangdang bus. While chatting with friends about life ideals. Source/Ningxia Yinchuan Helan Mountain East Tourist Resort Line B Line Crescent Square → Forest Park North Gate → Yinchuan Railway Station → Gunzhongkou Scenic Spot → Helan Mountain Rock Paintings»»B line - Gunzhongkou Scenic Spot - Ningxia people call it Guzhongkou is a "small mouth" and is the favorite mountaineering sports base for climbers. Hiking on the mountain road, acacia, cypress, and poplar green shade cover the ditch slopes and lush greenery. While walking, I will see the elf blue sheep of Helan Mountain from time to time, which are lively and cute. Line B - Helan Mountain Rock Paintings - Time is aphasia, but only stone can speak. The beautiful petroglyphs in Helan Mountain are like a historical picture scroll of ancient human beings, which are worthy of our careful appreciation. The art on ancient human rocks, the treasure of world cultural relics, the scenery is elegant, the peaks are stacked, and the scenery is beautiful and picturesque. Photo/Photo by Ding Xiangyu/Fan Yiqiang Line C Crescent Square→North Gate of Forest Park→Yinchuan Railway Station→Minning Town→Xixia Mausoleum»»Line C-Minning Town-Minning for 30 years, from "there are no birds in the sky, no birds on the ground" The "dry beach" with no grass, no people for ten miles, wind and sand running" has become today's "golden beach" with green trees, thousands of acres of fertile land, prosperous economy and wealthy people. Walking into this magical land, Take a magical journey. Line C - Xixia Mausoleum - Xixia Mausoleum is high in the sky and pale in the sky, the grass is long and the warbler is flying, the mausoleum is towering, and the clouds are full of clouds. Standing in front of the mausoleum pagoda, feel the breeze and feel the historical changes. Come to the Xixia Museum and see the historical relics that show us the splendor and splendor of the past. Manually operate the steps of picking up characters, typesetting, brushing ink, printing, etc., which are broad and profound, and the breath of the distant artistic conception will blow on the face. Tuyuan/Xixia Mausoleum Tuyuan/Xixia Mausoleum Line D Line Crescent Square → North Gate of Forest Park → Yinchuan Railway Station → Shahu Line D - Shahu - Come to Shahu, walk barefoot on the soft sand, mix the clear water with the reeds Cong panoramic view, let nature's magic to release your stress and exhaustion. Watching birds soar, cranes dancing, and fresh fish are both a feast for the eyes and a feast for the eyes. A variety of activities such as parachuting, water drifting, desert off-roading, dynamic cinema, jet skiing, etc. will make you linger. Image source/Ningxia Shahu Image Source/Ningxia Shahu PART-02 East Line Image Source/Ningxia Business Card Line A Yinchuan Railway Station → Forest Park North Gate → Crescent Square → Yinchuan Tianshan Sea World → Military Expo Garden → Shuidonggou Line A - Shuidonggou - travel through thousands of years and explore ancient secrets. Shuidonggou, the earliest Paleolithic cultural site excavated in China, is very legendary. You can experience the history here with your heart, feel the scenery here with your eyes, and measure this unique Yadan landform with your feet. Tuyuan/Ningxia Shuidonggou Line A - Military Expo Park - Yellow River Military Culture Expo Park is located in the tourist belt of the east line of the Yellow River in Yinchuan. It is a national defense education demonstration base and a patriotic education base. There are also projects such as expansion camps, real CS bases, etc., which allow us to understand the development of national defense at close range, enhance our understanding of national conditions, and enhance national awareness and patriotism. Photo Source/Line A of Yinchuan Military Expo Park - Yinchuan Tianshan Sea World - Yinchuan Tianshan Sea World is a water park that young people and children like. There is a wave pool with a large area and a large space, which is like surfing in the sea, allowing us to cut The skin feels the surprise and excitement after the waves. Photo source/Yinchuan Tianshanhai World Giant Beast Bowl and super loudspeakers bring you an unparalleled pleasure of playing in the water. The flying speed is like being sucked in by a tornado, which makes you wet at the rhythm of rapid whirling. Call. Photo source/Yinchuan Tianshan Sea World Line B Yinchuan Railway Station → Forest Park North Gate → Crescent Square → Huangsha Ancient Ferry Line B - Huangsha Ancient Ferry - At this time, the Huangsha Ancient Ferry has a pleasant scenery, with green reeds swaying in the wind and fragrance overflowing The beautiful sand jujube flowers, the quiet sunset of the Yellow River, and the wonders of the Yellow Sand embracing the long river outside the Great Wall present romantic beauty everywhere. Photo Source/Ningxia Huangsha Gudu National Wetland Park has ancient sheepskin rafts, primitive desert boats camels, modern wetland dragon boats, and exciting sand sea surfing. It is a fun and exciting place. Photo source/Ningxia Huangsha Gudu National Wetland Park took a small tourist bus and took advantage of a weekend trip to freeze the beautiful scenery along the way and the camera Ying Er丨Editor Liu Feng丨Editor’s website: .cn submission broke the news: 0951—6720808


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